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  1. So Parliament is pregnant with a law? I wonder if this thing goes full term or if it will be just another miscarriage. We should know in 9 more months. Sad thing is, they probably don't know the father. The whole world is changing faster than you can say ah snap! and these guys just keep stumbling around trying to have an idea baby
  2. Much funnier now than it was then! Half crazy runner my wife says 10 year old. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Pitcher good article. It's about time that Iraq does this. The Sanctions on Iran seem to be showing signs of paying dividends in Iraq. If Kazemi can take advantage of the weaknesses of Iran's Militias without Solemaini and Muhandis and unite the forces he has under his control already to stand against the meddling of the Iranian Mullah regime, Maybe Iraq stands a chance of regaining full control of borders and the corruption will subside to a level that is manageable. As far as revaluing the currency, I'm not sure if that makes any difference since that is controlled by the Central Bank and to some extent, the ministry of finance. That's a whole nother level of corruption that needs to be dealt with. I would say that things seem to be going in the right direction. DV, good morning from beautiful Fort Hunter Liggett.
  4. Okay it's June 1st😷 I just can't believe that it didn't happen! WTF? Those guys all said it would. Oh well, at least I have that ocean front property in Kansas to look forward to. What a steal! It only cost me 2 Bitcoin. It looked so cool in the online brochure. I can't wait to see it in person. I so cited!
  5. Kazemi is Mr. Empty Pants. I kind o feel sorry for the guy. He stepped into a steaming, fly infested pile of Camel dung. If he has it tested I think he will find Malikis DNA.
  6. country_report_2020_IRQ.pdf Good morning DV. I finally got a hold of the 2020 country_report_2018_IRQ.pdfBTI transformation index report for Iraq. I was hoping that, like the 2018 report, This report would provide a reasonable value for the Iraqi Dinar. I have gone through the report but It doesn't appear as though they included their valuation for the dinar as they have done in years past. In the 2018 report, BTI had valued the dinar at 1.71/USD. I encourage you all to go through this report to see if I missed the tell. Look in the banking section. In the 2018 report the dinar value was in the banking and forex section. I am trying to attach both files here for your review. I appreciate the feedback guys and gals. Let me know what you thing. Adam, any thoughts? Thanks in advance all and Happy Mothers Day.
  7. I've always wanted to vacation in Paris😈
  8. sounds to me like they are going to open up the auctions again so that the money laundering can continue and the GOI will use that to bring the rate back down to the program rate. It seems like the easiest way to pump a lot of USD back into the market. It also gives the appearance to their people that they are 'working real hard' to reduce the exchange rate when all they have to do is change it. IMO if they reopen the auctions and go back to the exact same rigmarole, they have wasted a huge opportunity to make a structural change in the currency regime and their, our, window of opportunity is going to close. If 20 dollar per barrel doesn't dislodge these criminal f---tards, I'm not sure anything will. I swear it would take these knuckleheads three tries to get a yes or no question right. Sorry DV not trying to be a wet blanket, but these mooks are grinding on my last nerve. Where is 10 years later? I miss his rants. They always make me laugh. Mostly cause he's right and I think about what he might say if he wasnt sugar coating it out of respect for all of the members here,and the rules of the forum, lol.
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