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  1. I would be happy to fill out a tax form and pay taxes on the spot - Just let the RV happen.
  2. And so it goes on and on and on. I am starting to catch up in age with Ron S.
  3. Very up lifting update today. Thank you Adam, and Happy Easter and Passover to all.
  4. I read today in L.A. Times that Abadi is presently third in the elections, and Sadr is is now the front runner. The full tabulation of votes have not been counted as of this posting. My opinion is: If Sadr becomes the new Prime Minister, our investment is "toast". What is the opinion of other members?
  5. Sigh: Nine years and counting…tick tock, tick tock…
  6. The Shofar horn is blown to herald in the Jewish new year, which starts this week. Once a year Frank and Andy get it right when they blow the Shofar.
  7. Dear LadyGrace’sDaddy: I have always wondered what you meant by “SUDDENLY”, and have just assumed that it was a way of saying that the RV could happen at any time. However, I have no clue what you mean with the added phrase to your posts, “PRAY FOR REVIVAL EVERDAY”. Can you share your secret?
  8. Give me a break, your above this Skull. When Bush (George W) was president," they" (still have not figured out who "they" are), said that internment camps were being set up in Montana and the Dakota for dissidents. Speculation, speculation - Vodka rumors.
  9. Sounds like I should cash out and buy Lotto tickets. What the hell, the odds seem even.
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