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  1. Great post... I personally had to take some time away from the roller coaster so I could get grounded, as we all should be because I'd love for this to happen when you say but no matter what I'll continue hoping this will happen sooner or latter and I'll be here. But looks like I got some catching up to do, Iraq/dinar info wise. lol.... I guess a few weeks away was a lil to long. But everything is still here... Otherwise I would of gotten that text from Adam that I just as of now, can dream of receiving.
  2. THANKS DOC!!! I have been so down/discouraged lately regarding the dinar that I don't spend even 1/10 the time on this site like i use to. But I still check it daily and your post is the main 1 I look for. I love my DV family and am hoping pretty soon we're all back on a "dinar high" lol getting good news and some sort of progress till then I guess I'm just hear lurking waiting to get back on the roller coaster. lol... I still have faith in this investment! It'll just keep on taking it's sweet time. lol.... Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the post! Unfortunately I was unable to make the chat!! you guys/girls are awesome.
  4. Thanks. I figured they would just also figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. thanks again
  5. I have not been able to make it home to my computer and my phone wont let me go into the chat session. Can someone please post a copy of the chat with Adam tonight so i can read it as soon as i get home tonight. I would love to be in the chat room but i know my dv family is probability already planning on posting it, i would just like to put in an extra request for the post of the chat. THANK YOU!!!
  6. Thanks for the post!!! Every day that I can't get on here early in the morning like I like to, to get a quick summary I look to you Then I'll be back on tonight to look at everything else.... lol
  7. Thanks for the post! I not only enjoy reading Night's chats!!!!!
  8. Thanks double double dduce for making that easier for me to understand. After going through all the comments on this post, I checked the dates of the article post I did and yours and the dates are different. Yours was from Nov 2007 and mine from the other day but it seems to me that they are talking about the same thing. I remember that but haven't seen/read anything about it since. Yes, the date on the original post article was 2/27/11 If you check the link from the original post it show a date of Feb 27 2011 I did see the date on the link from double double duce showing Nov 2007 T
  9. Thanks for the post Entertaining... I always believed money was the root of all evil but now that you mention it, I think your right that it just brings out who we are on the inside. & happy birthday
  10. I always thought that removing 3 zeros meant it would come from the .00086 USD value making the IQD 1 = .86 USD... I may be wrong but that is what I thought.
  11. Adopted in a gesture of Trade Bank of Iraq تم قراءة الموضوع 108 مرة Subject has been read 108 times 27/02/2011 27/02/2011 تدريب ملاكات الدولة على المعايير المحاسبية الدولية Training of cadres of the state to international accounting standards بغداد - ياسر المتولي BAGHDAD - Yasser incumbent انهى 197 متدربا مثلوا مدراء الاقسام المالية من العاملين في تنفيذ العقود التجارية وفتح الاعتمادات المستندية في دوائر الدولة تدريباتهم التطويرية حول كيفية اعتماد المعايير المحاسبية الدولية المعتمدة. Ended the 197 trainees representing the managers of financial staff in the implementation of commercial
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