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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all here on this site. One side note, every other year, at the end of his chat Adam wishes us all a Happy Thanksgiving but he also tells us not to worry about the dinar, hmmmm! Thanks Adam for all you and your mods do for us.
  2. I will look behind door number three Bob... and the guess is... $157, 793,000.
  3. Bondlady and Adam... my only sources of info. Both straight forward and honest! What more would anyone want?
  4. Ah, don't have to worry about crime in that city, our finest are right on top of things, I am feeling safe knowing that there must not be any illegal drugs being sold on their streets. They were able to spot those two girls selling lemonade. Try selling donuts next time!
  5. Thanks Easy, may God always be by your side. This is probably the reason you are respected here!
  6. Will not do anything until the message from Adam comes and even then, if it is before the banks open, I won't be doing anything, so no need to lose sleep.
  7. I have always appreciated what you bring to this site, please continue to do so.
  8. It will happen when it happens. No Date No Rate until it is announced. Patience!
  9. Sunshine State... East of the mouse!
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