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  1. Nobody was owed anything, everybody got payed off including the proprietor that used the hundred dollars given to him to pay off a debt.
  2. It would sure be a dream come true for me and allow me to rest my mind, body and soul a little, after that I don't plan on not working, in fact, quite the opposite, I am going to work my ass off, except this time I will enjoy doing it "my way!!!" and on my schedule and take many vacations, I love to travel, and sex!!!!!!
  3. Quite possible their "Rat Race Government" might never be formed and announced to the world, it doesn't seem to be a priority for them
  4. What doesn't kill you makes you "STRONGER", that being said why let post's you don't like or agree with upset you to the extent of bashing, you should know that when it truly does happen, that "that" news will be splattered all over every news paper and every media in the "UNIVERSE". So just relax, have a bud, life's to short.
  5. Yeah cousin, I is goin nanners over this dinar bizz.
  6. I entered 1170 and came up with 0.99 cents, where's the increase?
  7. Who was the a**hole that gave jswilson a minus for being optimistic?????
  8. Well I need some opinions, some perspective, besides the most logical reasons for a dinar rv/ri hold-em-up, where do you think we stand on who plays a bigger role in the rv hold-up, The GOI?, or the CBI?
  9. Quit whining like a girl man, I ain't gonna loose any sleep on whether their is or isn't an exchange in the airports malls banks car dealership's, just don't care enough to let it ruffle my feathers, you dig.
  10. 1988: In early 1988, the official dinar-dollar exchange rate was still Iraqi dinar (ID)1 to US$3.22; however, with estimates of the nation’s inflation rate ranging from 25 percent to 50 percent per year in 1985 and 1986, the dinar’s real transaction value, or black market exchange rate, was far lower-only about half the 1986 official rate. 1986 - 2003: between .33 cents to 1.32 to a dollar. The Potential of the Dinar Prior to United Nations sanctions, the Iraqi dinar traded at 3.35 per U.S. dollar, and prior to the war in Iraq, the Iraqi dinar traded at .33 U.S. Dollars. During major com
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