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Financial agree to provide Anbar government banks with cash

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Financial agree to provide Anbar government banks with cash

Date: 02/16/2015 15:02

f42f3937fe521f36e9b77f283222c427_L.jpg                                                                                                Anbar / information / .. 
announced Mayor of the city of Ramadi DLF Qubaisi, on Monday, that the Ministry of Finance expressed its formal approval to provide government banks that are located in areas that are subject to the control of the federal government in Anbar with cash. 
He Kubaisi told / information / "The Ministry of Finance expressed formal approval to provide government banks in the areas under the Federal government in Anbar to control cash flow after providing security protection crisis for the banks involved. " 
He added that "the local government in Anbar, in collaboration with the security forces and provided security protection crisis for all banks covered by the filing." 
And that "transfer of financial liquidity of the capital, Baghdad, Anbar province, the process will be done by private jet prepared for this purpose", he underlined that "the next few days will witness the arrival of the first plane loaded with cash sent from Baghdad to Anbar province," a 12 .anthy
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I thought ISIS had control of Anbar Province?

At least that's what the media is saying.


As the article states it's a Government control bank, in which this is probably not the only location that the above is happening to. The CBI has to cover all of Iraq and Kurdistan with the New Liquidity provide by the CBI...

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Of note since this thread touches on Anbar .......George W. Bush met with a delegation of Anbar in Washington

11: 14: 13/02/2015

George W. Bush

Khandan- Washington Zia Caliph former US President George W. Bush met with a delegation of Anbar province, after the delegation failed to meet the current US President Barack Obama. According to the American Journal of Politics, "the former US President George W. Bush invited the delegation Anbari to meet him at his residence in one Luxury hotels in Washington, after that it relates to information about the apology, Obama to meet with the delegation, "while Bush proposed the delegation" to extend their stay in America to meet a number of political leaders and former and current, including retired Gen. David Petraeus, the military, as well as with Republican Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham . " and the magazine said, "The meeting lasted for twenty minutes in the presence of Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, and Chairman of the Anbar province morning Krhot and purses Suhaib al-Rawi and head of modern municipality." quoted the American Journal for Abu Risha as saying that "President Bush promised a hearing in Washington." news link on American Journal.

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Trade: The arrival of the first meal of the vocabulary of the ration to hand al-Baghdadi

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Ministry of Commerce announced the arrival of the first meal of the vocabulary of the ration to hand al-Baghdadi western Anbar province, as pointed out that the arrival of these materials in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Transport and security agencies.
The head of the crisis cell and assistant general manager of food trade company in a written statement / BD / received a copy of it: the cell crisis shines on the transmission and distribution of food rations to the province of Kirkuk process.
He said Hammoud, who headed the delegation to Kirkuk to refute the news not safe road to Baghdad Kirkuk: The Angels began the ministry in the province Bastnfar efforts to equip the agents for the purpose of distribution of ration for the month of January of the province.
He pointed out that cell crisis also visited a number of camps for displaced people to lose their situation and look at their problems and suffering around equip vocabulary ration.
Hammoud said the arrival of the first meal of the vocabulary ration to hand al-Baghdadi, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Transport and security agencies. / End / 22 / 

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Parliamentary delegation briefed on the development of Anbar

6875A75A-8B9E-47EA-AFED-2BFF69E569DF_w26MP of quitting


Parliamentary and military delegation arrived in Anbar province for the security situation and the follow-up military operations and fill a need security sectors of weapons and equipment.

Chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting confirmed to Radio Free Iraq that the visit was to see the security situation and the follow-up military operations in Anbar province, pointing to the need to maintain the support arms and the army and arming the tribesmen to fight the organization Daash.

Anbar governor Suhaib al-Rawi called for increased air strikes by international aviation alliance, pointing to an improvement in the security situation in hand-Baghdadi slowly.

The narrator detect the opening of an air bridge between Anbar and Baghdad to address the humanitarian situation in Baghdadi expected to resolve the battle with al Daash during the next few days.

Chairman of the Board of Anbar tribal Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Albiloa stressed that the aim of this visit is to deliver the truth about what is happening in Anbar to the prime minister and security leaders in Baghdad.

Experiencing Anbar province, battles waged by the security forces and the support of the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes, to edit some areas of al Daash which rose from its military operations in various cities and regions of the province, most recently launched an offensive in western Anbar hand-Baghdadi.

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Anbar governor inspects military units in the center of the province

Published on Friday February 20, 2015 10:18

Written by: Dr. Alaa al-Zubaidi

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Anbar / Bri Center for Iraq Media Network  IMN - announced the official sources in Anbar province, the center Brief, Friday, that the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi and Anbar police chief Major General Kazim Fahdawi, They inspected military units in the city of Ramadi, the provincial capital. 


The source told ( IMN ), "The narrator and police chief went inspection tour of the security cuts and tribal members, and they have access to the security agencies on the ground and the needs of tribal members Almtsidin Daash terrorist gangs in areas of the province." 


And visited the head of the security committee in the House of Representatives of quitting the city of Ramadi earlier, to stand on the Daash terrorist gangs in hand-Baghdadi crimes. 


He said tribal Aljgayevh, on Friday, the military aviation will be transferred today 30 000 food baskets to the modern judiciary and hand-Baghdadi, after instructing him from the Supreme State Committee for relief to the displaced .


The student director hand-Baghdadi and tribal Albu Obaid Sheikh Mal Allah Barzan al-Obeidi, on Thursday, the religious authorities in Najaf immediately intervene to save the lives of hundreds of families from the oppression of gangs Aldaashah, noting that the need reinforcements urgently  decode Aldaasha siege on al-Baghdadi hand besieged since several days

From: Ammar Ali, the Open: Charter Shafiq

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Council Anbar announce the arrival of an armored brigade to the base of the eye-Assad for the Liberation of hand-Baghdadi

Editor Hussein gesture - Friday February 20, 2015 20:39

Alsumaria News / Anbar 

announced Council province of Anbar , on Friday, announced the arrival of an armored brigade to the base of the eye-Assad for the Liberation of hand-Baghdadi lifting the siege on the beleaguered families in the residential side is complex, as well as the arrival of food aid to be distributed to those families. The head of the Council morning Krhot in an interview " Alsumaria News "," The armored brigade arrived, on Thursday evening, the Ein al-Assad base in Anbar lift the siege on the compound in hand, al-Baghdadi western Anbar, as well as the operations and broad participation for the Liberation of the organization Daash . "

Krhot added that "the government's Central also sent food aid is estimated at 30 tons to be distributed to the besieged families in the apartment complex Balbgdada. " The head of the hand-Baghdadi money Allah al-Obeidi revealed yesterday the first Wednesday (February 18, 2015), that "Daash" began Bthhid elements in preparation to break into the west side apartment complex, pointing out that the elements of the organization of killing 150 people from the children of the families of al-Baghdadi, mostly clan slaves. It called Iraqi scientists group led by Sheikh Khalid Al Mulla, on Friday, the sons of the year in the western and central regions to regroup to fight "Daash" and in mass executions carried out by the organization against our hand-Baghdadi was considered as a "natural consequence" of the departure of the year for taking up arms and defend their areas, the government has called for efforts to rescue trapped in the area.


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Trade ration send aid to al-Baghdadi and other air within hours
Wednesday, February 25, 2015 15:53






The Ministry of Commerce announced the first batch processing of materials from the ration card items to hand-Baghdadi western Anbar province by air.


According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "second meal ration of materials processed and shipped by plane waiting in the coming hours for the purpose of delivery to the citizens of al-Baghdadi, in coordination with the security authorities."


The statement pointed out that "the areas of Anbar safe and under the control of the security forces are processed smoothly and the efforts of the ministry and through the company contracting with the tanker and there is no problem to remember in this aspect."


On the other hand Ministry of Commerce announced "complete agents Supply processing vocabulary ration in Kirkuk province, for the purpose of distribution to displaced families in addition to the completion of the Turkish dump trucks loaded with textured oil has been completely transferred to the ministry stores."


The Department of Defense announced Monday cleansing hand-Baghdadi Al-Anbar province west of the terrorist gangs Daash after a siege imposed by the terrorists for several days.


For its part, presented a defense of parliamentary security committee, yesterday's report to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives about the security and humanitarian situation in al-Baghdadi, the conditions of hand and described as "tragic" while stressing the need to hold an emergency meeting with the ministers of interior, defense and health and trade to discuss ways to help the people there. " it's over

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12:27: 02/27/2015



Khandan- said a security source in Anbar province, said that the joint security forces and the support of the flight international coalition took control of the last area in terms of al-Baghdadi, west of the city of Ramadi. An officer of the emergency police Baghdadi, "The joint force of Iraqi army and police and federal support from the international coalition I managed to regain control of the Shuhada neighborhood after battles with the elements of the organization Daash. "  He explained that "13 element of Daash were holed up in the neighborhood of the martyrs, including snipers killed as a result of air strikes and clashes with the security forces."  He noted the officer that "Iraqi forces conducted Tvchea neighborhood martyrs The bodies of the elements of the organization Daash to the outskirts of the neighborhood in preparation for burial in a mass grave had been prepared for this purpose, "pointing out that" all the dead from Daash are foreign nationals ". (AA)

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