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  1. I shall use the Google machine. Thanks Ron
  2. Ok, I have heard of “currency basket” for some time now. Is this really a thing? I just can’t believe that that sort of thing would exist. I mean why would any country put their sovereign currency in with other countries that could drag yours down? What am I missing?
  3. That is my concern..I have been holding for 15 years. Now 61. I hope to still feel well enough to have some sort of fun with a windfall
  4. Another day closer. Wake me up when it is time.
  5. No THAT!!! hitting the nail on the head! Seating it with one strike!!
  6. And to think...America is not allowed to bring its own crude up to the surface? For what purpose other than some people want America to become Venezuela! Which 90 some % do not want. We get what we allow.
  7. GREAT!!!… and here would be the 2 steps back after 3 forward…
  8. That sounds just like him!😂😂😂
  9. Where is Dinarthug when we need him??
  10. Can anyone tell me why anyone needs to be trained to spend money? I mean other than a budget. Are the citizens of Iraq really that foolish that they would not be able to figure out what a 5,10,20 or 25, 50, 100 what ever the denomination? Asking for a friend.
  11. Absolutely no way to ever have in country rate and outside rate. Not and be international. That is just silly talk!
  12. Oh Pimpy….the world economy is still in shock from the plandemic! The world economy does not care what the dinar comes out at unless your invested in it.
  13. Truer words have never been spoken. The globalists are starting to dance.
  14. So is this the big day?…or just Taco Tuesday still? I mean..there is nothing wrong with Taco Tuesday. I like Taco’s after all. I would just like to add Guacamole as a celebration!
  15. I think your supposed to say “asking for a friend”. Keeps you from being incriminated. 😀
  16. Thanks Ron! I appreciate all the time you put in finding these articles. Real or otherwise. Not wanting to sound greedy, I would not be happy and would not cash in @.15. Not when you realize they have to at least match 1:1 to get the USD out of use and circ in Iraq. I would get out of dept at that point but hold some til they go back I. The $3 range that is once was. And Middle East Pride, will get it there shortly after the 1:1 IMO.
  17. Donny Darko=poppy cock! If it RV’s on 2sday, it has nothing to do with the stars and planets. it does have EVERYTHING to do with the Sovereignty of GOD. NOTHING happens without GOD allowing it.
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