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  1. Ah, learning well from the western governments I see. Robbing Peter to pay Paul? I can't even remember how many times I have heard that the Iraq government doesn't have rights to the CBI reserves. If they don't make some serious changes soon, they will dwindle this reserve to nothing.
  2. Is this another "translation opposite off what is meant"? Because lifting the dollars exchange rate against the Dinar is not what I want to see. I want to see the Dinar lift to the dollar. I'm hoping that's what they're trying to say.
  3. Who is buying said cars I wonder? Can't imagine the average Joe can afford a car with their economy. Hmmmm, maybe they'll be able to afford cars this year...praying.
  4. From what I have read, he turned is bs over to his brother (as we all know) and he is not allowed to have anything to do with any type of investments, or anything like the dinar. Like that matters, I'm sure he is working with the brother to defraud people. We just won't be hearing about tony standing outside the bank eating hotdogs waiting to cash in anytime soon.
  5. He is under house arrest. I heard its for quite some time, but house arrest.
  6. OMG, I forgot about anything that big. What a turd, but I still laugh when people say that he's sure of it this time. I don't get upset. We never freaked out back then and I won't now or in the future. Rumors are rumors.
  7. BS or not, I don't mind your posts Luigi. I remember back in the day this rumor section was all guru posts. Oh heck, I think Okeli-Dokeli posted the RV of over $5 almost every other week. This section should be labeled for entertainment purposes only because you've never been able to believe it, but some of us just get a chuckle out of these jokers and their made up Intel. Here's to the plane landing, the space ship lifting off and the pigs flying! Cheers!
  8. It's funny that they deny it in that article, yet it's on the CBI site. Makes me think what is in print coming from Iraq can be trusted about as much as any guru. I guess I've always known it, but now, it's no doubt that I will trust nothing until I see it on CBI, Forex AND get my email from Adam.
  9. Next we will hear all about how Tony is camping outside the local WF again chowing down on hot dogs waiting to cash in. Oh how I've missed a good bank story. Feeling a little nostalgic.
  10. yota691, Where did you find this? They still are showing as "nr" on the S&P and I want to show this to someone. Did you have to purchase the report from Moody's? That's what it's asking me if I want to do when I go on their site.
  11. I'm still trying to understand all of this, but can someone help me? They say that the dinar rose a little bit and gave 1240 as a rate, but CBI shows 1166. What is the 1240 they are talking about? I'm so confused, thanks in advance for any help
  12. If they would just stop talking about it and do it. After a short 5 years on this crazy train, I'm ready to see the final destination!
  13. I really hope this is correct Hairball! That would make everyone's day I'm sure.
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