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  1. 15127794050161123167746.jpg

    Beautiful..congratulations and much happiness to you ..God Bless you all ..💐💐💐
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 6 December 2017

    Don't despair.. The Dinar can't stay worthless for ever.. It may well linger longer into2018.. I. Have been in for years that are soon heading into double figures but I have taken the dive into crypto and I am hoping it will pay off.. My concern is how to be guided into what to buy and when to sell.. But I guess I will learn.. I had hoped the Dinar would RV long before this but still I wait.. A saying my mother used to curb childhood impatience was " good apples don't fall till they are ripe " .. I am reminded daily in this investment.. So hang in there ..soon will be sooner ..
  3. We live in hope SnowGlobe7 that your are proven wrong ..But even now and then they dangle a carrot that keeps the momentum of hype going...😊
  4. 15 Years...You will be due for long service leave...
  5. Yes they are moving forward but they...Still they seem to take six paces forward one day and ten back the next day ..
  6. Transfer from Warka to anyone else!

    When was your last communication..i know someone who has been trying for days.. He is somwhat concerned
  7. D.V. lotto game 12/1 mega 12/2 powerball

    Sorry Admin for all those replies but my computer froze just as I hit the submit button please delete some if you wish .. Thanks
  8. D.V. lotto game 12/1 mega 12/2 powerball

    Thank you.. Blessings and Good Luck🕯🙂
  9. D.V. lotto game 12/1 mega 12/2 powerball

    11-14-21-46-50 PB 16 Thank you,Blessings and Good Luck all
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    Gosh your health insurance is expensive in the States..
  11. Transfer from Warka to anyone else!

    They not responding to any form of communication and emails bounce back..
  12. D.V. lotto pool mega and power ball 11/28--11/29

    Thank,Blessings and Good Luck 😊
  13. D.V. lotto pool mega and power ball 11/28--11/29

    22-23-42-55-61 PB 04 Thank You and Blessings 😊🙏..
  14. Delete Zeros Priority !

    Do you think If wrote to the GOI and tell them that I have had a bad day and an RV would cheer me up.. Would they listen lol...🤔
  15. Adam Montana Weekly 22 November 2017

    God will bless you and your brloved with the right home at the right and in the right area...And like you I think it would be wonderful to see an RV in the near furure as it would make my beloved life a lot easier as he too is no spring chicken 🙂

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