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  1. I am going with the 1:1 theory. I just think the people of Iraq would revolt if it were anything less! jamadude99
  2. Bloomberg: IMF Chief Says USD May Lose Currency Reserve Status Amid Debt-Limit Crisis By Karl Lester M. Yap - Jul 29, 2011 12:13 AM ET . International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the dollar’s standing as the world’s main reserve currency may be diminished as U.S. lawmakers fail to lift the nation’s debt limit. The U.S. currency has had an “exorbitant privilege because it was the reserve currency that most central banks had,” Lagarde said in an interview on PBS’s “Newshour” yesterday. “If there was a dent in this exorbitant privilege and the confidence that most pe
  3. I enjoyed your story about the bank teller. I don't care where she got the news, it is positive just to hear. jamadude99
  4. Thanks, Possum. Your location is the Trinity River, so I am guessing that is in East Texas. Having family in Timpson, I know the region. jamadude99
  5. Thank you Adam for everything you bring to us in the VIP section. I believe that you work very diligently to give us the best information possible, and wish you and everyone the best concerning the RV. jamadude99
  6. Please verify me, Adam. I don't have a way to get a picture on the computer. jamadude99
  7. Thanks Ron! I would be happy with 86-cents. But, Maliki's next few days for the ministries has happened over and over so I don't know who to believe anymore, but I don't believe any Iraqi! jamadude99
  8. The problem is that Iraqis can't do math. Regular math does not translate. So, they don't know 10 days from any other days! jamadude99
  9. I have decided that anything with Maliki's name attached is just about at meaningful as the news concerning a LOP. I don't think we will know anything until the last second it happens, as they have contradicting articles on the same topics daily. Hey, it's Iraq! Go RV! jamadude99
  10. I might be mistaken, but I think that the three zeros was removing the larger denominations from the circulation--as has been discussed many times here at DV. I saw a picture of someone holding 10,000 notes with this same story, but don't have a link. I think it was on Currency News Hound today!
  11. CKH, thanks for the link. I go along more with the info in that article. I don't think there will be a lop. Iraqi citizens will be confused enough when the value changes, much less than with a lop. JMO! jamadude99
  12. Thank you for the post! I think with all the mess in our own congress, that the big boys want somebody to do something. So, they picked Maliki! Go RV!
  13. Thank you for the post. This story just tears at one's heart strings. Our military men and women are the world's greatest, and we wouldn't be free to have this website if it weren't for the fallen men and women in the history of the military. jamadude99
  14. Thanks for the post! I am trying to be calm and positive, as I think we are closer than ever to the seated GOI. I would hope that a seated GOI will trigger the RV, but it wouldn't be the first time that something blew the train off the track. jamadude99
  15. Thank you, Mr. Rich. We all need to get on our congress and senate and insist that they get on the band wagon for clean natural gas power! jamadude99
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