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We Will Know Of The RV Before The Banks Do. OK.


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Here's an article of Dinarian interests...

This is our month.

We won't get out of March without this RV.

We will know of the RV before the banks do.

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opine.




 MarkZ via PDK:                      We May Know Before The Banks Do.

Question:  So is this the month? 

MZ: I very much think this could be our month, I do not have a magical ball…but going back to the Simply Linn bank story & remind you that bank manager said he does not know the timing but knows it's soon & we may know before they do.       [Reference MarkZ’s Simply Linn Bank story from 3-9-2024 below]




MZ:      Post 1 of 2                     Bank Story via Simply Linn: 

ARTICLE:   In a nutshell – a guy goes to a Chase bank & they know nothing…. 

He goes to another & sits down with a personal banker who asked him what assets he had… and the guy says he has foreign currency…Dinar & Dong…they bring in a wealth manager… Whose eyes light up & the wealth manager shared some serious details about exchanging & the QFS…they suggested to him to exchange out of his area for anonymity & security & to avoid local tellers talking about his exchange.



 MZ:     Post 2 of 2                     Banks Story via Simply Lynn:I   

ARTICLE:  I thought this was brilliant & I plan on doing that as well.  Not exchanging in my town.  Anonymity is a good thing to have. He also mentioned our funds go into special accounts…When the man asked if it was the QFS – the lady smiled & nodded & said it was account that no one else can see it…even tellers will not be able to see it.  Very safe…they also said they do now know “when” but know it’s coming soon & they have been preparing for it & equipped to exchange it right in front of your eyes& there will be armed guards while you do the exchange.  This was a fantastic bank story.




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