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  1. Purrrrrrre Entertainment !!! Got it ! Works for me since I can't search nudie sites at work
  2. Prayers and hugs for Amanda, Mom and Tankdude.
  3. The handy man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world go round !!! Good stories handy , thanx
  4. That Luigi ! And his corksoaking freinds !!!
  5. Ok, ok Shabs, not bad not bad !
  6. Or maybe ............Killing the has been ho's who are trying to make a comeback from their failed careers$$$$$
  7. Road flair and shove it right up his arse then walk away !
  8. And to think I was impressed when they opened the World Trade Center but this Luigi !!! Ynuck, ynuck, ynuck
  9. Sounds like Delta ended up with his beans above the franks again !!!
  10. 40 mil, wow wee !!! Good luck to you and yours rockf19
  11. What an F'n sheet head !!! Sorry it's Monday !!!
  12. Batteries not included I take it. Oh and don't feed her after midnight !!!
  13. Thanks Tigergorzow ! Mt Goat feeds us well.
  14. Crack pipe ! Put it down and step away !!!