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  1. Man_Kind

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Thanks Adam !!!
  2. $2.79 this morning Rhode Island.
  3. Man_Kind

    Long time ago..........

    36 to life !!! Your doing it right my friend !!! Have a great Anniversary nstoolman1 !
  4. Just think if Albadi RVs their currency he could make the top five most influential. Good Morning yota
  5. Dam....That means I died 10 years ago !
  6. Couldn't agree with more my friends !!! Thanks.
  7. Dum guy with big ears, elephant ears ???.........oh yea that would be Dumbro !
  8. Man_Kind

    Is he losing it???

    Or banging a chubby chick in the Oval office while the first lady was in the next room making a sweet uranium deals with Vladimir.
  9. Man_Kind

    Is he losing it???

    Yes SgtF, That's how they roll !!!
  10. More like KOO KOO for Cocoa Puffs !!!
  11. Last time I wore one of those it turned me into a blooming onion !!!
  12. if you block the Motorcade then it's instant deportation out of a human cannon straight over the boarder. Semi automatic cannon too !!!
  13. Man_Kind

    UST Orders banks to release the #800.

    I once broke up with a girl because she smelled like chicken soup gone bad !!!

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