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  1. Well after reading that I think we should all just use our dinars as kindling to start a nice warm fire......NOT! Wow, some of the people that have the power to print, wonder who gave it to them sometimes. That story means we are all idiots, including some of the governments that have invested in Iraq. Keep your dinar and stay patient my friends. p.s. I don't have one of those verified dinar labels, have not been here for a few months. Been living my life. Though I assure you I am invested.
  2. Jake, this is just an investment. Key word in that statement is INVESTMENT. Sometimes when I read the comments of some of the members here it has lead me to believe that this is the ONLY investment they have ever been involved with. My advice to you is stay away from the rumors threads. Don't even read them. Put your investment up in a safe place. Resume life as usual. I like my odds with the Dinar a lot more than the Stock Market that is for sure. If at anytime I choose to not be involved with the Dinar Investment I can sell what I have and get 100% of my money back plus a few dollars. NO RISK, not at this moment anyways. Hope this helps.
  3. did you even watch the videos?
  4. That was absolutely, incredibly amazing. I have never seen that before. The problem with it is those who believe as I do have no problem watching these and confirming what I already know to be true. Awesome, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those who don't want to believe or have no interest, I don't think would make it through all three. If they did I would love to hear what they think. Those who don't believe are mad at God because He has not healed a loved one or them themselves. Are mad because small children are born with aids in Africa, or disaster happens on Earth. They forget that there is an opposing enemy that hates Jesus, the cross, and a Living God. If you are not for Jesus, you are against Him. 2 teams, no gray area. God's team, and those who are ANTI Christ. Or those who are against God and His Son. I choose the winning team. The opposing side is the one killing children, and brings about death. God gives everyone a choice. Choose the wrong side and risk running with the enemy. His objective is to LIE, KILL, and DESTROY. Don't blame God for your choice or the choice that others have made. There are Christians all over the world. China, Africa, Iraq, Iran, Asia, Europe, India, The Americas.................All nations will hear the Gospel and then the end will come. It does not say all people will hear the Gospel, it says all Nations. Great Videos. +10 if I could.
  5. And Jesus said, " Do not cast your pearls before swine" Pearls as meaning something of value for example "Wisdom" or "Redemption" swine as being a fool, someone who won't care or does not see their value. This is nothing more than "Pearls in front of swine" Wisdom in front of Fools. This is a waste of time.
  6. Hello capike, Look, nobody is trying to talk you into believing in something you don't. There is overwhelming archeological evidence that has been discovered in Israel to support the claims in the Bible. There are dozens of scriptural examples like the one above. What would happen do you think, if you did believe? What if, (and I know it is) but what if it is true? What if your wrong? Don't read the Bible like a story, it is to be studied. It's history. There are lots of historical evidence and writings around the world (history) that support the Bible. I'm just asking.
  7. The gospels were written in 50a.d. up to 70a.d . Jesus died in about 33a.d. on a cross, (form of Roman capital punishment) written in letters or (books) that were widely read and proclaimed in 50a.d. They all state that He died was put in a tomb and covered with spices. Traditional at that time, covered his body with a big pile of them. Mostly to cover the smell. Closed the tomb and sealed it (with a roman seal) with wax at the points where the stone met the tomb. Then it says the Soldiers stood guard over it. Ordered by the procurator. To fall asleep, or leave the post would have been death under roman law. It was considered a military post. His Death was scourging, Crucifixion, and a Roman soldiers spear in his side. They made sure he was dead. All of this was written and widely communicated in 50a.d. Option- Roman soldiers conspired to take His body and bury it or hide it somewhere-But when the new Christians were proclaiming He had risen-it would have been easy to produce a dead guy and stop the uprising. Don't you think. Option- The Jewish rulers who had him handed over to be crucified took his body, no that don't work either. So the silly Christians must have taken and hid or buried his body somewhere in the wilderness (after they fought off the Roman Military Post and started this new religion. Then THEY ALL GAVE THEIR LIVES, some in horrific ways. I might Live for something I know is a LIE, don't think I would DIE for it though. When the tomb was found open it was written and proclaimed that just the cloths were there. The spices were not disturbed, just kind of sunk down where His body once lay. After all this it says He showed himself alive to Hundreds of people in Jerusalem. That is one serious lie to proclaim and be widely spread throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Rome. First of the Gospels written around 50 a.d. (only 20 years after all this took place) communicated by word of mouth before that. How do I know they were not written 200 years later? Easy. Matthew 24:2 - Mark 13:2 - Luke 21:6. All say the same thing. Written at different time intervales. They say; And Jesus answering said unto him, See thou these great buildings? There shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. He was speaking about the Second Temple. Lots of gold in that Temple. On the walls, the doors, in the Holy of Holies. You see in 70a.d. Titus of Rome (not mentioned in the Bible) Attacked Jerusalem Burned and Destroyed the Temple. The Gold melted between the stones that constructed it. Roman soldiers broke each rock and building stone apart looking for that Gold. THIS IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE ANYWHERE. If mere peasants wrote this Book, I don't care what year it was, they would have mentioned the destruction of Jerusalem and its most Holy site the Temple. Not mentioned. It would have said " And just as Jesus prophesied NOT one stone was left upon another." Written in as early as 50a.d. other books and writings up to 70a.d. That's only 20 years after this had all taken place. 20 years. It would be like me writing and proclaiming a new highly controversial religion that says Princess Diana not only died in that car accident but 3 days later came back to life, showed herself alive to hundreds of people, oh and while she was alive before she died and then was alive again, she healed the sick, caused the blind to see and raised other people from the dead. No disrespect to Princess Di. Just that everyone knows who she was. Just as everyone knew and had heard of Jesus at that time. If this was not true, and if this had never happened, this so called lie, this religion would not have made it. So you say what about the Koran? When that religion was being spread throughout the region it was to battle against the New Religion and was spread by the Sword, accept it or lose your head. The Christians were for the first 300 - 350 years were being prosecuted and killed for that belief. Some Christians don't know how to act and a lot of terrible people used Jesus to kill, look at Hitler. You see my point, Don't have to agree with it. I could not write something like that about princess Di ONLY 20 years later. People are still alive to know what happened. Just as it was back then, except the people that saw what He did and what happened knew it did. So you have a man that taught for 3 years in a romote part of the world proclaimed to this day as the Son of God. There is only one truth, His name is Jesus Christ.
  8. Do not cast your pearls before swine. EDIT: Yes I said Swine.
  9. I am not Jesus Christ and I am sure glad that I know that. I am a man that believes in Him. I also believe on His power to change mens hearts. He is the only one that can do that. Me personally, can't wait for the day that the haters of God are feed to the fowl of the air. Say wan't you will, say what you want. You that say there is no God or He can't be God because He burns His children. NO NO NO only those who don't want anything to do with Him. Can't wait for the day that those who hate God, Nash their teeth, all the while saying "Why did I not listen, why did I not accept the gift" Nash away. Those who hate God are no lose to the Kingdom of Heaven. IMO
  10. Scientific discoveries made during the 1920s and 30s changed modern astronomers' understanding of the basic structure and form of the Universe. Up to that point in time, almost all astronomers believed that science had established that the Universe was static; (aware we don't think this now) the steady state Universe had existed forever. (or so they thought) They concluded, naturally, that if the Universe had always existed, if it was never created, then there was no need for a Creator.----RIGHT-------- The French philosopher George Politzer expressed the almost universal prevailing opinion held by intellectuals that the Universe had always existed: "The Universe was NOT a created object....If it were, then it would have to be created instantaneously by God and brought into existence from nothing. To admit creation, one has to admit, in the first place, the existence of a moment when the Universe did not exist, and that something came out of nothingness. This is something to which science cannot accede." George Politzer, PRINCIPES FONDAMENTAUX DE PHILOSOPHIE, Editions Sociales, Paris, 1954, p.84. ----------------NOT MY WORDS-------------- However, many scientists, such as Sir Arthur Eddington, discovered that Professor Albert Einstein's mathematical field equations (I'm sure you have heard of these guys? being a smarta** now. ) established conclusively that the Universe could not have existed infinitely. ------------AGAIN NOT MY WORDS---------Professor Eddington admitted, in his book, Cosmos and Creator, that the idea of Creation deeply troubled him. HEAR WHAT HE SAID? "Philosophically, the notion of a beginning of the present order of Nature is repugnant to me."Arthur S. Eddington, as reported in S. Jake, Cosmos and Creator, Chicago:Regnery Gateway, 1980.........However, Eddington acknowledged that the discovery of the Universe's creation eliminated a huge barrier to faith.----AGAIN NOT MY WORDS-------- "It will perhaps be said that the conclusion to be drawn from these arguments from modern science,is that religion first became possible for a reasonable scientific man about the year 1927." Arthur Eddingtion, Internet site: These new discoveries produced a revolution in scientific thought as scientists struggled to adapt to this new radical truth that upset all of their previous assumptions. OBVIOUSLY, (and you will disagree) if the Universe had a definite beginning in time, then it is essential that there must be a Creator who stands outside this Universe. A Universe that springs into existence together with time, space, energy, and mass is OBVIOUSLY a Universe that DOES NOT AGREE WITH THE PHILOSOPHY OF EITHER PANTHEISM OR ATHEISM. In 1927 a milestone in the advancement of scientific knowledge of our Universe's origin. American astronomer Edwin Hubble---heard of him right?---he used the new Hooker telescope at Mount Wilson in California to discover that the distant light sources he was looking at were not stars but actually ASTRONOMICAL PHENOMENA called nebulae. They were distant galaxies, all containing billions of stars like our Milky Way. he discovered that these enormous galaxies were MOVING AWAY FROM OUR GALAXY and from each other at stupendous velocities. After Dr. Albert Einstein had personally verified, through Sir Edwin Hubble's 100 inch wide telescope, that the galaxies were expanding away from us at tremendous velocities, that the Universe MUST LOGICALLY have had a definite beginning at some point in the distant past.----Wow capike, this is Einstein talking here, want to call him an idiot?---------Professor Einstein later wrote that he wanted "to know how GOD (yup he said GOD) created the world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts, (as in GOD'S) the rest are details." Albert Einstein Internet site: http://rescomp.stanf...teinQuotes.html The brilliant seventeenth-century scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, (another idiot) wrote in his book OBSERVATIONS ON DANIEL AND THE REVELATION OF ST. JOHN: "The most beautiful system of the Sun, planets and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being." 400 years ago, Newton stated that "The Creator had placed the stars at immense distances from one another." He acknowledged that the DIVERSITY OF NATURAL THINGS could never have been produced by BLIND METAPHYSICAL NECESSITY, but only by an intelligent supernatural Creator." Newton wrote that "blind fate" couldn't possibly account for the "wonderful Uniformity" that was demonstrated by the planetary movements. "Gravity may put the planets in motion, but without the divine power it could never put them into such a circulating motion as they have." ALL IDIOTS !!!!!!---------------------------------NOT-------------------------------------- In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
  11. Your evidence capike is in your answer. No answer, no evidence. Easy question, What year were the Gospels written in? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Was there a ruler in Rome named Titus? Was there ever a man named Herod? How about Josephus? Did Rome destroy Jerusalem? Were Christians persecuted for the name of Christ? You see, your answer is in front of you. You choose not to look at it, and don't want to see it. You have no desire for Truth. You desire the lie. There is a point that I am making, though I cannot make it without your answer. You have already said to me that the Bible is written by "primitive peasants in the desert." which I left on my home page for you to look at if you need to. So tell me, in What year did these primitive peasants write this rubbish? Date please._______________________?
  12. Anytime Vern. Whether you know or not, (and I'm sure you do) not everyone will be saved. It is not the will of God that any be lost or separated from His love, although He has no problem turning his back on sin and sinful nature. Those on this site that do not want anything to do with God (namely Jesus) is that they would have to change the way they lived. Now because of the "love of the flesh", "the love of the eye's or what they see" and the "pride of life" is more important to them than their soul, they choose to say there is no God and this is "Nonsense". Never knowing that their soul is the greatest gift from Heaven next to Jesus who paid the debt they could never pay. So let them choose. God does. Fame, riches, power, things of this world. Things that get stolen, things that rust, things that moths eat.........Things.......that they just won't take with them when they (by themselves) stand before a Holy God. They will say "I refused the gift you gave, as a matter of fact I never even opened it or believed that it was worth anything." God is not going to forgive them because they think they were GOOD ENOUGH, or NICE ENOUGH. Now me personally, I would not want them either. Free Will. Wow. The choice we make here while we have free will, is going to ensure that we will never deny Him while we are in Heaven. He is awesome. Vern I do not feel sorry for those who spit in the face of my Lord and Saviour, call Him names, and smote Him. I do not feel sorry for the vengeance that they will receive from the Lord. I DON'T.
  13. In February 1992 an article in the Scientific American magazine noted that evolutionists have a new bizarre theory panspermia. Some of the evolutionary scientists who admit that life could never have spontaneously evolved on Earth have made a novel suggestion that either the prebiotic soup or Lifeforms themselves evolved elsewhere and were brought to Earth in the distant past from another galaxy. I don't think this is science at all more like science fiction! If mathematical probabilities make evolution impossible on Earth, then the same extraordinary odds make evolution impossible in any other galaxy or Universe, no matter how many billions of years scientists imagine they have. This intellectual desperation of the scientists reveals two important facts. 1. Evolution is finally collapsing due to the total absence of evidence in its favor and the problems with the theory that life evolved by chance. 2. The desperation to accept any alternative variation in the theory to support evolution reveals the real motive for holding on the this discredited theory. The desire to escape the consequences of the alternative--the creation of life by a supernatural Creator--God
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