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    you may call either number, but please try the 404 number first. thanks Harry Smith

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  1. Once again a very lovely story Heavy. I really love all of your stories, thanks for all of your very lovely and touching stories.
  2. This will be my first time posting something like this. I hope this is correct, I got it from another site. NESARA- REPUBLIC RESTORED - Galactic News This is an Awareness Blog to consider the future of your world. Actions are being done now to restore our world. Watch and become AWARE! Send comments/news to j 24 MILLION +++ VISITS Use CTRL & MOUSE WHEEL to widen view Boston Marathon Bombing RV -- REPUBLIC RUMORS UPDATES Informed by Intel Sources --- from multiple sources that: ANNOUNCEMENT PENDING AND RV FOR TIER 3 PLANNED FOR MONDAY APRIL 15. PUBLIC CAN EXCHANGE IN BANKS/CURRENCY DEALERS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. Christine Lagarde awaiting IRS closure on Monday evening before release. Tuesday appears to be day 1 of exchange. AWAITING IRS TERMINATION TO ALLOW FOR SAFE GOLD TREASURY CURRENCY DISTRIBUTION. FED RESERVE AND IRS HAVE NO ACCESS TO THE TREASURY BANK SYSTEM. ADVISED TO WAIT ONE DAY FOR EXCHANGE TO ENSURE FEDS CANNOT TOUCH YOUR FUNDS. GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS & DISTRIBUTIONS --- green button has been pushed. Sign offs completed in Hong Kong and Singapore. GERMAINE Trust GRANTS rumored to be mailed out after Global Settlements approval is received. OPC "BUG ME" distributions of 10K going out within several days of the RV. OPC "DIRE STRAITS" follows the "Bug Me" distributions. American Indian Reparations rumored to being distributed.
  3. Farwould, That was really beautiful, I had to give you a plus for that one, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks
  4. dog, I respectfully agree with you, that is why I gave you a plus.
  5. I've been trying to place my picture online, also a pic of my dinar for about two weeks, I'm tired of trying so I'm giving up.
  6. Hello I'm such a genius I need to find out how to delete some of my pictures, I think I have too many online. I'm also trying to load a picture on my Avatar with my dinar picture. need a lot of help. thanks.
  7. I took a picture of my Dinar, also took a picture of myself. I have been waiting on my badge for a long time. I'm also a life time member of VIP. Can't understand why I can't get my badge to take to Bank once the Dinar RV. Thanks blkman1999. or Harry
  8. I'm sorry Farwould I tried to say I liked your statement. I hope I did it ok, if I didn't I'm sorry.
  9. I don't know why but I get an error message whenever I try to send an email, that is why I sent you my email, so you'll have to send me a message. thanks
  10. I'm willing to buy 5 millions dong, uncirculated with receipt, I do have pay pal. so send me the info and we can get this party started.Email me Thanks.
  11. please badge me, I took some pictures alone with my dinar but I can't find them, I guess I should say I don't know how to find them. sorry
  12. I could handle 1 million, especially if you have pay pal. Email me
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