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  1. Is he losing it???

    Or banging a chubby chick in the Oval office while the first lady was in the next room making a sweet uranium deals with Vladimir.
  2. Is he losing it???

    Yes SgtF, That's how they roll !!!
  3. More like KOO KOO for Cocoa Puffs !!!
  4. Last time I wore one of those it turned me into a blooming onion !!!
  5. if you block the Motorcade then it's instant deportation out of a human cannon straight over the boarder. Semi automatic cannon too !!!
  6. UST Orders banks to release the #800.

    I once broke up with a girl because she smelled like chicken soup gone bad !!!
  7. Dinar

    Dam !!! Imagine If it was true. I'm leaving work right now, maybe I'll stop by BOA on the way home. Thanks Bull dog !
  8. 11878998_10203115126877980_8522273943616359822_o.jpg

    Like the famous phrase from Joey Lawrence...............WOE ! Nice pics
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    Agree, as I always say, shake it like it owes you money !!!
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 17 January 2018

    And by the way you can go to the moon, not me, way too cold. Your telling me !!!
  11. Thanks for the compassion Shabs ! If and when I'm approved I'll give ya call. Won't have to worried about making long distance any MOE ! 238,855 miles away so you may hear from me by the end of the week. GO RV, then BV, then GO Shabs !!! ynuck , ynuck, ynuck !
  12. I'll let you know Shabs, I just applied for one !!! GO RV, then BV !!!

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