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  1. Adam is something big going to happen this month?
  2. Dude it is not a negative comment, it is honesty what is going on. I mean are you a millionaire yet? That is what I thought, I am just saying look at the big picture ... does the lotto give out the winning numbers the night before those numbers are called. Cash in your cult card and come back to reality for a moment.
  3. Guys come on, if they are printing this that means that they will most likely lop. Think about it. Why would they give investors a time frame to grab up their currency if they will revalue? I know we all want this to happen like a dream but we need to get out of our it can only RV bubble and look at the realistic picture. I hope I am wrong but I guarentee no RV before 2013 from what I know, like I said though I hope I am wrong. Understand for those that are new to all of this that many people post to get you to believe it can ONLY RV because they get compensated... Look at the big picture. (Hope I'm wong though)
  4. Adam, what is the deal with the CBI website? People are talking about the rate changing a little on the site. What does this mean right now? Currency float?
  5. What is your opinion on the three cycle process that will end toward the end of 2013? The article stated something that sounded like we will break even on our return. What is your thoughts on this?
  6. How many readings have taken place on the HCL law? Also, is there not going to be anymore discussion on Ch. 7 until June?
  7. We are screwed! The RV is not at the top of their list.
  8. What was the deal with that post about the RV being done? The interesting aspect was the fact that he remained in the chat for quite a while to bask in his glory posting for over an hour about nothing. Seriously guys cut out the B.S. it doesn't matter if it is Rumors, it is not the LIE for Fun section. Stupid.
  9. I think means they still need to vote on this which means we wait for a while.
  10. Adam thanks again, is there any truth to what Ranadlin (Spelling?) rumor post is that his friend heard there is a rate change or something coming anytime in a day or so. I do not believe it at all but you would know more than us. So again, any truth to that?
  11. Hey Adam what is the word on all this crisis stuff over in Iraq? How is this affecting our situation at the current moment, and do you think if it gets any worse we are screwed? Also, where are we currently in the HCL talks these days? Thanks man.
  12. pumpin it up a little late in the week aren't we? This is usually done on a WED son.
  13. Adam what info do you have other than pure speculation that this is even close to going down? Do you have any contacts that know anything. I have heard so many times something BIG is going down and it clearly never occurs.
  14. Adam what is your take on articles saying they are going to discuss making changes to dinar in January? As you know, when they say discuss in January it may mean in the next 6 months? Also, what is your take on the IMF article talking about discussing dinar? One more Question, what is your take on the HCL law being discussed next week? Does this mean they will make their first vote next week or just discuss one of three draft laws? Thank you Adam for all your help.
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