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  1. No, I was swearing the whole time,lol. And for about five minutes after I posted!
  2. Gee how's that working out for you? Bunch of corrupt foot/knuckle dragging inept thieving lazy bickering shoe throwing double talking piss poor excuses for statesmen. 10YL+6 and counting, did I leave anything out? these guys actually give politicians a bad name. im only gonna ask once, please please, do something good for your country and people? I mean, you know, after your friggen 30 day vacation.
  3. mr.unlikely


    King Bean isn't Luigi Italian for legit?
  4. 10 that's what I've been thinking since the end of last year. I actually told a buddy of mine who is also invested last December that 2020 was going to end the year. From everything that I had been reading and the language that they were using, 2019 wasn't part of the conversation. I can wait. Just took a position with a new company And I'm digging the new gig. I'm hoping it's the best job I ever had to quit, lol. that said, it wouldn't break my heart if it happened tomorrow.
  5. ’Surprisingly’ I Found Her Working At A Carnival ! And Don’t Knock It - Her Exquisite Cotton Candy Hair Is Both Incredibly Tasteful As Well As Tasty ...    Funny I would have started from the other end.
  6. Bought some dinar Under the premise that it would revalue tomorrow Lost a bunch on reserves Left a bunch under the matress Started reading all the guru lies Had to take a break I almost went nuts Thug brought me back to reality and I'm feeling much better, thanks.🤡
  7. More like Donatella duck
  8. JG1 you hit the nail on the head. That's nucking funny!
  9. Hey buddy! Eyes up here! Quit looking at my budget and watch where your going. Sheesh! If they don't watch where they're going they might fall down and get stepped on by a camel toe.
  10. Ain't that the truth! Sometimes I find myself yelling at my iPad after reading some of these articles. It is truly the comments that come afterward that keep me smiling and laughing and semi sane. Side note, I mow the lawn for a couple reasons. 1) to check and see I found I still can. 2) I could pay the kid down the street to do it but I'd have to mow it just to show him how to do it right. 3) been mowing the lawn since I was 7. Sometimes it just brings back memories. Mow the neighbors lawn for 10 bucks, candy money for two weeks.
  11. 10YL I am. In the spirit of America, I am catching up on all of my house projects, lol. Also doing some bbqing and a small amount of drinking. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Enjoy the holiday and best of the weekend to you and yours. That goes for the rest of the crew at DV. You all remind me of the brothers and sister I never met, but hope to some day. Cheers and when I'm mowing my lawn, I'll be thinking of you, lol. Enjoy life today because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
  12. mr.unlikely

    Go Iraq

    And then and then and then and then I heard green spiderwebs and they were telling me to stop standing in my cheerios and oooh look butterfly! So then Delta told me to pull over and I said but I'm sleeping an oooh look cloud! So I called running twig and he varified cause he told me something that made it all add up. When the sun and the moon come up over the mountain, go to 7-11 and get a big gulp get back in your your your your, what's the and get Delta on the radio and oooh look , gecko. Oh man hehehehe this is gonna be so big, I'm gonna be able to buy so much paste I won't have To go To the grocery store for a month. Drops the Mike and walks off. this is the guy people follow to get the lates dinar news? All of can say is holy crap! I'm LMFAO! Keep it coming Frank. The couch is blue cause it's holding its breath too!
  13. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That cracked me up. What a dumbass. I bet that started with the words " hey I got an idea". one well placed bottle rocket ended that nonsense and sent his butt to the ER. I bet he never does that again. Next time he'll use an M80.
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