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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

A New In-Country Rate & An International Rate.


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Here's an article of Dinarian interests...

A new in-country rate & an international rate.

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opne.




Bruce The Goose:          We Have An In-Country & A International Rate.

ARTICLE:  We heard from our source, one of our contacts in Iraq, that one of our contracts - that not only do we have an international rate & an in-country rate - which are different – for Iraq - but we also have Iraq trading that rate on the Iraqi Dinar internationally in about they'll just give it about when markets close tomorrow.  Friday let's call it banks close around six o'clock - somewhere in that timeframe the Iraqi Dinar - the new Iraqi Dinar rate will be trading internationally & that we should see it here - we should see in the US if you're able to see state for trading purposes the bank screens on.


One of our very strongest highest banks & sources is saying that we will have our notifications by or before Saturday - this coming Saturday, two days away. And let's call it a day & a half away.



NOTE:  This is a Goose be very skeptical & verify.

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Here's another article related to the above...interesting read...




FROM OTHER SOURCES:          An “Exciting” Statement By Al-Sudani: How Will Iraq Double Its Non-Oil Revenues By 200% In Just Two Years?

ARTICLE: PM Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani revealed today, during a discussion session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, that Iraq has set a goal in a three-year budget to reduce dependence on oil revenues from 95 percent to 80 percent.


Achieving Al-Sudani’s statement requires raising non-oil revenues by 200% within just two years, which are the remaining two years of the tripartite budget, according to a digital analysis of the economic section in the “Baghdad Al-Youm” newsroom, amid questions about how to achieve this.


As of the end of November, Iraq had achieved revenues amounting to more than 121 trillion Dinars, of which oil revenues amounted to more than 112.6 trillion Dinars, while non-oil revenues amounted to more than 8.5 trillion Dinars, which means that the percentage of non-oil revenues constituted about 7% of the total. Revenues.


For oil revenues to be 80% of total revenues, non-oil revenues must be more than 24 trillion Dinars, which means doubling them by about 200% from their current number.


The Ministry of Finance’s accounts show that the bulk of non-oil revenues came from taxes on income & wealth, amounting to more than 4.3 trillion Dinars, which raises questions about how the government will raise non-oil revenues & whether it will impose certain taxes, which will consequently reduce the percentage Reliance on oil revenues.

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Here's another article of Dinarian interests...some more WTO talk.



MilitiaMan:        More WTO Talk.

ARTICLE:  Now you have 5 articles from the WTO, you have documents from the Central Bank of Iraq, 11 pages talking about metal coins?  Why would you be talking about metal coins/currencies & exchanging notes, counting them, mechanisms to do all that when you don’t have any?  1310 there’s no coins.   Then you see 5 articles about the ascension to the World Trade Organization…I’m pumped.  I’m excited about it.

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