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  1.'re outta here
  2. and 2 years before that and 2 years before that TerryK :lmao:
  3. My brother just got back from 4 weeks in ME...Iraq, Kuwiat, Israel and Egypt. He is in banking industry and said that he's not heard or seen any evidence at any level in any of the afore mentioned countries that Iraq is close to RVing the dinar to any rate, let alone a penny, 86 cents, $1 or $3.22! Everything he has been exposed to says the banking system in Iraq is still in need of massive change....corruption runs rampant and the common citizen uneducated when it comes to banking sophistication such as electronics and world economics. The majority of these poeple have their hands full making
  4. here's more.....Faizullah: Budget 2013 will not see the light of day in 2012 13/11/2012 15:48:30 [-] Text [+] BAGHDAD (Iba) .. According to a member of the Finance Committee MP Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, that the budget 2013 will not see the light of the end of the current year and faces significant barriers make it difficult agreed to develop at a final 2012, pointing out: the adoption of the budget will be completed after Shahyran at least next year, he said. said iceberg God told the independent press (Iba): The holiday legislative almost at the gates of the House of Representatives will
  5. here's a current example of what I'm referring to....Deputy for Iraq: important laws will not see the light of day if the current situation remains in the House of Representatives Date: 11/14/2012 14:11:02 Wednesday Baghdad (news) .. According to a member of the of the Iraqi MP / coalition in Iraq / Fares Sunguri, that the laws broken in the House of Representatives will not see the light if stuck political blocs positions towards it. said Sunguri in a statement (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The laws proposed in the House of Representatives all important and affect the lives of citize
  6. Adam....only $12, not $120...well that makes it even worse. But you really didn't answer my question.....if the GOI thinks the poor can get by on $12 a month, why do you think they are willing to give them much more because of an RV. The $12 indicates they don't want to share the wealth....they are happy to see the poeople struggle just as long as they get theirs. We already know Iraq is one of the top 5 corrupt countries if not the top country based on the oil money pot they have available to steal from. What am I missing that you see or the behind the scenes actions you have access to that I
  7. Adam....Regarding the story stating that the GOI wants to eliminate the ration cards and just give cash to the citizens every month, they were talking about $120 per month is what they would get. My you see a government that believes $120 a month is enough for each citizen, RVing to a rate that would significantly increase the wealth of those same citizens? Seems to me the GOI wants to keep the big money for do you see this? GO GREEN BAY, BUT DON'T KNOW HOW WITH ALL THEIR INJURIES!
  8. :lmao: Obama got nothing to do with the RV, nor does Rockefeller or Rothschild. No RV for at least 2 years, but 10 is looking much more realistic. If you think it is going to RV to any significant amount (say anything over a penny) before Jan 1, your price and it's a bet. Don't make it too hard on yourself, I've won every bet (at least 20) to date regarding RV deadlines that have come and gone.
  9. I agree with a lot of the sentiment here....except the part where he says that if someone other than Maliki were in power, this would be over The country is fraut with corruption, Maliki is by no means the only crook in town. None of those so called leaders of the various 3 parties want to share the wealth with the other 2 parties. They want to keep it all for themselves. Each party is only acting in their own best interest. Unless the united people of Iraq stand up for real change, nothing is going to happen with the dinar. They've got real problems over there, like trying to stay alive fro
  10. NOT in 10 christmas's......sorry, but there will be no RV for a long time. Look at the facts..... 1. Maliki power hungry mad....wants to control GOI and CBI. Why would he RV to make the people better off financially. That would mean less control over the population, while he strives for more control every day. 2. Still no completely seated GOI...unbelievable 3. Still no HCL in place.....unbelievable 4. Still under chapter 7 santions.....ridiculous and unbelievable 5. Exxon wants out of Iraq.....why would an oil company want out of one of the biggest oil reserve spots on the planet? 6. N
  11. “6 reasons Obama will come for your guns” If you’ve been putting off buying guns and accessories, now is the time to do it. President Obama is clearly anti-gun and with no more elections to stifle his political will, he may decide to add “serious gun control” to his legacy. If you don’t believe President Obama will come after your guns, here are 6 reasons that suggest he will. 1. President Obama believes Americans want gun control. In a 1998 speech at Loyola University he said, “The vast majority of Americans would like to see serious gun control, it does not pass. Why does it not pass? It
  12. BAGHDAD (AP) — An Iraqi court on Thursday unexpectedly convicted the country's fugitive Sunni vice president on charges of instigating bodyguards to assassinate a senior government official and sentenced him to death. The verdict was the second death sentence for Tariq al-Hashemi in less than two months, and is likely to stoke further resentment among Iraq's minority Sunni Muslims against the Shiite-led government How do you "unexpectantly" convict some one????? This country is so badly in need of some real cleansing....problem is the whole region is living in the 10th century. Until they jo
  13. Adam....seems to me there is very little fact based evidence that the RV is going to happen this year. How much stock do you put into the belief that if an RV is going to happen, it will happen around the first of the new year? Happy Halloween.....Go Green Bay.....
  14. I've worked in Iraq, what. The Iraqis have been told many things for many years....and have been disappointed many many times. The Iraqis are no different than us...their politicians tell them whatever they need to tell them so they stay uninformed, complacent and defeated. For everybody who has been in this for years (5 or more) HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE HEARD THE RV WAS EMINENT OR HAS HAPPENED....TOO MANY FOR MY LIKING, WAY TOO MANY! For those of you new comers (less than 5 years) FORGET ABOUT IT. Stick your dinar in the drawer, live your life.....Adam will send you a text when the
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