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  1. Hi Wealthhound, I'd love to meet you, but I live in California. Sahaja Meditation is established with centers in 160 countries, so I just googled Sahaja Meditation Colorado for you. Meditation and self reflection can allow one to look objectively at our selves and allow the divine power of love to transform us from within. It is not a mental thing but by the grace of God our chakras are cleared, enlivened and our connection to the Divine permanently established in a very tangible way. I'm a results oriented person and I can see it in myself and others with this practice.
  2. There is a wonderful meditation group that is international in scope. It takes one into thoughtless awareness easily and is the only really effective, results oriented technique I have experienced. I have done quite a few extensively including TM, esoteric Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. You can google Sahaja yoga meditation. Where are you in Colorado? Here is a link for the center in Denver: I truly believe you will feel the difference from a mental awareness to the union with the Divine.
  3. Thanks Sara, after RV these hotels might be a good investment for us!
  4. With a Warka account, is it not required we disclose on our taxes we have a foreign bank account? Will this trigger a red flag for an audit? Would it be safer to open the IBC and have it open an account at Warka to invest, save etc? Thanks for your insight!
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