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  1. "The protests in the oil-rich Basra..." This says it all. These citizens should have their fair share and they're money is being held hostage by the gov't elites refusing to pass the HCL while they live in untold riches and splendor like the fat cats that they are. I hope they riot everyday until they get the message and pass it.
  2. Oh yes. And I am praying this is the year! August!!!
  3. I'd rather it be an "IRREGULAR" session and they pass the HCL or whatever is needed to make this thing pop.
  4. keylime

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    A safe and Happy 4th to you and yours!!
  5. keylime

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    We should put up a Dinar RV Boonsday Clock and everyone vote on what time they think it should be on it. LOL! Since I believe August is our month I think it is 1 minute to Midnight.
  6. keylime

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    All good points. My thought is the CBI would change the rate as a sort of flexing their muscle statement that they are independent of the GOI and don't need their permission. As opposed to the Maliki years of trying to control them and the money. Changing the rate before the GOI is settled would be a huge feather in their cap and the people would truly know who tightens and loosens the purse strings.
  7. I thought they can't eat HAM. Oh. I see. They can only eat HAM in MAY.
  8. keylime

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    I know. We are all in this together and I too get frustrated with the carnival barkers in God's name. And if I didn't hear Him say "August" I wouldn't have said so. But I heard Him and I felt comfortable sharing on this forum because all of us are so hopeful, some desperately hopeful, that perhaps it would encourage those who are hanging on by a thread. This is going to happen. God answered my question, not with a voice in my heart as He always talks to me, but with a voice that was amazing to hear. Perhaps if it was only His voice in my heart, over the years I probably would have begun to question or begun to doubt whether it was just my own longing for it (even though I would have had no reason to pick August as a month for the RV), but the fact that it was audible erases all doubt then and anytime in the future. For me there was no denying that I heard what I heard and that fact has carried me confidently through this long wait, that this will happen and when it does happen in August anyone who has read this will remember I said I heard God tell me and maybe they will look upon this blessing in a way that will be pleasing to God and seek Him because of this testimony. God bless
  9. keylime

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    No problem. I understand your feelings and if I hadnt heard what I did Id be right there with you probably in regards to this investment and His almighty hand. But I did hear his voice loud and clear and that sealed it for me. I dont listen to the voices of gurus spouting all manner of lies. I heard the voice of the Lord Himself. As to what people will do with this blessing that is between them and God. Remember the wheat and the tares will grow up together until God winnows the field. It also rains on the good and bad alike. Gods blessings are for all who receive them. The pagan nations in the Old Testament were blessed through Joseph, Daniel and other righteous men until God separated them and dealt with them. Also the Bible is clear Israel is the Apple of Gods eye and if you bless Israel you will be blessed. If you curse them you will be cursed. This goes for an individual as well as a nation. America, especially under Trump, has been blessing Israel big time. So we are under His promise of blessing big time. This dinar will bless many, believers and unbelievers and each one will have to give an account for how and what they did with that blessing. For me, when it happens I will continually seek my Fathers will and pray I am obedient to it. God bless you
  10. keylime

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Yes, you can hold me to it.
  11. keylime

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Years ago I woke up and was talking to God. During my prayer time I asked God when is the Dinar going to RV? Immediately I heard (audibly) a deep calm voice say "August". It made me sit up in bed and look around the room because it was so startling to hear and I was by myself. There was no year mentioned so every year since I hoped that August would be the month. Now again it appears this thing is going to be pushed back and just as I heard, it seems as if August is lining up to be the month.
  12. keylime

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Well as some of you know I believe this is going to happen in August. So stay calm, breathe in and out, and know that God, not the CBI is in control. But He will use them when His time is right. AUGUST!
  13. keylime

    CBI: National and foreign banks

    What about Bob?

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