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  1. Awww man!...I thought the smirking fave was a give away to my sarcasm.
  2. So!...according to Frank...we should “know” something today!!😏😏😬😬
  3. I do hope it changes before I pass on. Every time,this time of year, the hype is up With all the predictiations (yea I know how to spell, just like to put it that way when it comes to the gurus) “It will happen on December 31st” or “on January 1st” hope it really is true this time for the peeps of Iraq’s sake. Can you imagine,( and if Brandon has his way It could be for the USA) what it would be like having worthless money???
  4. cjdavid


    Oh..and think Frank is a tv evangelist/healer in his other job. Spewing nothing but lies looking for the spot lights like the rest of them
  5. cjdavid

    Proof would think, if you are a normal person, that these gurus who spread the BS would actually be intelligent enough to save any creds they may have, would be able to post a link. Or make a movie of the bottom of the tv scroll. I mean you can learn most anything on youtubes. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ONE AND ALL!
  6. So I should be standing outside the bank like it’s Black Friday??? Cause I have never done that. No really...I..have..NEVER..done that.
  7. Thanks Ron! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, love and appreciation of still living in the Greatest country in the planet. We have much to be thankful for.
  8. Well Happy Birthday Smokey!
  9. It’s like the TV evangelicals...they never even make a comment that they were wrong. not saying Adam is wrong on this. He has never made any predictiacians as to date, rate, lower denoms etc. And THAT! why I am a member of this site since 2010!!!
  10. YOLO! Go out for will be paid for by the IQD!😏
  11. I have to believe that the “economic growth” is strapped to the back of a tortoise in the middle of the Iraqi desert. (As fast as this growth has been happening for how many years now?) three steps forward, five steps back!
  12. It won’t last another three years if things don’t change. I don’t have much hope in midterms…they know how to cheat the system on voting. Then you have imbeciles like the Rhinos that add to the concerns. TERM LIMITS!
  13. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 one would not have been enough!
  14. They have to at least make it match the dollar to get the USD out of their country in my opinion. (To start with)
  15. And...who do I give my Dinar to , to hold for me so they can exchange it for me? 😏
  16. That is a fine looking rig. Looks like you keep it clean. I am with you on the retirement if this hits.
  17. I for one am EXTREMELY!...excited. I am just waiting On The 3 steps back after the 2 steps forward
  18. I do not know this. I shall look for him on the tubes. Thanks
  19. I am not a basher, I just would like to hear what the real expert thinks/says about where we are right now. In Adam Montana I trust! Plain and simple to me. He talks the most logic in my mind. Though I do like to read Breitling. thanks Ron!
  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sometimes one 😂 is not enough!! and I am right there with ya!
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