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  1. Was your friend wearing size 20 shoes and a big red nose.
  2. Don't know why anyone would buy from a dealer in the UK,when they can easily be purchased through a bank.
  3. The OP's post certainly is a lesson in common sense and reality.I've a feeling it will fall on deaf ears regarding the investors holding, a bible in one hand,a fist full of dinars in the other, and a head full of magic.
  4. It's known has a Pike in the UK and I've caught a few upper 20's in my time but 38lb would certainly be a PB.My only concern is why did you have to kill it.I only practice catch and release with any species of fish I may be lucky enough to catch.
  5. You need to enable google advertising cookie opt-out.That should stop them following you around the internet.
  6. However you dress it up with magical theories this is also the way I see this thing going.If they RV'ed to $3 after the lop this would then give the Iraqis 3 times their current buying power.I think this would be sufficient to appease them.Unless you're holding millions of dinar you'll be lucky to have enough to pay for a decent holiday from this investment.Obviously I hope I'm wrong but all logic seems to point this event occurring.
  7. The sentimentality on this site is nauseating.How do some people cope in the real world.
  8. I'm English and although my feelings are indifferent towards the Royals,I'm glad that things are not so bad that they have to get married in a registrar office.I'd be more concerned if there were persons in my country such has the crackhead waster Charlie Sheen getting paid $2,000,000 per episode for a mediocre sitcom.I think you've got bigger things to worry about.
  9. Is a prophecy that doesn't exist a rumour?
  10. I must of missed the RV.What was the rate.
  11. The way I see it is if these confidence tricksters were knocking on your front door and trying to sell you something while knowingly giving you false information,then I'm sure they would be looking at a court case.Does posting their lies under the guise of a rumour give them protection? Could it be considered has fraud.I'm sure it wouldn't be to difficult to investigate the start of the trail by targeting the gurus and their motives for repeatedly posting their disinformation.
  12. He that laughs last laughs the loudest.
  13. Websites have technical problems regularly.It's hardly a life and death situation.What's there to debate about it.
  14. I haven't quoted anything derogatory against the US and couldn't care either way but this type of mentality is American patriotism at its worse.
  15. You can never trust them Kangaroos,their always fabricating stories.
  16. Must have cost you at least 10,000.......dinar.
  17. Would certainly be a nightmare scenario being in the same room with all them scammers,conmen and bull shitters.
  18. Which is the lesser of two evils.Christian or Islamic fundamentalists.You should all be sectioned.
  19. Couldn't tell you pal.I'm English.
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