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Monday Early Afternoon Opinions @ 2:45 PM CDT - 5/29/2023 * Memorial Day


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REMEMBER, no one really  knows what will happen, or when.  They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... :twothumbs: RON 



Militia Man  You can't make this up...Lo and behold they come to an agreement to sort out the U.S. debt, and then now the next thing is we're seeing they [Iraq] are getting ready to sort out the 2023, 24 and 25 budget.


MarkZ   I did think we would have seen the budget yesterday. I have some sources over there that still say its done…they are still working on logistical things?  Over the weekend they are talking about lower denominations again. About the importance of lower denominations and the importance of digital banking. They are giving us all the information for those paying attention.  They are still educating people on the coming price change ...On the rumor side:  Some sources think tomorrow is still a “go” . Some think we will be in the banks before the 10th of June. No one knows the date or rate…but everything tells us how close we are. :violin::drunk:


Clare  Article: "After the recent amendments" .. Shafaq News publishes the 2023 budget bill" Quote: "According to the text of the budget...the financial revenues for this year are estimated at 134 trillion, 552 billion, 919 million and 63 thousand Iraqi dinars, by calculating revenues from exporting crude oil at a price of $70 per barrel and a daily export rate of three million and 500 thousand barrels and 400 One thousand barrels per day of the region’s oil exports, and the exchange rate for the dollar is 1,300 dinars."




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This is big news, if it's true. 

So far we only got nothing but Gurus claiming the Budget Law has been printed.

You would think a story this huge would be all over the Iraq news.  Just saying.

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25 minutes ago, cjdavid said:

I once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!


One day closer. 

Funny you mention Holiday Inn Express.  Just talked to a relative who stayed at one in Oklahoma this weekend.  Could not get Fox News or Newsmax on TV (channels scrambled).  Got CNN and MSNBC just fine.  Mentioned it to clerk at checkout, and she said "company policy."  Another woke corporation.

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