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  1. Agree Boozer, Just give me an hour with the shmuck with a blow torch and a pair of pliers.
  2. Simple solution............CAR BOMB !..........DONE !
  3. Reminds of that Foreigner song...............Head games
  4. Well I did have an ex-girlfriend that spent a whole summer at Hugh's compound. She said she was visiting relatives for the summer. I forgave her after she sent very nice photos saying.....whish you were here lol. Not sure why she changed her name to Regina. I knew her as Heidi. Won't say her last name.......Just incase she's a dinar vets member. Ya know what they say umbertino, Life is like a box of chocolates........Well you know the rest. That's all I got to say about that
  5. There is soooooo much I would like to say but just can't at the moment. Hi umbertino
  6. Price of Illegal Aliens

    Tell me that doesn't travel up my arse about a mile. What a freak'n mess.
  7. Go easy on yourself Floridian......These were my thoughts too.
  8. Prayer request friends!

    Yes RodandStaff you are in our prayers. After recovery you will be faster than a speeding bullet, leep tall buildings in a single bounce and faster than the speed of light. I wouldn't recommend warring the suit though............It's starts to ride up the back. We will keep an eye on you my friend !!!
  9. Yea, and when anal dwelling butt monkeys fly from my arse !!! I hear ya Boozer !!!
  10. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUDGE !!! The mother of all swear words ! Blank papers ??? Maybe that means an open check book !!!
  11. UST To Give The Green Light?

    Kinda makes my low self esteem hit an all time high.
  12. Bank Story...DEFCON1 Alert.

    He's gona need a full wipe on this one !!!
  13. I hear ya LB ! If it's January of 2018 so be it .......... my birthday will be fine 01/06...........Then it's Miller time !!!
  14. While yur at it why not super size that combo !
  15. You only like me for my breasts...

    Me...definitely a breast Man_Kind of a guy. White meat , dark meat, don't matter to me. It's all good !!!

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