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  1. Water under the bridge. I take a lot of pride in being a good father to my 12 year old stepson who I have raised since he was 5. I coach his baseball teams spend at least 6 nights a week at games and batting cages with him and I love every minute of it. He calls me Dad and I treat as my own. Then just last week I found out my wife is pregnant with our first so I am feeling very fatherly and it was just bad timing for the comment. I’m over it. I want to thank the DV members who understand that I’m not trying to be negative all the time. I know a lot of dinar investors personally and sooo many of them are buying more than they can afford. Some spent over 10k on reserves and others can’t even afford their mortgage payments and are going into debt to buy dinar. They all think that their investment is going to change their lives and they are banking on it. They are “All In”. They seem to have made this decision based on the crazy numbers, dates and supposed intel they read on various forums like KTFM, Peoples Idiots and DV. My point is, all I’m trying to do is make people think…..I realize I am very blunt and people usually don’t want to hear what I have to say but I do it with good intentions. I hope Keep and I are wrong and there is a lot less IQD in circulation. I hope it RV’s at 6.18 but logic tells me it probably won’t. I want everyone to get rich but I don’t like seeing people putting all their eggs in the IQD basket. I have decided to stop posting on the forum and focus on what I should be doing, running my business’. I have been spending too much time DV and getting too aggravated, these things are not good for business. I’m sure Keep, Jim13, Slade , Capike , ORE, Umbertino and others will keep everyone on their toes. They are all very well spoken and all come off less offensive than me. It’s been fun debating and I’m glad I got to meet a lot of you. Regards, Drunken Irish
  2. That sucks. This is a perfect example of why I try to bring people back down to earth. Emotional investing is never a good thing. I'm prettty sure if you took a step back and played devils advocate a little you would not have spent your money on trusts and corps until after the RV. If I'm wrong and there is an RV @ 3.22 there will be plenty of time to set up all your asset protection entities. My lawyers have assued me they can everything in place within 21 days if this crazy scenario should play out. On the other hand thought if I'm right and it LOPs then RVs at 3.22 or so there is no reason to form any of those entities. It would not be worth the money unless you are holding hundreds on millions of dinar. Don't do anything rash just do your home work peace DI
  3. I did buy a bunch before the new year. I guess even guys like me are susceptible to the pump I do believe 100% that I will at least double up which is not bad
  4. The idiot leading this call just said "we are absolutely positive it is going to RV at a 3000% increase" "3.22 is guaranteed" "We are in the week that it is going to take place" These guys sicken me
  5. Is the guy that starts the call named Dan Atkinson?
  6. According to gunner I'm gonna turn 30k into 210,000,000
  7. is poofness related to frank? another long post that essentially says nothing.
  8. I have heard nothing but horror stories about warka. I wish I had some advice other than try to get thru to a supervisor of some kind or Threatening to close your account may help speed things up. peace DI
  9. You have gone over the line bringing son into this. If you are ever n chicago look me up and we can settle this matter you coward They have never said they are deleting zeros from the exchange rate. They always refer to the currency
  10. I for one do not share any rumors because I think there are too many people that take them to heart and although I am not religious I do feel a moral obligation to stop the madness as opposed to perpetuating it. (run on) In addition I am very good friends with 2 bank board members that have given me info but I don't post it because I think it would be twisted like every other piece of info.
  11. I think they will do exactly what they have always said they plan on doing and LOP then RV. Removing 3 zeros Raising 3 zeros Deleting 3 zeros All = Lopping 3 zeros If they LOP then RV to the sadam era rate I will triple my money in 3 years. Not bad
  12. It won't RV this month. I am willing to bet if anyone is interested. Of course he can keep the dinar he has already paid for.. You think their gonna fly over and confiscate it?
  13. I for one am glad they are mia. Maybe some real debate and real news will end up on the forum
  14. NO. They didn't. The only people who made out on the KWD were investors who bought from money changers in kuwait after the invasion. Their official exchange rate didn't change.
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