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  1. Im sure this is just a coincidence that the cost of goods went up by 20% after devaluing the dinar by 20%. Like when the dollar drops in price and the cost of a barrel of oil goes up in dollar terms, just a coincidence. devalue the dinar domestic goods become more attractive to consumers cause they are cheaper, except that they are still on the dollar standard soooo, all goods imported and domestic will rise with inflation forced by the manipulation of the dinar vs. the dollar. Doesn't take an economist to figure this shiite out. Question is: Now what are they going to do about it?
  2. I dont give them enough credit to be that smart. I wish that I thought they were. This smoke and mirrors is just smoke being blown up the petunia. Remove corruption and the greedy punes from the process and Maybe we get some movement in value.
  3. rvmydinar the rate of exchange at 1600:1 is $.000625/1 IQD. drop the zeros and you are at $.625/1 IQD. The exchange after dropping the zeros from the nominal rate of exchange becomes 62 cent or about 1.61 dinar/USD.
  4. LB I agree. The question is what direction will the rate of exchange move? We all see, plain as day, what direction it needs to go but what does parliament and the CBI see? Im not getting that warm fuzzy feeling reading all of this gibberish. I am however rooting for 1:1 right there along side of you. Go Baby, Go!
  5. I have come to the conclusion that everyone who runs the country of Iraq, including the independent Central Bank, are a bunch of booger eating Morons. The dollar has hit its lowest price point in two years and is sinking like a stone. Now The CBI wants to devalue their currency against a depreciating dollar? Thats a 18% decrease from where its at now. When the dollar falls more, increase that loss of value. Glad I bought a ton of XRP at .22, I wont be looking for any windfall from this venture anytime soon.
  6. It is my understanding that the notes will be honored at face value for an extended period of time. So, if the rate is 1 dinar equals 1 dollar then a 25K note will be redeemable for 25K minus exchange fees, bank fees, taxes etc.
  7. So Parliament is pregnant with a law? I wonder if this thing goes full term or if it will be just another miscarriage. We should know in 9 more months. Sad thing is, they probably don't know the father. The whole world is changing faster than you can say ah snap! and these guys just keep stumbling around trying to have an idea baby
  8. Much funnier now than it was then! Half crazy runner my wife says 10 year old. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.
  9. Pitcher good article. It's about time that Iraq does this. The Sanctions on Iran seem to be showing signs of paying dividends in Iraq. If Kazemi can take advantage of the weaknesses of Iran's Militias without Solemaini and Muhandis and unite the forces he has under his control already to stand against the meddling of the Iranian Mullah regime, Maybe Iraq stands a chance of regaining full control of borders and the corruption will subside to a level that is manageable. As far as revaluing the currency, I'm not sure if that makes any difference since that is controlled by the Central Bank and to some extent, the ministry of finance. That's a whole nother level of corruption that needs to be dealt with. I would say that things seem to be going in the right direction. DV, good morning from beautiful Fort Hunter Liggett.
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