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  1. Mine too! Moved to South Carolina 😀😉😀
  2. This poll does not show the data(how many respondents, affiliation, etc). Feel free to go to Rasmussen polling. His data i believe is more accurate and more consistent. His polling is showing far different results. His polling is even showing Trump 36% of African Americans support Trump. Imo
  3. haden'sdad

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Soon. Patience. Believe half of what you read. Half of what you see. I don’t know if we’re hearing anything. I’m in the USA. We’ll see if next week is fruitful in forming a govt. Then we’ll proceed from there. M owns the press. Don’t get excited. Soon...
  4. haden'sdad

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    I think Sadr & Abadi are the best thing for Iraq moving forward. I just hope they know where they're getting their 166 votes from.
  5. Don’t look now but for consumers confidence in October show over 100%. Highest since the year 2000. Somebody’s not telling telling the truth. Don’t believe the hype
  6. I bet they're giving out more than 1.3 in entitlements. Take the money from there. It's not brain surgery
  7. haden'sdad

    Tomorrow .. Showing 2016 budget vote

    I hope we continue to show progress. It's been a long ride. And my b-day is tomorrow!
  8. haden'sdad

    New CBI announcement 12/14/2015

    I would love to see something positive! My bday is tomorrow...I'm ready
  9. Yep. I don't understand how anybody in there right mind could say..."I know they were breaking the law but they didn't deserve to die." They shouldn't have been committing the crime in the first place. If you make an omelette you bound to break an egg.
  10. haden'sdad

    What is your Dinar story???

    I was a salesman back in '09. At one of my stops one of my contacts told me about. Told me about this site and another one. We've changed jobs since, but we ran into each other a couple of years ago. He says he's not into it as much. My wife gives me static about it. I think eventually it will rv. I hope it's in my lifetime so I could ask her if she wants to spend it
  11. I've been here a while, I just don't post much.Just an fyi...from this point forward I wouldn't believe anything you read especially from the gurus or print. Just be aware of what is posted and wait for adam's text
  12. It doesn't say they are selling it at a lower price.
  13. Believe I am not an obummer supporter or irs...but I must say these laws were here before obama and enacted on as well. There are many anti-laundering laws such as this one. My only question is how long has this store owner been doing the small deposits.
  14. haden'sdad

    Proof of Purshase

    proof of purchase is more of a tax issue. good ol uncle sam is more interested in this than anybody else. jmo

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