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  1. WOW! What a great morning! Woke up to Adams early Chat and took the jump and joined VIP! :-). Then I slide over and see this news nugget! Today is gonna be a good DAY!! GO RV
  2. Not sure about everyone else but I have that surreal feeling, that reminds me of when I was back in High school many years ago. You know that feeling you have that you can't wait to graduate and get the heck out of school and do what you want and be an "adult" but you have that side of you that is partially sad because you know you won't be able to see your friends like that anymore. This is how I am feeling now. Great news coming out almost daily! We have been in the trenches for years, some of you alot longer than I have yet we know our "graduation" date is swiftly approaching. And most of us will go our separate ways. Anyways Just wanted to share that. Not sure if anyone else feels that way but I'm excited!
  3. Thanks for the clarification Dreamer! No harm no foul.
  4. Crap I hate being like this but, I am that person that literally spots every imperfection or flaw in a movie. I can spot a typo a mile away in someones paper. I just have that gift I guess. Well I just looked at the screen shot and immediately noticed something different in each picture. That small little detail that I'm sure most overlooked. Now Dreamer forgive me if I am completely off base and wrong. But why does the top screen shot show in military time and the bottom show in non military time. Call me crazy but shouldn't it read as 13:02?
  5. I got really happy when I heard this news. This is not by accident ladies and gentlemen!
  6. Hands up if this is one of your favorite posts so far for 2017!! When Adam actually slips up and spills some of the beans, then you know he is getting very "BUZZY". This along with my Patriots going to the Super Bowl make for exciting times!
  7. As crazy as it sounds, I've got a facebook friend who has absolutely no interest in the Dinar, nor Trump who has been spewing his rhetoric all week. Well yesterday a post caught my attention when he said " Guy's look at the stock market, and is it any coincidence that the World Economic Forum is being held at the same time". Not saying it has anything to do with an RV but..... Needless to say I strongly believe Iraq along with the entire world are waiting for the transfer of power to happen!!
  8. This is rather interesting. I know LB broke it down the other day about this same topic but I have to admit looking at the site the prices per car do add up to what we would possibly pay right over here. But some cars are way off in price and some seem to be on par.
  9. Thanks GregHi for your most recent update.
  10. This photo stood out to me more than any other. These guys are absolutely fed up. Kudos to the guy with the white hat with the very very good aim. That brick is heading straight into that back window!! I would hate to be the driver in that Yukon. Looks like he will have some damage to the back of his head. I also see the guy on the side walk with a rather large object. I doubt it hit the truck but nonetheless the people are fed up!
  11. This is AWESOME! Was not in the best of spirits this morning but seeing this play by play really has uplifted me. Thanks Yota for following this breaking news as it happens. They are moving very swiftly!! I hope we are going to see a change in the favor of the Iraqi People and all of us!
  12. Thanks Yota for this great news and your hard work!.... I couldn't agree more Tiger, this has picked up quite a bit once again. I wasn't expecting a response to this article until at least tomorrow. Looking forward to more great news ahead!