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  1. Yeh...and yesterday I just took the training wheels off my effing bicycle!
  2. I don't believe any of this shiht until I hear it coming from Okie or Tony!!
  3. What prison is Tony in and is he excepting gifts? I have a fileee....errrr...uhhh...I mean cake I would like to send him.
  4. Is this true??? I doubt it, but it sounds just as good as the other daily lies we have been listening to the last 5 years regarding the Dinar!
  5. Easy, I'll tell you why. Because Tony conned the judge into buying some dinar himself from Sterling.
  6. LOL .... Keep hope alive. Trump says Iraq is a Dump. A few years ago Gurus were talking out their azzzes about how Trump was invested in the Dinar as if Trump broadcasts in investments.
  7. Christin Leguarde says only 5 currencies in backet!!!...China Yuan added along with Euro, Yen, US dollar and british pound! No stinkin dinar like dirty rotten lying gurus claim!
  8. When has Iraq ever done anything they say they are about to do??? They have been blabbing about this stupid terminology called "deleting the 3 zeros" for the last 5 years. They look like imbeciles.
  9. Its true! What do think Tony is...a liar or something ??? I just cashed out all my dinar at a $21 rate. Just got off the phone ordering 100,000,000 more dinar!
  10. Iraq is always "about" to do something that they never actually do. Its been like that for 10 years. Iraq is a disaster that takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Let me guess...this info came from Tony.
  11. Pretty much common knowledge to most even though scamming gurus with links to dinar sellers and who make profits from call in internet calls will have you believing it will revalue every weekend, and tell you once or twice a year that Iraqis are dancing in the streets because it already revalued but we just can't see it yet. Or they will tell you that others have already been paid but if we keep our mouths shut we will someday get paid too.
  12. Dumass Gurus and dumass followers keep saying the Trump is invested in the DINAR. How in the F do they know what Trumps investments are? Trump continues to say how bad off and in danger Iraq is. What would Trump invest in a ISIS occupied dump like Irag. Answer....he wouldn't. Just more typical BS from our typical BS Gurus that typical BS idiot followers and callers believe in. Speaking of callers...has anyone ever seen such ignorant stupidity. Those who call in and praise the Gurus like efffing heros and to stupid to know that Gurus get paid for each call they put out.!!!
  13. Every time I hear a fool say Vegas Vegas Vegas on Tony's call I say BS...BS...BS!!!! :bs:
  14. I heard in an interview that the hold up was because the US gov really wanted Irag divided up into 3 territories unlike what we are being told. Don't think it was Trump who said it though.
  15. Tony on his call says he really expects the RV to happen by Tue. and that he is Superfanatstic!. So we should all be cashing in by Wed.!! That's why I am excited.
  16. Hi, I havn't been here in a few days and would just like to know...has it RV'd yet?
  17. Why is Greece worried about anything when all they have to do is go out and buy Iraq dinar. Use the Dinar to secure govnt. international loans until the dinar revalues. I mean according to Gurus the whole world knows that it will revalue....right? Same thing with Puerto Rico filing bankruptcy...who wants to guess how much they have and as they anxiously waiting there big pay day. LOL...anyone think we have been BS'd enough yet in this whole fiasco?
  18. Tony the other day again mentioned the Zim saying it would go up, never even mentioned it went down to toilet paper. Either is bs'ing or doesn't have a clue it went down. If he doesn't know he has even less credibility in accurate info. So far he has been 110% wrong.
  19. What the hell does the FBI need us for to see who is giving rates? They have internet, all they have to do is listen to Tony and other gurus.
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