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Thursday Midnight Opinions - CST - 11/11/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON 



** Frank26 ** [Q? :Where are we?] ...the campaign that we told you would be marched out to the citizens is in full bloom...we're in the position where they're continuing the education to the citizens.  There might have been a little bit of a time-out today but it'll pick up probably again tomorrow and that was simply because of the nonsense [Assassination attempt on Kazemi]...I told you Iran was angry and they're causing trouble...


** Sandy Ingram ** Article: "Central Bank:  Move to open branches of Iraqi banks in Turkey The Central Bank of Iraq is in discussion to open branches of Iraqi banks in Turkey.  Does this mean we may be able to go to Turkey to exchange our Iraqi dinars




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4 hours ago, coorslite21 said:

Not sure about this "educating the citizens" claim....

A quick search on frank26 and this topic indicates he has been singing this song for some time.... including the Idea huge TV screens had been placed all over Iraq running educational loops on the change in value coming in 2019.....

JMO.    CL


Frank has his site looped.  It completely goes round and round.  Education of citizens, tv screens, changing values, deleting 000's, back screens, secret payouts for different tiers, boots on the ground, secret intel....all done with a remote from a old worn out blue couch.   :jester:

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10 hours ago, edbeach said:

Its too bad that the US FBI not able to step in and arrest Frank 26 for promoting all these lies which has caused people to buy the dinar on false pretense. I for one would be happy to see his ass put in jail for such nonsense he is pushing to the public.


Yeah I get it!   My thought is, this is a solid investment, and I fully expect it happen.  The problem I have is these guru's push people past their comfort zones, and put people in a very bad situation based on phony information.  The bigger problem is that it may not happen for quite sometime, and it hurts people that actually listen to these shysters!   We are all adults, so those that listen to these morons will get burned.  I do not belong to any other sites, and do not plan on it.  I am very comfortable here, and plan to stay to the end!    :twothumbs:  :moneybag:  :drunk:

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