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  1. NoviceInvestor

    Questions for Adam Montana 15 August 2018

    Hi Adam.. I am wondering if the destabilisation of the Currency of Turkey and the sanctions placed on Iran will affect the IQD and its abilility to remain within Compliance Ratio. Thank you Adam
  2. True, Maybe I need my eyesight checking ...;)
  3. Your right 10YL ..I don't even think they are capable of forming a circle let alone a Government.. (Oh by the way if they ever work out how to form a circle they should make sure Maliki is the last one... 😊) .
  4. We can hope .. However I think my chasin' days are over ..or at the rate this is going they may be over before this thing pops ..
  5. True, we do have a bit to wait but lets hope its before we all have to join Davis in the nursing home.. lol
  6. Hope thats for real... I have gone grey waiting for this to happen 😊
  7. Extremely admirable to begin at .10cents or above ..
  8. NoviceInvestor

    Adam Montana Weekly 8 August 2018

    Thank you Adam.. Most people can understand your frustration at the events in Iraq as we are experiencing it too .. God Bless your work .
  9. Now form a Government and get on with it.
  10. Here is hoping as we are all always looking for a good week
  11. NoviceInvestor

    CBI News 08/01/2018

    Is that a Theory?😊
  12. Oh to be 63 ... when I started this train ride I was younger than that and thought by this age I would be enjoying the fruits of my purchase, however that was not to be and I am being to think I should be telling my grand children where I have my dinar hidden so that they can tell their children where to find them. 😊 If nothing else we must all retain our sense of humor over it all 😊
  13. I am too old and too nice to be on Santa's naughty list lol.. 😊😊

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