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  1. D.V. lotto games / --- 2/16--2/17

    Thank you and Many Blessings and Good Luck 😊🙏
  2. D.V. lotto games / --- 2/16--2/17

    2-37-46-47-69 PB 18 Thank you .. Blessings and Good Luck 😊🙏
  3. From the Media Office of Abadi

    Why would you say a surprise in "3 or 4 " years.. By then I would have forgotten about the surprise and moved on to something .. Also Abadi may not even be in a position of authority by then ..
  4. Consider also they went this conference without a confirmed Budget in place... Maybe it may be good news for us in the long run but it still could be a long marathon run and we are almost into the third month of 2018 and Iraq is still in Ground Hog mode ... I honestly cannot imaging waking up one morning in the near future and reading that Iraq has added value to their currency.. I am sure they have some master plan up their sleeve to cajole and/or blackmail someone into footing the bill.. With the wealth of more that 7000 barrels a day projected by 2020 they will still be resting their haemorrhoids on piles of worthless Dinar in their Bank vaults when 2020 comes around .. 😊
  5. Think they expect the rest of the world should continue to pay ad infinitum .. I like you have worked and paid my way since well before I was 18... Iraq it's called Budget"ing" and when you pay your own way you are not behold ing to anyone but yourselves..
  6. Jubouri press conference

    She may have damaged her spine and need a lengthy recovery me is beginning to think ...
  7. Cabinet session headed by Abadi

    Another day .. Another Postponement...
  8. Why do they need to discuss a budget?...They don't need one because all they have to do is cry poor mouth and other countries pick up the tab..
  9. DV Lottery Pools 2/9 & 2/10

    Thank you,Blessings and Good Luck...☺
  10. DV Lottery Pools 2/9 & 2/10

    22-27-28-63-65....PB 12 Thank you,Blessings and Good Luck 😊
  11. 😆... I shall miss your very descriptive posts when they get their act together and pass the laws necessary ... 🤓

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