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  1. Owning a dividend ETF does come at an annual cost, which is known as a management expense ratio (MER). This is paid to the portfolio management team for following the index or making adjustments to the dividend ETF. This would be a great impact on your overall long-term returns if the MER fee is very high. For this reason I am considering best dividend ETFs for 2017 like: ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETF, Financial Select Sector SPDR FUND, and iShares Select Dividend ETF.
  2. Well I think ETFs are a more better option for getting a better benefit. ProShares S&P MidCap 400 Dividend Aristocrats ETF and ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETF are the best options for this year.
  3. Warren Buffet’s portfolio consists of 44 publicly traded companies. The vast majority of them (32) provide dividends, a number of which provide annual dividends in excess of four percent. General Motors Company (NYSE/GM) is one of the world’s biggest automakers, with well-known brands such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. The company operates through four business segments: GM North America, GM Europe, GM International Operations, and GM South America. International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE:IBM), better known as IBM, is the world’s biggest provider of computer products and services and is among the top leaders in virtually every market in which it competes. IBM may have made a name for itself in computer hardware, but today, the company’s information technology (IT), business services, and software units are among the biggest in the world. Phillips 66 (NYSE:PSX) is one of the largest independent refiners in the world by sales. The company operates through four segments: global refining and marketing, midstream, and chemical operations. Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) is a consumer staples giant with a global footprint reaching more than 180 countries. The world’s largest maker of consumer packaged goods operates through five segments: Beauty; Grooming; Health Care; Fabric Care and Home Care; and Baby, Feminine and Family Care. These are some of the Stocks that have always been in his portfolio all the while.
  4. I am researching on the giant and also on other not so famous investing gurus. I know about Warren Buffett, George Soros. Can you people help me with other investing gurus also?
  5. With interest rates expected to rise next year, many investors are thinking what will be the best dividend stocks in 2017. The 10 best dividend stocks of 2017 will be large-cap stocks with a long history of providing investors with capital appreciation and a high-yield dividend that gets raised annually. Altria Group Inc and HCP Inc are some stocks I am looking forward in 2017. Aby opinions??
  6. Investing in other markets and tech stocks is good for the portfolio, at a time when the majority of top businesses are tech related. You don’t have to dig too deep to uncover some of the best tech stocks. That’s because the best technology stocks have been the best performers in 2016. Last year wasn’t especially a stellar year for stocks, what with the S&P 500 index throwing up a 0.7% loss. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) has been one of the best performing technology stocks in 2016, up roughly 132% year-to-date, and it can be one of the best tech stocks for 2017.
  7. The TSE is the third-largest exchange in the world following the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. And if you are investing in the TSE, then the regular trading hours for the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) are Monday to Friday with an opening time of 9:00 a.m. and a closing time of 3:00 p.m. Each day it is open, the Tokyo exchange closes midday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. local time. Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of New York. For further reading Tokyo Stock Exchange Holidays 2016
  8. China is offering SDR bonds to boost yuan as the global currency, but how far this step is going to benefit them needs to be seen. However since there is less demand, it is highly unlikely to help them
  9. BoE cut its benchmark interest rate to a new low and said it would buy government and corporate bonds as part of easing efforts to counter the economic impact of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Is this step going to help Britain
  10. What can be the effect of Brexit on income investors around the world
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