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  1. More offensive Bible talk...Mods....Please clear this up.
  2. BANE

    Sad Sad Sad

    I'm not negative but I am childish...
  3. Offensive material....This goes against the rules of the forum. Read them!
  4. I don't see what was so offensive to my reply to this gentleman....
  5. Exactly. I have recently been made aware of the rules of this forum. This whole bible thing is not allowed. Bible talk offends me and since we don't offend people here now that I'm aware of it I won't be posting controversial stuff here either.
  6. I don't know. As long as I get paid a $3.00 RV.
  7. Amen sister! This is my thinking as well.
  8. So don't confuse you with any facts....Your mind is made up. Isaiah 1:18 says to USE our powers of reason. The Bereons were COMMENDED for searching the Bible to find their answers. You say don't worry about it and just believe....Critical thinking goes out the window huh?
  9. I will gladly buy an American car now. All my life I was taught that American cars sucked. I am starting to come out of some of my father's teachings.
  10. Hilarious! I got voted down because I asked where does one learn about God! "christians" sure are something...Most vile people on Earth. Always wanting the big sky daddy to destroy other people. THEY are the terrorists today.
  11. And where does one learn about God from?
  12. I'll let Ebeneezer Scrooge sum it up best... "I don't believe in any cause, good fairies, or in Santa Claus so save your breath my little chickadees. No one's ever gonna get a cent from me." Yes my friend my heart must live in a freezer. I'm a miser and I'm so unfair. Well...Flattery won't get you anywhere...
  13. I would never have rebellion against the lord....IF the bible was correct that is... How can anyone hold faith in the bible when it contradicts itself MULTIPLE times?
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