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  1. Mornin DV hope everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed. I for one, am not. I like the fact that the auction numbers are trending lower. Let's hope that this continues. As I recall (and I suffer from CRS) they stated not too long ago that they were going to adjust the exchange regime by the end of June. Heres to a speedy, or not depending on how you look at it, change of value in the dinar, to the upside. My retirement starts at 5 cents anything after that is fluffy pony. Good day everyone and remember, if it looks, smells and tastes like a turd, make sure you don't step in it!
  2. Hmmm. Okay they asked which currency they wanted to use to check out. They told the hotel guy/gal I want to use my Iraqi dinar. The hotel guy/gal says okay no problem which credit card do you want to use? so, what, they put the bill on their credit card in dinar? Really? I believe them cause after I saw a monkey fly out of my butt, I will believe anything.
  3. Jg1 I think that we're all getting tired. I got ya by a couple years and boy am I ready to live La vita Loca. I have learned so much since joining this investment and I'm confident that while the Iraqi citizens will only get to enjoy purchasing power in the form of smaller denominations, our notes must be honored at face value. In fact the CBI put out more than one article stating that that was going to be the case. that is why there is so much opposition from the corrupt in Iraq. When this thing happens, they lose their leverage, the auctions stop, transparency and digital accounting are implemented and hey can move to an open market society. The world wants this. Follow the IMF. Go visit the Berttlesmann and Siftung website and you can pull up the latest Iraq country report. It states that the dinar value to be around $1.70 at the end of 2017. This will not be a neutral event for us. Also keep in mind that the United States came in and took their exchange rate from around 2.00 USD down to 3000:1 overnight. It can be adjusted back the other way just as quickly. I believe the corrupt within the government are holding this up but that will only last so long. Pay attention to all of the measurable positive news coming out of late and try to be patient. That's the hard part, lol.
  4. jg1 in curious, what makes you think that? I do agree that the people of Iraq will not get the windfall that we will. In country IMO, will be note swap. The CBI will adjust the exchange rate and introduce lower denominations , give everyone in the country a specified amount of time to swap out their notes through the banks, which means getting a bank account and an electronic credit into their accounts that will equal the USDollar value of the notes they hold. They will then Be allowed to withdraw lower denoms from the ATM's or at the teller window. They won't lose any money or make any money. It will be a neutral event. They get purchasing power in the new notes that they will be using. The three zero notes will be phased out. We will never see those small denominations but the bank will homer the notes outside the country at face value. We take them to the bank for exchange and get out electronic credit into our accounts minus taxes and bank fees and the banks will hold those bank notes as reserves. If it comes out at 1:1 and then rises from there the Iraqi citizens will get increased purchasing power which is great for them Theere is no way that the people of Iraq could see the windfall that we willecause the in country float needs to be maintained at around 25 to 30 billion USD equivalent circulating daily within the country. At face value 1:1 would see an increase of in country float to 25 to 30 trillion USD equivalent. That is absolutely not going to happen. It can't happen. The value realized outside the country only strengthens the currency as people/banks will Be holding it as a store of value. If banks start sending t he dinar back to the CBI for exchange the CBi can just reduce the note count as they're collect the incoming dinar, which also strengthens the currency by making the remaining notes more valuable. Remembe also that banks exchange for less than the actual value ie. the spread charged so they always get more than they give. I like where we are right now and hopefully within the next six months they complete the currency reform so that we can all get off of this ride. jg1 hang in there, our time is coming.
  5. What? They thought that digging themselves out from under that old school Sharia law way of thinking was going to be easy? To the hardliners that is called losing. The wheels of progress keep churning away, albeit slowly. These boys got a lot of wood to chop. I hope they substantially raise the exchange rate as a first step on implementing this plan of industrial expansion. Great article 6ly410. Gives us a glimpse of what they are up against. The sad thing is, if they could get the right people to do a little bit of actual work, these industrialists would do the rest. All parliament has to do is clear the road for these guys and it's game on. in the mean time what do we do?? Exactly! We wait. If you want to know when, you'll have to ask 1 0 Y e a r s l a t e r! O O N
  6. Laid back there is a good chance you're right. The FML is what drives the exchange rate and monetary regime. That has been legislated, or so we've been told, and now we're waiting on something else. What that might Be is anyone's guess. Let's wait and see what happens cause, well, I mean, It's like, you know?
  7. NYK not sure I agree. If The dollar tanks, China stands to lose a lot of money. That's the last thing they want. They need our dollar strong versus theirs. That's why they keep devaluing it against the USD. And there is a LOT of freight that is way to expensive to move by air. Trains can move cargo cheaper than any other means of transportation, and it doesn't matter if the dinar is pegged to the dollar, that just its measure of value. I'm sure China would have no problem taking them in exchange for goods and services. China has been on this trajectory for several decades. Our media spins the narrative that they are trying to crush the United States. Heck we are their best customers. It makes no sense to do that. Bottom line is, they are frugal and very pragmatic. Our government can't get out of their own way in their attempt spend all of the wealth of this country and put us in debt for friggen ever. sorry about the little rant, just sayin. Don't believe the narrative that's spun on TV.
  8. Great article Blueskyline. It's been posted for three hours and crickets from the DVCommunity. This is a great article that pretty much spells out what went wrong and what needs to be completed. It's parliament that holds the keys to the kingdom. They will be the ones who allow the central bank to raise the exchange rate. Not Trump or Rayrat or anybody who lives in Reno. I just wish they would get on with it already. Been at my new job two days and I'm tied of it already, lol. At least it pays well. BSL keep bringing it and have a good evening.
  9. BBoop is that guru crystal you have been inquiring to? Lol. As long as it doesn't give you an 800 number to call, I'm all in with its prediction. Have an awesome evening and Go CBI!
  10. I’ll Go Mahdi it’s your birthday. gonna party like it’s your birthday gonna sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday and you know we don’t give a phuque it’s not your birthday!
  11. mr.unlikely

    Go Iraq

    Im with Zul in this one. Shabibi showed that he can make adjustments any time he wanted to, but a law is needed to change the exchange regime ie note swap due to increase in purchasing power requiring smaller denominations of currency and all of the things that go along with it. If they come out at one to one. the existing notes wont be able to be worth face value in country cause it would blow up the M2 to astronomical proportions. I know what you are thinking, sounds like im talking lop. Think about it though the in country float cannot go from 20=30 billion dollars to 20=30 trillion dollars. The float value must stay the same therefore the people in the country get purchasing power. Us investors will get the windfall when we exchange at face value, our bank notes at a bank for our local currency. great for us bummer for them although coming out at a lower rate initially does leave some room for gains in country if they exchange everyone at the lower rate then go from say 1:1 to 3:1. Anyway just thinking out loud its early and my coffee hasnt kicked in yet. GM DV and have a great day
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