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  1. Thanks Adam, I can’t wait for this RV to happen!
  2. Thanks Adams! This is awesome news! Go hcl and go RV
  3. This to me is not a good thing. The rate is going in the wrong direction. We want it to get closer to one not go farther away😀
  4. I would take any move to the upside after waiting 10 years !!!
  5. Thanks, Adam for all that you do!!! Sounds pretty promising
  6. In my portfolio I own BX (Blackstone) 6% yield and EPD (Oil/Gas Pipeline MLP) 6% yield. Good luck in your research!
  7. I am definitely getting excited again!!!! Thanks for the update:)
  8. I agree with everything you said:) I feel better now!!
  9. My family will definitely be praying for Rob's dad!!!
  10. Thank you Adam for everything!!! Look forward to meeting you one day:)
  11. That for the chat Adam!!! It's seems like this could come to a closure soon. GOOOO RVVVV!!!
  12. Hi Irock- This happen once a year. Every year you will need to submit an authorization form to Warka bank, which your can send to Mr. Issa, for the deduction of 15,000 IQD from the use of an online banking account. I hope this helps:)
  13. Thanks for the info Scooter!! I look forward to hearing what you have to say:)
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