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Tuesday Night Opinions @ 9:30 PM CST - 12/14/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON 



** Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV update] FIREFLY: The news is saying Iraq reserves now are over $64 billion and they are saying to us they are awaiting a major decision by the United States of America which will have a significant financial increase for Iraq when this decisions is made...they are talking about Iraq's hard cash reserves in Washington D.C. FRANK: That's just $64 billion dollars from the USA.  That's not their gold.  That's not their other precious metals.  That's not their bonds.  That's not any of their other's way past that.


** Newshound Pimpy   There seems to be some interesting movements happening that line up for a possible RI and RV.  Now I don't go out and pump hopium up people's butts.  I just don't.  I keep grounded... but what I was pointing out is it definitely looks like the chances of an RV or an RI have increased once Iraq is removed from Chapter 7...If you look at some of the news article that are coming out can see what looks like they're preparing themselves for a rate increase.  I don't want to jump to any conclusions but it definitely looks like they're heading that direction.  Again don't run out and sell your house, don't sell your kids, don't sell your mother.  Calm down sparky.  We have been led down this road many times and it has led to a dead end but there definitely has been a lot of good news that's for sure.  


** Walkingstick  [via Frank26]  Walkingstick's friend that owns two banks in Baghdad came to the United States of America...because the CBI talked to him, 'Would you like to have satellite banks with us?  You've got this state [name withheld for privacy] go and do what you've got to do.' ...They came here to finalize the updating of the software in the private banks...IMO it will be functional in the next two weeks...this is part of the monetary reform phase...a lot of paperwork acceptance by the banks to accept MasterCard and Visa cards inside of these private banks...some of these 'satellite banks' have already done the's not for you.  It's for the Iraqi citizens that live wherever these banks are... [Post 1 of 2]. {Reposted for continuity}

** Walkingstick  [via Frank26]  When his friend returns back to Iraq he will have to meet with the CBI to report to them what he did with the uploading of the software in the satellite banks that he represents 'wherever' in the United States and it is said IMO the next meeting will be for the discussion of the new small category notes that are about to be distributed.  And wouldn't it be fantastic if at this meeting (or before) Walkingstick's friend was shown the currency sheet. That would be great.! [Post 2 of 2].




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6 hours ago, ronscarpa said:

** Newshound Pimpy  Again don't run out and sell your kids, don't sell your mother.  

Hey pimple ( i mean pimpy or whatever your real name is ). " don't sell your mother ". Say what? Are you out of your mind? have you been drinking or something? Did you realize what you just said? are you taking some kind of medication?

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