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  1. Questions For Adam's Update 3-21-2018

    Please post your questions below for Adam's Wednesday update. Please do NOT respond to the questions posted! Responses that are not on topic will be removed!
  2. MegaMillion #'s for 3/16...... 10 22 34 55 64 MB 23 PowerBall #'s for 3/17 TexasGranny 17 46 48 49 52 PB 08 Jetman 02 27 42 49 63 PB 25 babycakes61 03 24 37 40 49 PB 23
  3. d.v. lotto games for 3/13 --- 3/14 2018

    MegaMillion #'s for 3/13..............25 28 42 57 61 MB 03 PowerBall #'s for 3/14 ......... TexasGranny 31 38 40 48 57 PB 10 Jetman 16 28 29 43 63 PB 19 babycakes61 07 10 34 38 39 PB 04

    MegaMillion #'s for 3/9...... 21 24 25 33 51 MB 20 PowerBall #'s for 3/10 TexasGranny 06 10 44 48 63 PB 03 Jetman 37 47 49 58 69 PB 23 babycakes61 10 21 24 30 65 PB 20
  5. Questions For Adam's Update 3-14-2018

    Please post your questions below for Adam's Wednesday update. Please do NOT respond to the questions posted! Responses that are not on topic will be removed!
  6. D.v. lottery games ---- 3/6--3/7 --- 2018

    Started new thread here for next drawing and moved Noviceinvestor's post over.

    I moved noviceinvestor's post to this thread so it would be in the correct thread for our drawing on 3/9 and 3/10
  8. TERMS for the Weekly lottery games Entries , 1) Pool(s) is (are) open to identifiable/registered DV MEMBERS ONLY (Sorry, no extended family or friends... or Lopsters, as they are not allowed in the regular forums, and therefore cannot comply with the rules). 2) One SET of numbers per ENTRANT per POST per FAMILY (Multiple members in a family may participate under ONE ENTRANT ONLY). (Please select CASH OPTION when purchasing numbers/ticket). Annuity tickets will not be disqualified and will be factored accordingly if determined a winner, but our preferred intent is for the lump sum payout. 3) A DV Member may purchase and post up to ONE ticket for ANOTHER DV Member (except Lopsters), with that member's acknowledgement and consent. 4) ONE SHARE per entrant of any winnings of the JACKPOT (CASH OPTION!!!) only (Approx. $100 million minimum drawing) 5) Winning ticket/entrant agrees to share EQUALLY with ALL qualified entrants in this thread. 6) Qualified entrants must have numbers/entry posted prior to drawing date/time. 7) Qualified entrants must have a physical ticket to present upon winning, to prove their pledged participation. HOLD onto your "LOSING" ticket. Take a picture of your "LOSING" ticket as a possible backup verification. 8) Winning entrant is responsible for ALL communication with, and coordination of, winning shareholders immediately after the drawing. 9) ALL winning participants/shareholders agree to respect and abide to the PRIVACY terms of the WINNER. Disclosure of identity of winning entrant is sole discretion of winner. This is for the security and safety of all. 10) Winning shares will be dispersed upon final consensus and WRITTEN AGREEMENT, guaranteeing individual preferences, privacy and security. 11) By posting your pledged ticket/numbers in the thread(s), YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS POSTED ABOVE. The following has been added to the rules as of 9/17/2016 to clarify a question about participation: NEW RULE! Ticket/numbers entered into THIS DV POOL are for this pool exclusively. It may not be entered into other pools. Its entry into the DV POOL is time-stamped as verified by the post, and acknowledged by the entrant that it is exclusive to DV. Should it be found that the WINNING TICKET is entered into multiple pools, WE will claim that ticket as the WINNER for the DV POOL EXCLUSIVELY, irrespective of the time-stamp of other pools. Should another pool have a similar rule, or no rule to this regard, the time-stamp may be an effective qualifier if necessary to determine the participant's intent, as well as order of participation.
  9. D.v. lottery games ---- 3/6--3/7 --- 2018

    MegaMillion #'s for 3/6 ...........14 32 41 50 66 MB 20 PowerBall #'s for 3/7 TexasGranny 04 20 45 46 58 PB 12 Jetman 01 05 33 45 48 PB 15 babycakes61 18 20 28 51 67 PB 23
  10. Updated: Shiites and Sunnis pass Iraqi 2018 budget bill, Kurds boycott By Rudaw 4 hours ago Iraqi parliament in session. Photo: PM media office / file BAGHDAD, Iraq — With Kurds continuing to boycott, the Iraqi parliament passed its 2018 budget bill on Saturday afternoon after more than three months of disputes. Some Kurdish MPs see this as an “opportunity” that shouldn’t be missed. Kurds claim that their share is not sufficient and fair. Sunni MPs participating in the session allowed for a quorum, which their Kurdish counterparts see as a political coup. “They have committed a coup against the agreements they made with us in 2003,” Adil Nuri from the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) told Rudaw. Though, Nuri was not fully disappointed. He called on Kurds to meet and make a decision to withdraw from the Iraqi government. “Then they [Iraqi officials] will be obliged to knock our door. Let’s not this miss this opportunity.” The law consists of 58 articles. One of the articles obliges the KRG to return all the money it gained through its exportation of Kirkuk oil. Masoud Haider MP for Change Movement (Gorran) said in a statement that they feel there is a political desire so that many of these issues remain. He called on “Kurdish political leaders to discuss all options … to reject this.” Haider said that they did their best to make the issues happen with another outcome. “We as Kurds on the financial committee have conducted many meetings with UNAMI, the International Monetary Fund, Iraqi high officials, parliamentary presidency, and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.” He suggested Erbil-Baghdad relations to be re-established “The International community and Kurdish and Iraqi friends should work to re-establish Erbil-Baghdad relations on the basis of the constitution.” Abadi has insisted that the KRG's share should be less, in proportion to the Kurdish population, estimated by Baghdad to be 12.67 percent. Kurdish MPs have not been willing to accept anything less than a 17-percent share. There has not been a census in Iraq since 1987. After passing the budget bill, Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim al-Jabouri said demands of the Kurdistan Region were included in the budget. He also said the parliament would monitor the economic situation in the Kurdistan Region. “What has been fixed in the public federal budget clearly stipulates the resolution of the demands of the Kurdistan Region within the framework of the budget, including what is associated with the salaries of the Kurdistan Region civil servants,” said Jabouri. He noted that the Iraqi government and parliament should take into account the economic crisis that has engulfed the KRG, particularly the matter of salaries and farmers’ income. Kurdish farmers have not been fully compensated for the wheat crops sold to Baghdad over the past three years, adding to a ballooning debt owed to the Kurdish crop growers by the Iraqi government. “Given measures taken to deal with the Kurdistan Region, the Iraqi government and parliament will be committed to resolving all the economic issues that the KRG has been going through, as part of efforts to resolve the tough situation the state of Iraq is facing,” Jabouri added. A State of Law bloc MP told a press conference in Baghdad that the Kurdistan Region’s “dream” of restoring its 17 percent budget share “will not come true.” Adnan al-Assadi said “the Kurdistan Region’s share has been earmarked per population ratio and they will not be given any more.” “The Kurdistan Region’s dream is to receive its previous share of the national budget, but we are telling them very frankly – this dream will not come true from today.” He pointed out “there is unanimity inside the parliament that no portion outnumbering their population ratio should be entitled to the Kurdistan Region. On the contrary, any more going to them within the framework of the 2018 budget law will not be voted on.”
  11. Questions For Adam's Update 3-7-2018

    Please post your questions below for Adam's Wednesday update. Please do NOT respond to the questions posted! Responses that are not on topic will be removed!
  12. d.v. lotto games ------- 3/2- 3/3 / 18

    Got our tickets today so,,,,,,,here they are:::::: MegaMillion #'s for 3/2 02 37 53 57 63 MB 14 PowerBall #'s for 3/3 TexasGranny 04 12 42 45 59 PB 05 Jetman 40 53 54 61 66 PB 03 babycakes61 19 20 30 38 53 PB 22
  13. D.V." flood of money" lotto 2/27--2/28

    MegaMillion #'s for 2/27..... 02 05 34 38 70 MB 25 PowerBall #'s for 2/28........... TexasGranny 13 20 30 38 42 PB 24 Jetman 02 08 42 45 60 PB 20 babycakes61 08 25 26 42 45 PB 26
  14. d. v. poor farm lotto game -- 2/23--2/24

    MegaMillion #'s for 2/23........ 40 51 52 55 67 MB 04 PowerBall #'s for 2/24........ TexasGranny 05 16 19 50 53 PB 19 Jetman 03 06 15 35 53 PB 03 babycakes61 03 18 35 50 69 PB 25
  15. Questions For Adam's Update 2-28-2018

    Please post your questions below for Adam's Wednesday update. Please do NOT respond to the questions posted! Responses that are not on topic will be removed!

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