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  1. Dear Rafidain Bank. I would be more than happy to deposit my chunky money into ANY account you deem necessary as long as you tell the CBI to raise the value of this hoarded cash I have. Signed, 99.9% of the DV community.
  2. CBI News 10/26/2017

    Yes indeed! Looks like chicken scratch to me. lol. Thanks for breaking some of that code open for us. This is becoming very interesting!
  3. CBI News 10/26/2017

    If I'm not mistaken the dates actually read different from how we do here. It should be July 12th 2017. Anybody please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
  4. I may be WAY off with this thought, but what if Iraq actually wants this to happen so they can RV their currency leaving the Kurd's without the joy of even having a piece of that pie. Often times people say they want something to happen when in actuality its more of a mental trick to get the other person to do the exact opposite. I know might be way off but... Who knows.
  5. Iraq exports natural gas to Kuwait

    Was thinking the exact same thing murd11
  6. Thanks Yota! And Good Morning. So..... The salary is two thousand dinars(less than two dollars) but it costs you 3 dollars to get the money out the bank? Common ATM fee which is understandable. So my conclusion is either this is a complete waist of resources for these people, or even better they are about to increase the purchasing power of the IQD!
  7. New CBI Announcement 07/26/2017

    Okay that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification LB! Much appreciated
  8. New CBI Announcement 07/26/2017

    LB, would that be $2.50. Just making sure my math is correct. Thanks!
  9. Good Morning Yota and DV. Thank you for the latest update. Not sure if this has already been asked and answered, but now that they are getting paid on their e-cards are they being paid on a new updated rate in country or the current exchange rate. Thanks!
  10. Awesome! Thanks Freedomwish for the info. From one Jack Daniels drinker to another, CHEERS my friend!
  11. Much appreciated Yota!
  12. Wow. Just WOW! Thanks Yota! Please correct me if I am wrong, but does this mean if I had money I wanted to transfer from my Fifth Third account to say, Rasheed Bank I just give them this code and its electronically transferred correct? Was this something that was possible a few months ago or is this all new? Thanks!
  13. I've been wondering where Tigerzwow has been!
  14. New CBI Announcement 07/20/2017

    Thanks Yota! And thank you Greg P for the informative posts. Things are looking really good!

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