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Breaking...Sometime Today Is The Day...Over Six Gurus Concur.

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Window closedown it’s a very chilly night here on the old Chisholm Trail! All the cows bedded down chewing their cud!!! Horses in barn!! No autumn this year 80* to 37 in one day with blowing wet north wind just the way I like it . Windows closed! 🐂!

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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi says...
      All these Gurus are in total agreement.
      CBI will release the new int'l rate sometime today.
      It will be public for the entire world to see.
      Take these Guru with a grain of salt.
      Not varified. Your opine.
      9-26-2018   Newshound Guru Dan...  
      1. Anonymous: The 800#s would be posted tonight Sept. 25 between 12 to 1am EST.
      2. Dan: Dates for GCR/RV release may have changed due to shenanigans of US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, though it was still felt that 800#s release would happen before the end of the month and looked very good for this week.
      We awaited release codes, hopefully today on Sept. 25. Secretary of the US Treasury Mnuchin was caught holding up the RV and as a result by Sept. 24, Mnuchin was no longer in control of the US Treasury. He was being left in office until he either stopped cooperating with the Alliance, or was indicted.
      3. Intel Report: On Sept. 26, 2018 morning President Trump was scheduled to appear at the UN Security Council, while in the afternoon Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa would speak at the UN General Debate. Sources believed that the GCR/RV would begin just prior to Mnangagwa speaking at the UN; he would announce the new posted RBZ rate and GESARA would fall into place.
      4. Dan: Enactment of GESARA Law disclosure at the UN could happen on Wed. Sept. 26. POTUS wanted Tier 3 and 4 people to begin their exchanges before the end of fiscal year on Sun. Sept. 30. The general public of Tier 5 would not exchange until the next fiscal year, which would begin Oct. 1.
      5. TNT: We would not get out of this month without this happening.
      9-26-2018   Newshound Guru Militiaman...
         Article:  "Continue preparations for the reconstruction and economic development summit"   Quote:  "The summit will be a conference on the sidelines of the Golden Opportunity Exhibition to meet with the world's largest companies and investors looking to work in Iraq as well as international organizations"  Sounds like the green light was given?  Those that are asking for help have been shown evidence of the ability of those participating in Iraq, now... Imo... I mean that there are already international firms in Iraq, even very large ones competing for major contracts, that are above and beyond those out of the conference in Kuwait lined up in February, if not working now or were already?
      9-26-2018   Intel Guru Bruce...
         Finally we are at the point what is going on Iraq is accomplished. What that means is that for once we got Iraq agreed to do everything they need to do...and they just need to make their rate known internationally.  The word is they are supposed to do that tomorrow [Wednesday] for Iraq for the Middle East and we are suppose to learn about it on Thursday.  ...Most of the banks have gone dark, gone quiet...Occasionally we get one or two things from our bank contact that gives us pretty good idea on the is just a matter of time. We are right where we need to be, and I look forward to shortly what should be happening.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi asks...Could today be the day?
      This day is not over yet.
      8/8/2018 Randy Post...
       Dr. M. J. Randy,    Iraq military generals yesterday stated, "On August 8th we will revalue our currency!" Let's hope they are correct. This will help Baxter find his dime. 
      Clay   lol 
      Dr. M. J. Randy,   After 15 years what's another day? 
      Foxmulder    Clay am i reading this correctly ! Iraqi Generals ? 
      Dr. M. J. Randy,    Ti
      Dr. M. J. Randy,   Yes. It appeared on recaps. 
      foxmulder   not sure the military has a whole lot of insight into the banking, and the inter workings of the central bank.

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