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  1. I agree! The Raptors are a really cool trucks. I'm ready for this ride to be over so I can walk into that dealership and take possession of the 250!
  2. Yes indeed!! I've had the F-150 before but there is nothing like having a diesel truck! 😁
  3. Okay this morning there was a nice F-250 Platinum Series right in front of me driving. I was so busy admiring the truck that I want so badly, that I didn't notice the tag until the very last second. The tag read- RV ER. BOOOM!! I'll take that as my own personal sign that we are close!! The truck that I want, in the color I want, and the tag says RV ER. Y'all have a great day! GO RV/RI
  4. Man so sorry to hear that. Hang in there the storm is ending soon. I think when this happens we will all just need at least a week to really soak in the reality of things and refocus our minds a little. Our time is NOW!
  5. Navira you have been pretty spot on with your predictions. I like yours more because you don't say it will RV next week or this week. All you say is good news is coming and watch for this too happen. And like clock work it happens. I appreciate your positive vibes and energy because I know I speak for many fellow DVs when I say we could all use a pick me up every now and then. I'm gonna call you the Tony Robbins of Dinar Vets. 😁 GO RV/RI
  6. So quick question. Is this why they have not been able to change the value of the dinar for all these years? If their assets are frozen they haven't been profiting on hardly anything. Is that correct?
  7. You and me both NEP. This has been a very tough month for me and the family. I am keeping the faith and pushing through but it weighs on me daily. I had to get a good pep talk from my 82 yr old retired LT Col mentor. Hoping this ride ends soon! Go RV/RI
  8. chris2028

    CBI News 06/05/2018

    We are getting really close! The news lately has been very encouraging for sure. Go RV Go RI Go 1:1 Go Stoping Auctions Go Ha Ha
  9. chris2028

    CBI News 06/05/2018

    This seems to be something we have been waiting to see. But I am not quite sure. Yota any thoughts??
  10. I don't personally see it that way but more so that they are excited and keeping the positive energy flowing. It can be annoying for some I'm sure.
  11. Ok ladies and gents the new catch phrase for us on DV is now "ha ha" . Just walk around saying that. Love your energy guys! 😊
  12. Very good Article! Thanks for bringing this over Dinareffic! Things are getting more interesting by the day!!

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