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  1. Davis, that must have been such an overwhelming mind bending shock to go through so much in such a short time. Not many of us are wired to go through that much loss and keep a clear head for thinking things through..... Instead, most of us go to this numb place of paralysis, and have a really hard time seeing any possibility of a way out... And for some people, that place can get so dark, they start to believe the only way out is to check out.... But that's not true, and I think deep in your heart you "know that you know that" You are holding on now, and I think deep inside, however dark, ther
  2. Thought you might be interested in this article with specific regard to this speculation... Last month Time Magazine posted an article refuting the claim ISIS — now the fully militarized Islamic State — is an intelligence operation. The article by war propagandist Aryn Baker states “conspiracy theories are nothing new in the Middle East.” Baker squarely places responsibility for the declared conspiracy theory on Iran. According to Baker, the Iranians claim the ISIS offensive currently underway in Iraq is “part of a U.S.-backed plot to destabilize the region and protect Israel.” Baker
  3. Thanks Umbert! Rest in Peace Peter Kasig. Thank you for your service and thank you for following your heart in helping the Syrian refugees. G-d Bless you. Peter Kassig’s parents pay emotional tribute to their murdered son Ed and Paula Kassig express their pride at Peter’s humanitarian work in Syria Peter Kassig's parents pay tribute to humanitarian son beheaded by Islamic State By David Millward, US Correspondent 11:00PM GMT 16 Nov 2014 The parents of Peter Kassig, the American aid worker who became the fifth hostage to be beheaded by the Islamic State, recalled the sel
  4. WOW is right!!! This just in.... Mountain Goat Ratchets Up Her Game Bavarian Style This one is for you Skeet
  5. Those people had a frickin fit... if that was nothing more than grandstanding, or posturing ... and they have no intention of walking the way they talk... that will be beyond annoying... not to mention a possible game changer in the next election.... oy!!!!
  6. oh my gosh, I've been to 3 continents a jungle and a desert since then and getting ready to head out again.... lol And thanks for asking, I'm doing great to fabulous-o... As far as the math problem you pose... IDK....that's a numbers question, and you might as well ask me the multiplicative inverse of pi, which is actually easier than your question cause you can memorize that answer........ However off the top of my head (cause I really don't give it much thought) ...if I answered just that question...actually I don't know that they would do either one in pure form.... I don't know how Ir
  7. One can only hope that the Republicans who so clearly objected to O care, and are now in a position to finally do something about it as a majority in both Senate and House.... will tear this thing down immediately... Hopefully it is the first thing on their agenda... blow it up. deconstruct, and go back to the drawing board.... They have the power to do something... now do it.. act on those objections, and take it down.... .
  8. Not that everything in the world is related to the dinar and an RV.... however, if a relationship exists between these two, I would think if anything it would trigger an "RV".... if part of your plan is to wage economic war you would want to come into the fight with as much as you can... And/or if Daesh currency comes in very high, it seems competing countries would want to at least keep pace so as not to let that 'state" get too far out there ahead...There are all kinds of reasons I would think it would be the opposite of stopping an RV relative to Daesh currency..... ,
  9. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to bring the videos in here.. They are on the MSNBC website.. This report is so well done on several levels, ... Its the most recent film out of Kobane,...Its the first USA MSM reporter in Kobane... it answers the kinds of questions Westerners would ask, and questions specific to the US/Western participation in the ME in general, relative to our specific politics... as well as a nice historical summation, of what happened and why. ... It wraps it up all very nicely in one concise package of general overview.... . It was done so well (from that perspecti
  10. 1st US Reporter and MSM filming inside Kobane.... Good to know that several months later, the US is finally able to send someone to inform the US public about something the world has been watching for 2 months... This is the MSNBC News site... can't figure out how to bring in direct. It is pretty good coverage and is the most recent footage from Kobane from any major news anywhere.. :
  11. Liberals: Baghdad and Erbil agreement will establish the principle of non-fear of the region and the government's 2014 budget sent to parliament Long-Press / Baghdad The leader of the Liberal bloc Prince Kanani, Friday, to Baghdad and Erbil agreement to solve the problems related to the general budget and oil establishes the principle of "no fear", the existence of the territory within the Iraqi state, as he emphasized that the situation is now appropriate to pass the budget year 2014, called on the government to sent quickly before the parliamentary legislative recess. Kinani said in a
  12. Exactly GymRat.... MY tax money is going to build up Turkey's army which in turn is fighting against us?!?! Right... Pull the money let everyone put their cards on the table and we go from there!!!
  13. Looks like YPG/YPJ and Pesh have been kicking tail and taking names. Apparently they have choked off a major Daesh supply route and IS has been unable to take it back... The map looks dramatically different than it did last week... They've been busy... '
  14. Yeah and some of them and their beards are so freakin ugly... its like they have used steel wool pasted to their face... Some guys do not grow beards well and some of the westerners look like complete idiots...
  15. Twelve Turkish nationalists detained after an attack on U.S. sailors in Istanbul were released on Thursday but could still face charges for causing insult and injury, local media reports said. The group assaulted the three sailors on a crowded street in Istanbul on Wednesday, shouting "Yankee go home", throwing paint and trying to pull hoods over their heads, in an assault condemned by the United States. U.S. sailors on board guided-missile destroyer USS Ross prepare to leave the port in Istanbul today. (Murad Sezer/Reuters) The group, me
  16. Yup TG that's what's being reported the most.... Of course apparently enjoyed retractions so much they decided to post the following wrong info (again): Screenshot of footage aired by Balad TV supposedly showing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi injured after his convoy was attacked by coalition air strikes. ( The video below, broadcast on Balad TV, claims to show ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his convoy being attacked in an airstrike that led to his injury or death. The video claims to show al-Baghdadi next to a black SUV car, suffering injuries d
  17. Still no official confirmation as to whether or not Baghdadi was injured or killed.. One source noted it will become apparent as soon as its determined if John McCain sent a "Get Well" card or a "Sympathy Wreath" in response to this weekends air strike of the Mousel convoy. .
  18. Thanks Nadita!! I don't know how you do it and do it so well... Amazes me every time!! and now officially the only news reporting source I go to in this country
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