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From what I have read, he turned is bs over to his brother (as we all know) and he is not allowed to have anything to do with any type of investments, or anything like the dinar. Like that matters, I'm sure he is working with the brother to defraud people. We just won't be hearing about tony standing outside the bank eating hotdogs waiting to cash in anytime soon.

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Seems there is an ongoing curiosity on this individual. With the help of google this is what I found.



He is #       68723-097   in the system.



Also a site called truthcall covers a variety of different issues.  Quite a bit available on the person in question at the link below if you want to take the time to go through it.

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Most of the gulag camps were located in Siberia and the Far East, where prisoners labored in mining, forestry, or building infrastructure like roads. The gulags quickly became infamous for their harsh treatment of prisoners.


I had to look that sharing with others


You nailed it 10 years

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