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Email from Adam

mike l

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Got this email from Adam as i am sure most of you got.

Adam Montana

Good morning dinar investors!

Today is going to be a special edition of my weekly updates! Those of you who know me probably know I’ve been invested for over 7 years. Over the last few years, I have been reporting, speculating, and sharing information on the Iraqi Dinar with anyone who cares to hear… the group has grown into the tens of thousands.

I must say it’s been a heck of a ride so far!!!

In the beginning I focused on sharing the news, until it occurred to me that all of this “information” and “news” won’t do me or my family any good after a significant revaluation of the Dinar… so I changed my focus.

I studied for and passed the Series 65 (Registered Investment Adviser exam, arguably the hardest financial exam out there).

I have developed relationships with major companies in the US, Iraq, Singapore, and really all over the world that will allow my VIP group, my family, and I to take advantage of Post RV Investments.

Some of those will benefit us by deferring taxes, some will benefit by producing long term guaranteed income, and some will benefit us simply by using the Iraqi Dinar RV as a springboard to triple our gains!

If that’s something you’re interested in – Join VIP. There’s no better way to maximize your investment than this, and that’s the bottom line. (See benefits of VIP here.)

Taking all this time to prepare for AFTER the RV has been all-encompassing for a lengthy amount of time and I suddenly have another realization… I’ve neglected to address the current rumors.

Friends, please forgive me for that mistake. My reason is simple: I am invested in the Dinar long term, whether that means another day, week, month, or year. I believe the Dinar to be a great investment even though I don’t read about bank execs trading, Donald Trump buying, or President Obama speaking. I believe the Dinar will rise in value even though I don’t visit the much loved (and much hated) Rumors section. Even though my “intel” doesn’t come from someone in a chat room that uses letters or a made-up screen name, I still believe the fundamentals of the Iraqi Dinar investment are solid.

I am going to address a large portion of the rumors right here, right now! Let’s get started.

Read the whole article here:

Rumor 1: The Iraqi Dinar is a scam.

Truth: No, it’s not. If you paid for counterfeit dinar – you got scammed. If you were guaranteed that the Dinar would RV immediately and/or you paid more than you should have – you got scammed. If you invested based on reason and fact, with a healthy dose of realism… then you did not get scammed and the Dinar is not a scam!

The Iraqi Dinar is a real currency that has the potential to rise in value. The Iraqi Dinar is NOT a scam.

Rumor 2: The Dinar has ReValued, we’re just waiting to hear it.Truth: If you’ve been invested as long as I have, you’ve heard this one 12, 24, 48, maybe even 100 times. “The announcement will be made on Monday, that’s when we can cash in!” is something that comes from newbies – if you didn’t get the email from me, then it didn’t happen. (Sign up here for that email.)

Freinds, when people say “the RV has happened and we will see it on”… you should say “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

Rumor 3: Iraq has been accepted into the GCCAnswer: Unless I’ve sent you that email, no Iraq has not been accepted. Baghdad is about 8 hours ahead of us here. I pay Iraqi’s to collect information for me. I have flown around the world to meet some of these people and establish the relationships I have… and I guarantee I will get an email or a phone call in the middle of the night when this happens. You will be the next to know… but it has not happened yet.

When Iraq is officially accepted into the GCC, we should be extremely close to the day we’re waiting for! Another key element is Chapter 7, which brings us to:

Rumor 4: Iraq has been released from Chapter 7.Truth: Iraq has been released from almost all of Chapter 7. If you’ve read my book RV Intel, you know Chapter 7 isn’t about bankruptcy. Chapter 7 of the United Nations sanctions prevents Iraq from operating as a fully independent country. At this time there are only a few remaining screws holding Iraq back, and you will be the first to know – through my newsletter or the VIP email/text message – when this is complete. At this time it has not been fully lifted.

Rumor 5: Iraq is accepted into the WTO.Truth: This is in progress, but they are not accepted either officially or unofficially. I will email you when it happens, because this is huge news for the Iraqi Dinar!

Rumor 6: The RV key is now in the hands of (insert person, country, etc)Truth: There is not one single government, agency, or person that can single-handedly make all the above happen. At least 2 of the first 5 rumors need to become fact before the RV can really fall in place.

Rumor 7: The RV will be announced on XX date.Truth: There isn’t one person online who can nail this down to a date. Anyone who gives you a definite date for the RV is setting themselves up for a fall… I guess that’s why people pay attention to the “rate and date” gurus, right? Sometimes it’s funny watching people fall. (Why else would AFV still be on after 20+ years? Haha! )

Rumor 8: The Dinar will come out at XX rate based on the (Kuwaiti Dinar, GCC, etc)Truth: In the event of a ReValuation, the value will be determined based on the sustainable rate. When you get your home appraised, your neighbors home carries a little weight… but if you have a dump next to a mansion, your value is still going to be lower than your neighbors! It is impossible to predict “exactly XX lower than the KWD” or “equal to the Euro” because that particular number might be 20% too high or 30% too low!

Think of a home appraisal. The appraiser comes into your home, looks at your foundation, appliances, potential, etc. He takes into consideration the neighbors, but does not give you the same value as your neighbor – your value is unique to your home.

This takes us to the root of this investment: we are the “appraisers”, and we think the Dinar is worth more than it currently sells for. We think it must eventually reflect it’s true value. As owners of this “property”, when the Iraqi Dinar is ReEvaluated we will see the gain. (Not when a chat guru shares “intel”!)

Understand that last part, friends! You see that in no way, shape, or form did I mention a date, intel, or anything of that nature. Forget the rumors – if you think this is a good investment, your time is better spent determining how to best protect the gains you receive… and not worrying about what HillBillyBob* said in XXXXX chat room or on YYYY conference call.

That’s all for now, I’ll be in our Dinar Chat next Wednesday at 9PM Central time. Hope to see you there!

Warmest RV Regards,

- Adam Montana

*No offense to HillBillyBob.

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Got this email from Adam as i am sure most of you got.

Hi mike :)

Thanks for the post.

It will allow anyone who has yet to read it, an opportunity to

read Adams response to this weeks frenzy among other matters.

I thought he handled it very well, and to the point.

It is balanced with no hype, and that is both refreshing to see, and

very much appreciated.

Thank you Adam for taking the time and effort to address the insanity. Also,

thank you for maintaining integrity and honesty in your own affairs, which is a rare

character these days. :D

Thank you mike for taking the time to post it. :)

All my best!



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It helps to put things into perspective and to reminde us all that there are other things to do than sit here and read Rumors and wonder if they are true. Adam is always watching out for us and I know that when it happens I will get the text and email. I have just been caught up in all the chatting and forgot to remember to stop counting my chickens before they hatch. Waiting on Adam's contact and hoping it is soon, very soon. But to get away from spending so much time on here. :blink:

Thanks ADAM! :D

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It reaffirms what I've been thinking about all along, but continued to stare at my computer every night.... If it hasn't been told to us by Adam, then all the hype that we're reading about, is just that! HYPE. All of those people who have said "It's done!" should be ashamed of themselves. :angry:

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Thanks Mike for posting and Thanks Adam once again for being straight forward. Not been with this very long but could tell from the start all I needed to read was what Adam has posted. I am a VIP but I did not get this email. Need to check why as I have received others from Adam.

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