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  1. Apparently financing terrorism is a great achievement. Things that make you go Hmmmm! Friggen Iraq
  2. WOW from 60 billion to 62 billion in six months. that aint a bad wage from anybodys standpoint. The CBI is raking in around 4 billion a year profit, just from middlemanning the money. what a racket.
  3. Mahdi wants to provide ministries in a single payment, in installments. " Okay im going to announce you guys all at once, one at a time, So get over here and line alphabetically, according to height.
  4. Jaybake if that were true we would all be saved. However God is not a minister in the GOI nor is he a member of parliament. These people are corrupt and evil and they are the ones who will make this happen, or not. Pretty sure God has left that building, probably hanging out with Elvis in Blue Hawaii,
  5. thats the biggest Ipod ive ever seen he must be able to put a lot of music in there.
  6. mr.unlikely

    Go Iraq

    There once was a man from Iraq. He had desert sand stuck in his crack. He went to town with a frown, where they hosed him right down Now he's gonna get a shaved back. Man, I shoulda went. I might have won something. I had a ticket but couldn't get the time off. Oh well, there's always next year.
  7. Yeah but the 900 # is a lot more entertaining and my contacts tell me they take dinar and Bitcoin.
  8. Not good for our investment. Bad for stability and security. Iran has a million man army. You know those Mullahs will look at every battle lost as an excuse to escalate. I hope this isn’t another downward spiral into some long drawn out conflict that undermines our position In Iraq. With Iran’s already strong influence in Iraqi politics, I’m not getting a good feeling about how this will affect the restructuring of their exchange regime. Looking more like another long delay and American soldiers lives being put at risk and for what?
  9. I'm thinking we won't have to worry about him reproducing any time soon.
  10. KB beat me to the punch. The friggen government is the biggest obstacle that I can see holding this thing up.
  11. This is just one of many needed forums on banking reform. It certainly won't be the RVTrigger, as there has not been nearly enough meetings and discussions on this matter, not to mention several committees elected to discuss the need to have a banking reform committee discuss the much needed reforms that will Ben necessary to actually take the international stage. I do predict, however, that, in the coming days, we will see many more discussions on this matter. Seriously though I feel it doesn't happen by end of Q2, I'll be looking to 2020 before we see any significant change in the exchange regime. Heres to hoping I am 100% wrong, in a good way. Good article Botz, thanks for bringing it over
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