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Democrat clown show

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The last political party to roll out 16 plus candidates squeaked out a victory with a no talent, loud mouth narcissistic adulterer as their champion.  Time will tell how it turns out.  Judging from the early playground attacks from the Right...their seems to be some nervous folks in Trumpkinville.  He did tune in on AF1 after all.  As always, just my opinion.


GO RV, then BV 

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One reason Trump emerged as a clear winner was his stance on issues near and dear to the center of America. Jobs, Immigration, Trade, and his willingness to fight back against the press, the Democrats, and even the establishment within the Republican Party.


The Democrats are moving in the opposite direction, namely off the cliff of Progressive Ideology. They have moved away from the Blue-Dog Democrats and are running towards Totalitarianism, Facism, Socialism, Racism and every other 'ism' that is contrary to American ideals.



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You know the insane Democrat left Socialist Party is scared to death about these elections when you go to YouTube and you cannot find the full democratic debate that happened last night. Only segments of it. Guess it's just some of that censorship from Google. Welcome to the Democrat socialist dictatorship.

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10 minutes ago, pokerplayer said:

Good Morning my Road Warrior friend.


Worst part is its true. I believe that they truly want to destroy your country.


Be safe out there today. Nutbars abound.



Yes, and for some reason they actually I think the majority of America is with him. This is probably our greatest asset in this battle because the majority of America is not communist.

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