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  1. I hope all the good news gets us to a RV really soon!
  2. ronscarpa, I believe in what you said about auctions continuing in its path until the day of as asual.. Hope we get a fat 0 auction soon! -lionfish
  3. Let's hope all things go smooth tomorrow, and we can finally transition ourselves from waiting on rv to waiting on investments come to fruition! -Come on Iraq! Come on RV!
  4. With Ramadan around the corner..I hope they get everything done this time..!
  5. The only quorum their parliament has is for vacations! You can count on them to all take them.. Someone needs to explain to them if their money improves significantly, their mattresses full of IQD could be used outside of Iraq for great things, maybe even permanent vacation!--lionfish
  6. Maliki is a puppet with an attitude. Just think of all of the horrible horror movies where the puppet has a spirit.. that's him. But when the puppet master places his hand back in...(lol) we will have Iraq back in place for the position that we need them to be come on rv! -lionfish
  7. Well as far as united guru "hopium," there's been a lot of it in the last few weeks! I just hope that there is some reality to all of it.. It's been a long ride.. -lionfish
  8. Article 140...HCL next week!! Come on RV!! Show us your great virtues and spread the wealth we have been waiting for! -lionfish-
  9. I was in Japan between 2002 and 2005. During that time, I saw the Yen at 110-118 per dollar. What I thought was odd was that the teachers would instruct their students to always convert at 100 Yen per dollar. When I was at a pinch financially it felt great to exchange some currency I had left over see a gain of 30 percent from 118 to 86. Rightsonword, I am with you on the oblivious part. Many people live day to day focusing on grocery store and gas prices, not concerned about what is really going on. -lionfish
  10. I prefer a person using a pendulum for advice a lot more than imagined gurus creating intel from their imagined friends! _come on RV_ lionfish
  11. "Maliki saying "we would like to emphasize here that Iraq is a country of all and no room in it to the tyranny." Well what about what he is doing? :angry:src=""> Just come on RV! -lionfish
  12. Thanks Adam and KCW! Let's all hope for a great week!B)src=""> -lionfish
  13. SgtFuryUSCZ and steveinfla, thank you for using your heart and mind through this! IF the news is true, then prayers for Talabani. If this is another ruse of many then let's wait until the deep dense fog clears! -lionfish
  14. Let's hope that Kuwait's "soon" is more realistic than Iraq's! Come on RV! -lionfish
  15. They seem to always speaking with the back door wide open for an out... kind of like being truth averse... Yes, No, maybe so... absolutely kind of, might be, should be, could be, might Just come on rv! -lionfish
  16. Well, this looks very promising! Let's hope they get this all done, they finish all the politicking and we see a fully formed GOI ready to rock out a RV for the people of Iraq(and of course US!) come on RV!! -lionfish
  17. Reese's Pieces! Those are great too..and those Reese's minis...right out of the freezer are delicious! Thanks Adam for the Halloween chat! -Come on RV
  18. "STOP STEALING FROM THE COOKIE JAR AND LET EVERYONE ELSE HAVE SOME LOL" "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Who me? Yes you!! Couldn't be..Then who? {insert Iraqi) stole the cookies from the cookie jar....Who me? Yes you! Couldn't be...Then who? {Insert another Iraqi}.....and on and on and on! Come on RV!
  19. I guess you missed all the people that are deceased but still on the polls!! Did you claim your exemptions too?
  20. Lots of good articles coming out even with all the dreadful articles.. Let's all hope we are truly in a positive direction in our investment!! We have all waited long enough.. Come on RV!! -lionfish;)
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