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  1. Me...definitely a breast Man_Kind of a guy. White meat , dark meat, don't matter to me. It's all good !!!
  2. Yea baby, work it like it owes you money !!!
  3. I'll take the sweet stench of fresh fish any day over barry's staled stench of Afro Sheen the past eight years.
  4. I'm with you Karsten ! Well said !
  5. Yes, this is truly amazing !
  6. Sounds good to me TS !!! YIPPEE KYE YAY !!! AND A YEE HA !!!
  7. Wow ! Now that's what I call a zippedy do dah day !!! I hope he brought a change of shorts ! 30 mph, brings a whole new meaning to turbo wedgie ! Thanks Umbert
  8. Yes you are correct Rmc 10. Mnt Goat just mentioned that again. The CBI told us the IQD 3 zero notes will coincide with the newer notes for up to 10 years. Badda Bing, Badda Boom !!!
  9. The dreaded Hershey Squirts.....that's gona leave mark, skid mark that is !!!
  10. Evened you up my friend. Don't understand why someone neg ya. Probably someone who ate a lot of led paint chips when they were younger I'm sure.
  11. Go DJT !!! Making it happen !!! Go morning yota !!!
  12. If it does happen on the 21st my walking stick will be parallel to the ground so to speak. funny !!!