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  1. because when the Lord tells you something that others may not know HE is revealing knowledge or wisdom to you...secret manna....or "hidden manna" the Word calls it. God even tells us to "ask ME great and mighty things that you do not know." or in Jeremiah 33:2 and 3 : 2"Thus says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to establish it, the LORD is His name, 3Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.'
  2. I wonder if they gargle using the tip of their tongue...In fact, I wonder if they gargle at all!
  3. Hi Navira45. I have definitely been praying for years this comes thru as I know so many others have. thank you for the update. God/Jesus and Holy Spirit has spoken to you. I too believe it is this month. And I am in agreement with you. Also I happened to wake up the other day at 8:20 and felt something in my spirit say that is significant. Normally I am up before 7 am. So for fun I played 820 in the cash 3, which I play maybe 4 times a year if that. 822 came out. HA! 8:20 -8:22? That is next Sunday - Tuesday. The Bible Code I researched only lists Sunday and Monday when I input days with the Revalue Dinar phrases. Oddly, July was the last month it listed as well. So not sure how to read into that. However, with the CBI requesting 8:20 as a day off, something is going on. At least it's fun to seek and ask and knock....even though it could be just throwing things up and seeing what sticks. Only God knows. And to be honest, I'm good with that. But HE does love to drop us hints and clues if we are open to it. Otherwise HE would not have told us to ask,seek, and knock. Looking forward to what the rest of this month will bring. Blessings!
  4. Hi Miquel and Navira45. It is true I posted that I audibly heard the Lord answer my question one morning while I was praying and having my quiet time as to "when will the dinar revalue" HE said "August" in a low, gentle but powerful voice. However, as I said previously, HE didn't tell me the year. Since this year began I have felt this is our year. I pray it is. But with Navira45's confirmation and another DVer saying he heard August, perhaps this year and this month we will see our blessing come to fruition. We will see. God bless. By the way, I love your testimonies Navira45. very uplifting. I have my own testimonies and know that what you say is truth. August 2017 RV!
  5. Amen. how can I reread those posts? Would love to go back to them. Thanks. God bless and I pray that you are right
  6. Amen my brother. AKTF!!!! This is such a tremendous journey we are on, not just this dinar investment but life itself. But the dinar is an exciting part of our passage. So looking forward to what God would do through HIS children when this hits. Going to be truly world shaking...I for one have written several faith based scripts that I am going to produce. If there is anyone interested in producing them with me, you can reach me at and I can forward you both scripts that are completed. GIDEON and ON THE SPARROW. The former won the KairosPrize screenplay competition given by the MovieGuide Awards, and the latter placed in the Top 10 of the ChronosPrize awards. Sparrow is a faith based western and Gideon is set in the 1940's. I am currently finishing SHOOTING ANGELS which will be the 3rd script included in the slate of films to be produced and sent forth as a tool to save the lost, encourage the brethren and touch the hurting. Feel free to contact me through me if anyone is interested. God bless tigergorzow.....
  7. Congratulations my Brother on your wonderful 7th Anniversary!!! May the LORD continue to bless both you and your wife. You too remain in my prayers. Thank you for sharing. I know something HUGE is coming and the Dinar is only a part of the larger blessing. I love HOLY SPIRIT. HE is my constant friend, comforter, and companion. AMEN to money NOT being an issue for us anymore. AMEN!!! It is provision for what the LORD would have each of us do with and for HIM. GOD bless you always! Keep in touch my beloved brother.
  8. there may not but the fact that I asked HIM and HE answered August tells me there will be. It is not necessarily what we want but what HE wants for us that I believe this blessing is coming. In Psalms 37 HE says, "I will give you the desires of your heart and if you walk with me, I will bring them to pass." I wasn't thinking about the Dinar. A sister in Christ approached me about it and I felt a leap in my spirit about it. So this wasn't my want, this was a want that the LORD placed in my heart. i walk with HIM daily and I know HE is going to bring the RV to pass.
  9. For several years on this site I have sporadically posted that August was going to be our RV month. Sometimes my comment on posts would simply read "August". Eventually, can't remember exactly when or which post, I explained in one that I had been praying in my bedroom one early morning when light was just starting to dispel the darkness and I could just barely begin to make out familiar shapes. I closed my eyes and simply asked the Lord, "when was the dinar going to RV?" Immediately I audibly heard "August" It was so startling to me because I have never heard a voice with my ears when I've talked to Him. Always in my heart or spirit man. But this voice was soft, yet powerful. It was low and almost rumbling like thunder. One word. "August". My eyes shot open and I sat straight up in bed. I didn't look around to see if someone was in the room because I knew no one was and no one I know had a voice that was so gentle yet authoritative. Almost like it was a command. Like you would tell a dog to "sit or stay". I sat there amazed and excited because I knew it was God that spoke to me. However, He never revealed the year. So every year since I have wondered is this the "August" He determined. And each year has come and gone with no RV. Now we are in another August and it is almost halfway over. Still NO RV. BUT...... For me this year feels differently. Not only is it the year(5777) of Jubilee when the people of the nation of Israel were to forgive each others debts, etc.; But several events are occurring in the heavens like the Full, only in America, Solar Eclipse on August 21st that will run across the middle of our country from west to east like a zipper that's about to unzip a boatload of blessings upon this nation for some, and I dare say, a boatload of judgement for others. A quick quote from this article "12 Events to Watch..." reveals just how significant this sign may be. "In fact, we have not seen a total solar eclipse cross from the west coast to the east coast in 99 years. And it will be the very first total solar eclipse that is only visible in this country since the United States first became a nation." Read more at Again, here is the link: The article also touches on the other events that may be pointing to something huge in the spirit realm that is revealed in the physical realm as signs and wonders and pointing to God's ultimate plan. As a believer in Jesus Christ I believe that all of this is not by chance. Could it be we are finally in the year of the RV? I know I did not misunderstand what was spoken in my room a few years ago. It was a direct answer to a direct question. My question to the reader of this post is, has anyone else out there heard "August" as an answer? I know at least one other DV'er told me they were praying in church and asked when, and heard "August". So that's two of us. The Bible says, 2 to 3 witnesses to confirm a word. So for me that word is confirmed. But is it this August? Has anyone else had an experience that they would like to share here? Has anyone else heard August? Or even the year? Anyone? Anyone? I would love to read it. Thanks and God bless you all. Keylime Dear Lord. Let August 2017/5777 be the month and year the Iraqi Dinar Revalues. Please. Amen and Amen. Thank you Jesus.
  10. And I protest in the termination of the delay of the RV!!!
  11. Now if we extrapolate the key words in this quote it would read : " We meet next(this) week to pass it(the HCL)" I like that better.