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How Does the RV CASH-OUT Actually Work?


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I quit after 43 years

I was smoking 3 packs a day sometimes more

It wasn't hard at all I just

Popped in a camel Snus 3 times a day

The yellow can

The cost 5 bucks a week instead of close to a hundred

And I quit drinking for the most part

Saving another 200 a week

I breathe a lot better now

And the smell of you smokers is wrong

It's wrong that you subject other people to it

And that's both by smoking and what you stink like afterwards which is all the time

I never realized how bad it is

It almost burns to breathe in that crap just being around you

And people wonder why people don't want to be around smokers

The smell

Your house stinks

You stink and YA want to stink me up

My clothes stink if I visit my brothers house and they're smoking

I can smell it the whole way home in my truck

It's on my clothes

I got to wash everything

It's stinks beyond what you can imagine if you been smoking that long

It didn't smell like that when I started smoking

But it does now

What ever they put in it

Stay away from me

With that stench

You will not notice it for awhile after you quit smoking

Maybe a year or so

But it is nasty

I never thought it was to bad when I smoked

Didn't smell that bad at all


In the real world

It sucks

Plain sucks

I can't believe I was ignorant for so long about It

You smokers are like some sort of stink bomb

Everyone just wants to get away

So instead they passed laws to keep you away

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Whats the deal with a Alt Brkt seal costing $2300 to replace..................whats ya gotta do? Gut the engine compartment?

If your talking on a V8 it's because of the labor....The gasket is only a few bucks lol. What car is this on?

If your talking on a V8 it's because of the labor....The gasket is only a few bucks lol. What car is this on?

Didn't you buy that 3 series? Yours just has the oil filter housing gasket that is common leak behind alternator, but would be no where close to that cost so I assume this isent on yours lol

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