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  1. Too Funny. It really is hilarious when people just make stuff up like this. Been watching people do it for years now.. It gets old, naturally. But it will never lose its entertainment value. Keep up the BS.
  2. Just about summed it up Joe. That is the main reason why I almost never come on anymore.
  3. Too funny. I took a break from this site for a few months... just to see..... And I was right. I made a bet with myself ( and I bet myself $100.00) that when I decided to come back on here, that the first thing I would see would be another " it looks good for RI/RV at $-.-- for such and such date" from Okie. The guy is hilarious. Not only is that number nowhere near what it will actually be.. It's not going to happen for quite awhile. I give it until 2015-2020 until it happens. ASSUMING they dont introduce a new currency. In which case, this near decade journey for me would just be a wash. No, I'm not going to go into why it will take that long.. But it's not going to happen today, tomorrow, or next month. It is many years away. Many, Many years away. If you wish to know why, do a post search. You will see. But, regardless, good comical post.
  4. I think that they saw the " Lower demon set " for sale. The lowest note still available is the 50. is where you will see it when/if the lower denoms are released
  5. Where exactly do you see the lower denoms for sale? I just looked, and they are not there. Same ones as always
  6. I am willing to take your bet... Whats the wager? Nothing honestly. I did my own research. Thought it to be a good investment. Bought what I wanted, and stopped.
  7. Just in case you wanted the link.... Here it is!!!
  8. You would think that the ones making the loans would know this? Sadly, they dont.
  9. FYI, You need to be a VIP to use it... Need to be a vip to use it.
  10. $20.00, I dont think so. I post job ads on Backpage every week. They cost exactly $1.00. ( One dollar) per each post. At $20.00, nobody would use them. That is way to expensive. Almost as bad as AngiesList.
  11. Currency Exchange International in Weshshore plaza is the best. EXTREMELY cheap and Lee is very helpful
  12. Hows that kool-aid doctor? They are not conspiracies at all. They are fact. Read the timeline/history of the rockefellers and rothschilds. It will freak you out. But if you are not ready for the truth, I suggest staying in the box you are in.....
  13. I like that, lol. sounds like a fine cigar. Has a nice ring to it
  14. I have been telling people this for YEARS. Then I mention the Amero, and NWO, etc etc etc. I get the conspiracy theory card thrown at me. Yeah, well, all I can say to all of you that doubted me (not on here..But else where 15 years ago), is **** YOU!!! I told you this is how it would happen. Since this has happened, do you really think we can use both the canadian dollar and the USD? we could, but we wont. they WILL introduce a new currency in the future.. It will be the Amero. Go ahead Scooby Doo, say it isnt true. It is a decorative coin. Post the link to prove it. I will not argue with you on it. You can think what you want to. But, you will see that it WILL happen in the next couple decades Glenn Said this was going to happen on a show back in 2005 I beleive. boy, he got bashed for that one. But he was right.
  15. $151.00------ Thats right.. Im pulling the sneaky Price is Right move
  16. :blink: I think this might help you a bit... Click here Not trying to be rude. But I need some type of high-tech machine to decipher that post...
  17. Before you start... Yes, I can do my own research. I am more than capable. But its almost like a routine to get up and see his post with the results... The way he orchestrates it is awesome... Is he taking the day off?
  18. BanG, I wasnt insulting you. But the way that I read it ( and obviously it is very easy to take stuff out of context), it was a rude answer. Thank you for clearing up though. I wasnt trying to be rude either in replying to your post. Sorry if it came across that way.
  19. as most of us know, Technically it wasnt worth 3.20. I read somewhere ( I am trying to find it now) that the IMF estimated that the real rate should of been 1.14 ( or something around there). The 3.20 was an artificial rate set by saddam.
  20. So, I suppose that you are the kind that watches cnn, msnbc, cbs, etc? Good luck getting real news.
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