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  1. Thanks.... I’m getting real tired of this ride.....😟
  2. Hello guys, take this with a grain of salt... this Iraqi web page is rumored to have information about RV today? I don’t know to translate it? Maybe someone smarter then me can take a stab at it? I think it’s in reference to the diar going live on For-Ex?
  3. Thanks poker! I think there two other news articles on the CBI webpage also? Maybe just maybe one of them may have good news???
  4. Weird... I couldn’t get my translator to work. Does it say anything worth while? I think it’s a new article?
  5. Hey smart guys? Is this new on the Central Bank of Iraq webpage??? It appears to be 3 new articles that won’t translate... this is pic of one of the articles on its main page...
  6. Let’s get this done! Thanks news hounds for all you do! Thanks LB for breaking it down for us commoners!!!🍺
  7. At least they didn’t declare a water your camel holiday! .....again
  8. Let there be a rate in the budget. Let There Be A Rate In The Budget! LET THERE BE A RATE IN THE BUDGET!!! 🤞
  9. Let there be a rate in the budget, Let there be a rate in the budget! LET THERE BE A RATE IN THE BUDGET!!!!
  10. Just a thought? I’ve heard of a possible global reset of currencies that may happen this week? Maybe this is all part of that??? I really have no clue.....🤨
  11. They need to declare a holiday, and make that day the official day to declare all holidays from here on out!
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