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  1. chris2028

    XE chart today

    That would be very GLORIOUS! Lol. We had a tough loss yesterday,(Fellow NE Patriots fan since 94). I actually went to the game yesterday and my gosh what a game. You would have thought we were playing the Steeler's or the Jets or some other hostile rival. The Jags had our number yesterday and were out for revenge. Granite there were some questionable calls, and some really bad mistakes we made but they were prepared for us.
  2. Great explanation Theseus! Thanks for sharing your insight.
  3. Something and or some group is holding this back from happening. We have all been seeing great news articles for the past 3-4 months. Much progress has happened yet other countries seem to be making moves over night. I see this as something promising for us as well because if they can change value with a drop of a dime(no pun intended) then Iraq can do the same. The CBI has worked hard to keep the currency in compliance and have gotten all their systems set up for the country to move into the international sector. I really believe we are going to just wake up very soon and have the news we have been all waiting for.
  4. Another item to think about is the 2% compliance that they are now in fear of being out of. They are at the point where they must do something. I guess we shall see!
  5. Great article! Thanks for sharing Buti! This seems like the absolute perfect storm brewing right now both of these countries having devalued currencies. If you can't use the dollar then why not use the dinar and drive up the demand and the value! Could Pres Trump have had this card up his sleeve the whole time? I said it a few months ago that, when he took Iraq off the list of countries that were banned from that infamous list, that it meant something significant in my eyes. From now on I am gonna solely focus on the CBI and their activities. Its become so frustrating reading about the GOI and their antics. The CBI is still doing business as usual and making moves no matter what. I feel we are very close! Okay sorry for the long message. GO RV! 😀
  6. Is stopping the currency auction something that can be done instantaneously or would it need to be done in a slower fashion? I'm wondering if they are smuggling dollars and it's causing the dinar to drop, then stopping auctions and raising the dinar instantly would diffuse this issue immediately. That's what I hope of course. Go RV!
  7. chris2028

    Fox News

    Ha ha. Agreed!!!
  8. chris2028

    Fox News

    WOW! I hope that wasn't anyone from the DV family. I guess after all these years you literally reach your boiling point!
  9. Great news!!! Getting closer. Btw where are our DV hype men? The ha ha crew. I miss seeing their posts!!
  10. Is this saying what I think it says!! Wow.
  11. I agree! The Raptors are a really cool trucks. I'm ready for this ride to be over so I can walk into that dealership and take possession of the 250!
  12. Yes indeed!! I've had the F-150 before but there is nothing like having a diesel truck! 😁
  13. Okay this morning there was a nice F-250 Platinum Series right in front of me driving. I was so busy admiring the truck that I want so badly, that I didn't notice the tag until the very last second. The tag read- RV ER. BOOOM!! I'll take that as my own personal sign that we are close!! The truck that I want, in the color I want, and the tag says RV ER. Y'all have a great day! GO RV/RI

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