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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

VIP MEMBERS - bypass picture instructions here.

Adam Montana

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This thread is for VIP MEMBERS ONLY!

VIP members, if you can take a picture, we prefer that method! It sets a great example for non-VIP members.

But, if you can't or won't do it - we will still give you the badge.

Just post here, and it will be done.

(But PLEASE, at least TRY to take a picture! Thanks! :) )

P.S. I will not be monitoring this section, or this thread - Sara will check it once a day or so to add badges. BE PATIENT!!!)

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i have never posted before, but i am an avid reader/follower of all things dinar~and a VIP member with RV fever!

i am hopelessly techno-phobic, and do not know how to take a picture of my dinar and post it here. can you please forgive me, and give me my "verified" badge in spite of my ineptness?

i believe tampadinar would vouch for my honesty~



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Adam, I would like to be , badged, and please dont take this wrong, but I dont feel it is safe to send a pic of what I have.

Way too many predators in this world for my taste.


did you get my im that i sent to bang for you?

Noboby can see your real name on Dinarvets other than Adam and his staff. Noboby knows where you live. You only need to take of a picture of the dinar with your "screen name", not your "real name". Its completely safe! :twothumbs:

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