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  1. I was unable to attend yesterday vip live chat,, will the transcript be posted somewhere? and where will it be?
  2. Loves Adam and Dinarvets. Each time I come to this site, my dopamine levels goes up. Makes me want to renews the dose every week lol
  3. The Thurquish people and even some Iraqi people must be mad about this news
  4. Do we know who is traveling with Kazzimi, what ministers? It could tell us what is going to be talked about.
  5. When you have a deficit as a country, you either have to borrow money or print new money. I think thats what the Iraqi are doing printing more money to cover their deficits. All countries with fiat currencies do that. I dont think its related to an RV. in fact its not such a good news as it lowers the potential RV price
  6. Hi Adam, I posted a comment last weeks about comparing the political situation of Iraq with the one In Liban some 30 years ago. Do you think that oil is the only thing that can prevent the same thing happening to Iraq that happened in Liban. At the time what broke up Liban is the power struggle between religious factions even if they were able to live together and share powers for many years
  7. I really hope that my insigth is wrong but IRAQ starts to look more and more like Liban looked some 30 years ago. There was a multi parties power sharing until the Esbolas demanded more powers and it degenerated into a civil war where christians were wiped out of the country
  8. I totaly agree. Great Article. It struct me that 15% of their hard currency is laundered. Can someone explain how the money is split from the 20$ a barrel. How much does Iraq get, the extracter, the exporter and so on what is the value chain?
  9. Maybe I should present her my 18 years old son that is driving me to drink also
  10. Adam, wouldnt it make sense for China, to invest now, when IQD is low, in IRAQI infrastructures and being payed later on management when the IQD raise to its potential value. If we think of 5 years to rebuild the infrastructure couldnt we assume then that the IQD will stay low at China request until its time to receive management fees?
  11. I've always likes the reinstate number at 3.xx but I would also see that price go all the way to 4.xx to be on par with their neigbourg
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