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GET Conference Call transcript 2-13-2011


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GET Conference Call transcript 2-13-2011

«The GET Team - 2/13/2011 @ 9:41:05 PM »

[Janna] Sam opening prayer

[TamRon400] February 13, 2011

[Janna] Amen

[Janna] - couple of things

[TamRon400] Shabibi made an RV announcement FRIDAY NIGHT

[Janna] first of all apparently Shabibi made an announcement on TV

[TamRon400] on TV

[TamRon400] Rumor till proven

[Janna] can't verify it though

[TamRon400] following day attempt on Maliki's life

[Janna] Attempt on Maliki's life - was injured supposedly

[Janna] can't verify

[TamRon400] He is alive, minor injury

[Janna] He is alive, minor injury received

[TamRon400] Maliki to file some documents

[TamRon400] supposedly cash in Tuesday morning

[Janna] Rumor is that we should be able to cash in on Tuesday morning

[Janna] Al -

[Janna] wasn't listening - sorry

[Janna] got word of the attempt - rumor, not confirmed

[Janna] Maliki and Allawi

[Janna] one of Maliki's security people behind it supposedly

[Janna] Did they catch the guy?

[Janna] Guess they killed him

[Janna] what we were told

[Janna] another one today

[TamRon400] waiting for confirmation that this all occurred

[TamRon400] supposedly one of Maliki's security person was behind it

[TamRon400] they killed him

[Janna] Steve's volume is very low

[TamRon400] source through DC

[Janna] both of them

[TamRon400] Maliki and Allawi were both in the same location when the attempt was made

[Janna] thanks The Professor - love your new E

[TamRon400] Still looking 5.27 live and hot

[Janna] seeing in the chatroom talking about what Al said about that rate

[Janna] He didn't say the rate couldn't change.

[TamRon400] AL to verify--- Al has never said the rate can never go back

[Janna] Once it is live and hot, there is no turning back re: RV, but the rate could change

[TamRon400] there is no turning back per the RV the rate can still change

[Janna] That is all TK and Al have

[Janna] lots of rumor floating around

[TamRon400] that is all the info has over the weekend

[Janna] Rodney - ?

[Janna] Rodney is here

[TamRon400] Rodney next

[Janna] Saw some nice articles from WSJ relating to situation going on

[Janna] alluded to really some terrible times economically going on now in the world

[Janna] no coincidences

[TamRon400] some really troubled times economically

[Janna] Northern Africa, M.E. areas, a lot of turmoil going on

[Janna] interesting

[Janna] starting to read other posts in other forums

[Janna] websites, etc. links sent to Rodney

[Janna] talking about the RV of dinar and her thoughts based on her intel vs. facts that she knows

[Janna] global settlements - much bigger than that

[TamRon400] lady was talking about the reval of the dinar and her thoughts on it

[TamRon400] test

[Janna] war between good and evil

[Janna] every night before I go to bed I sit and try to analyze how this is going

[Janna] we want what is best

[Janna] what's right?

[Janna] we all want the truth

[Janna] why didn't it happen this time?

[Janna] When is it gong to happen?

[Janna] Why?

[Janna] wants to get to the bottom line - the truth

[Janna] thinks we are extremely close

[Janna] heard lots of really good intel

[Janna] hopefully we will be nice and wealthy and fat pigs come Tuesday

[Janna] we have some amazing battles going on between good and evil

[Janna] sooner or later God is going to hit the RV button

[Janna] What are we going to do with all of this stuff.

[Janna] Power struggle\

[Janna] Can't lose sight

[Janna] In American, EU, many other things

[Janna] totally relates to IQD RV

[Janna] you have to have great responsibility with the great power

[Janna] many have abused this power

[Janna] we have a future that looks real bright

[Janna] we have the next step to take

[Janna] God will push the RV button soon

[Janna] we will move forward

[TamRon400] it is up to us to move forward

[Janna] it is amazing that I never thought that I would be enlightened to many things

[Janna] like the famous works of the Professor, TK, Blaino, Okie, even Adam Montana

[Janna] we have a responsibility to know what is going on

[Janna] to be prepared to accept this gift

[Janna] talking about a movie of a boxer in the 1920's depression time

[Janna] great boxer fighting for survival

[Janna] we have to fight for our survival

[Janna] I think that afterward, if I said and only thought about myself and kept my head only within myself and watched the world around me

[Janna] Not to give up

[Janna] This RV is going to be an amazing thing for us

[Janna] If we think we are going to take our millions and run

[Janna] then we are greatly mistaken

[Janna] God has a bigger plan

[Janna] it will be a reboot

[Janna] an RV that will help clean the slate

[Janna] not just our own personal slates

[Janna] with the upmost respect to everybody on this call, wants to make certain that he isn't the only that is seeing this

[Janna] looking out for our country

[Janna] thanks and go RV for Tuesday

[Janna] Ray -

[Janna] thank everyone for trust biz coming in

[Janna] front page - trustsunlimitedllc - download the attachments - read, educate, prepare for your financial future

[Janna] don't be an equivilant of a lottery winner and be broke in 2 years

[Janna] they have calls every Tuesday and Thursday evening

[Janna] Don't wait to get your trusts set up - protect yourself

[Janna] Blaino -

[Janna] yes

[Janna] spent a lot of time in the last few days trying to track down intel, etc. - wish he had better answers

[Janna] status quo tonight

[Janna] hang in there - see what happens next

[Janna] best thing - keep your attitude positive and hope for the best

[Janna] Okie

[Janna] It was supposed to have happened at 2 am this morning (eastern)

[Janna] doesn't have anything else

[Janna] Regarding to Maliki and Allawi assassination attempt was Weds.

[Janna] Another attempt on Maliki yesterday - hurt his leg

[Janna] Okie has no other intel beyond this

[Janna] Okie thinks the Egyptian situation is making Maliki understand that his people want things to happen - have to succumb to external events

[Janna] pressure is great on Maliki

[Janna] last Thursday eve Shabibi signed off on the RV

[Janna] all of the political agenda - done - finished - nothing left to be done

[Janna] agenda

[Janna] - that is why we are short - it is there - are basically at the point of no return - nothing else to happen except for the RV

[Janna] UN rates something or other on Tuesday - Okie is unaware of any connection to this

[Janna] operational exchange rates

[Janna] to be posting on Feb. 15th

[Janna] Al asking Okie - told Maliki had to have papers in today to the UN

[Janna] people are saying the RV would be today

[Janna] do you think the 15th - would we see anything?

[Janna] Good question

[Janna] Open to play

[Janna] Okie's understanding IMF signed off on it last week

[Janna] Rodney told it is to happen tomorrow on Valentine's Day to spread the love (joking)

[Janna] Steve - was going to talk about the same stuff

[Janna] the operational rate of exchange will balance all of the world currencies

[Janna] this is their chance to do it

[Janna] coincidental

[Janna] 13th date was internal to buy off on the numbers to be published

[Janna] 15th date then rates externally given

[Janna] also aware that Maliki doesn't get it done, the Parliament will do a no confidence vote

[Janna] we are at the cusp

[Janna] a day, 3 days, no more than a week

[Janna] that is it

[Janna] Steve one more thing

[Janna] US dignitaries arriving today. Airplane with wealthy US biz man left Baghdad yesterday. Maliki out of hospital and having meetings

[Janna] No Q & A tonight

[Janna] Thank mods, admins, managers, scribers, MTT keep doing what you're doing and all of the GET Team.

[Janna] Sam closing prayer

[Janna] Amen

[Janna] Good night everybody

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Wow. What amazing B.S.! It's like MAD magazine these posts. So next should prob be "This just in... The G.E.T. Team is in iraq and are advising the government in which okie is the new pres. and okie is the P.M. . The new rate is 18.00". Can you believe these momos? It is silly, funny, stupid, and amazing all at the same time bc every time their "intel" is ripped apart, the excuses get more and more ridiculous. What also frosts my cookies is how some people can still be on their chats and kiss their butts like they really are in the "know". It is sad that they mentioned Adams name with these fake world of warcraft playing ,no intel having, unicorn riding lying degenerates. The rv will happen when it happens. We are all thrilled about our investment but please do not let your heart rate go up on these "chats". It will happen. Go Rv enjoy life ;-)

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I wonder if Adams going to be upset being included in the same sentence as TK and Okie? Wow.

EVEN Adam Montana ... like an after thought they raised him to their level ... even Adam Montana, like everyone deserves respect, even whoever ... Insulting, really insulting.


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Adam doesn't care, no disrespect but he will make money as long as this goes on. Just like other site owners that say they make nothing, doubt it. He might not want to be affiliated with these guys but these guys keep this going and people joining the site.

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Adam doesn't care, no disrespect but he will make money as long as this goes on. Just like other site owners that say they make nothing, doubt it. He might not want to be affiliated with these guys but these guys keep this going and people joining the site.

true!!! ill roll with that.

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