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  1. worst tornadoes that i remember--and now the floods coming along the Mississipi river--predicted to be the worst ever
  2. am i reading this correctly ? 1 dinar to 1 cent---as oppossed to the normal rate of 1/10 of a cent the 15 minute delay chart is where i found this
  3. i heard positive news a few days ago from a mining friend of mine in Venezuela--knows international bankers--5.13 rate not confirmed--and i don't believe hardly anything until it actually happens
  4. 5 months of these lies and rumors---going fishing--play golf my investment might pay off--or not--do not worry about it anymore
  5. i don't see how a country can re-value their currency only " in country " and still have a world-wide recognized currency----imho
  6. thank you--a lot of wound up negative attitudes here--no sense of humor
  7. it is in the rumor section---makes as much sense as a lot of other topics lately sorry if my attempt at humor failed
  8. meet the writer of this topic in person--say what you just did-- NEWBIE
  9. hey : talk radio just had a soldier on from ft. bragg---they are going on 1/2 pay nothing about our government makes sense pinedale says HI
  10. i sent an e-mail to the central bank of Iraq---requesting info about the possible RV : they were vague of course with their response--" we know nothing " after 5 days of B.S. rumours " the RV is done "---this seemed like a good idea: then i starting hearing pinging noises on my laptop : called the Geek Squad to come over and fix it : they said " the C.B.I. has selected your laptop [ secret imbedded code in the e-mail ] " to be the very first person to announce the RV at a rate of #.**
  11. fantastic post--one of the best i ever read here---thanks
  12. fractional banking explains how they cover the cash-in :
  13. 25,000 notes will equal 1000 250 dinar notes, if they LOP---you don't lose anything
  14. i would imagine that the home page will have a fireworks show--lol
  15. since you are new here--then you don't know who Okie even is--an obvious pumper his predictions have never been right one single time
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