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  1. It was sad watching the complete collapse of a respected DV contributor in Nadita. When I read her bank story, I was shocked. Bank stories have all been 100% wrong over the years. No banks have given special cash-in rates, shucks, they don't even give anything for dinar! So when I read Nadita's bank story I was shocked. I knew it was baloney, because that is simply not how its done in the real world of finance, but this was Nadita! What was even more surprising was the instant following of DV members who believed her story and wanted a cash-out also. It didn't matter that the CBI was still pinging 1166 to 1 and therefore what she was saying was IMPOSSIBLE! They still followed the pied piper over the cliff until Adam had enough of her baloney. People, use your brains before writing down your bank acct. numbers and giving them to an internet stranger just because you "trust" her. She could be a "he" for all you know. Hey, this is just a practice run compared to what's coming when the CBI announces a redenomination and EVERYONE has to exchange their dinars. Now there's a train wreck ! Just my opinion of course.
  2. a newbie does that mean we will have to de-myth all the things that gurus have installed in your head? Remember rookie, if it sounds too good to be probably isn't. Case in point......the complete meltdown by dinarians chasing after Nadita's fabricated scam today. If it wasn't so tragic to watch, I would have had a good laugh watching the feeding frenzy. I knew it was a fraud right from the beginning, not because I am so smart, but because I have a good realistic understanding of how revaluations actually work in global finance. And they don't start with secret cash-in schemes at one person's bank. LOL. Sorry, but I find this misguided loyalty so sad to watch.
  3. I was teasing about Caz and DB . They re true believers. I don't know if Keeps is banned to the tank, but he rarely stops in anymore. Rockyfl9 is banned to the tank. There have been some great intellects down here but they have all gone now. Legolas, Fib, etc., but they are just a part of history now
  4. Welcome to the tank, pudge. Yes. Keeps pops in from time to time. There are very few lobsters now. Myself, rockfl9, and dontlop( he sold his dinars, but still thinks he's a believer), and now you. I think that Caz and Dinarbeliever also want to be lobsters, they post so much down here!
  5. Tex, the hegelian principle does apply to Jesus, just not in the way you were presenting. This is the way it works:, 1. The Problem, There is a God, and His creative Hand is seen everywhere around us. And because He does exist, His commandments concerning our behaviors also exist. 2. Misrepresent the truth by chipping away morals through a liberal progressive ideology that calls evil good. 3. Once you have the population doubting the existence of God, you also have the population doubting the laws of God, and therefore you can begin killing babies, misdefining marriage, and calling all cops(authority figures) racially prejudiced. There you have it. The hegelian principle promoting atheism over God. And winning.
  6. Well Tex. I'm sorry to hear you spouting about buying more dinar. Makes me wonder if you aren't a pumper yourself! Nobody needs to be throwing anymore of their money down the dinar rabbithole in my opinion. If you have extra dollars, put it in solid investments that aren't third world in nature. By now, after the Warka fiasco, and six long years stuck at 1166 to 1, I would think people would learn, but that just doesn't seem to be the case. Once you have been painted with the hegelian principle, the mind won't allow logical contemplation to return. The Nadita fiasco was a crystal clear example of what I mean. So many dinarians were chasing after her siren song that this site was losing customers. She had to go, and out she went. Of course she took a crp load of believers with her.
  7. Wow! That was some donny brooke upstairs in Nadita's bank story. I knew it was a scam right from the start when she said people were cashing out. Dead give away. It should be a wake up call to all dinarians. You can't throw your blind trust behind anyone just because you like them. Listen to what they say and then compare it to the reality meter. Her story was simply impossible to be true, and yet tons of people threw their complete loyalty behind her. Right DB? The web is full of scam artists using the Hegelian Principle to snag unwary dinarians. I'm glad a few of you had the cahones to call Nadita out. Good for you.
  8. Read up on the Hegelian Principle, scottyboy. It will explain why you were duped into buying dinars.
  9. That is the beauty of the Hegelian Principle. Once people have accepted the misrepresentation as truth, they cannot be convinced otherwise. Once the german people were convinced the Jews were evil, and bad for their economy, they were quite willing to look the other way as their countrymen marched six million off to the gas chambers. Some may call it "brainwashing" and I suppose it is, but it is very difficult to undo once the human mind has made the switch. I don't expect there will be many survivors from this dinar thing once it is over. There will be millionaires, however. Can you quess where?
  10. the spirit of playing nice, I will keep my comments strictly on the debate subject, which is the study of the Hegelian Principle. The government once used this principle to change people's minds about the eating of butter versus margerine. Later, it was shown that the arguments used to convince people away from butter were intentionally skewed, to promote the health benefits of eating of margerine, which weren't true. As far as the dinar 100,000% RV is concerned, the world's fiscal governance will prevent such a thing. I have discused how catastrophic it would be to iraq's street economy. Plus it would have to be accepted and approved by IMF, WTO, the FEDS, before you could ever expect to cash out. That represents "the problem" in the Hegelian Principle. The gurus have spun it to make it seem not only possible but LOGICAL to perform a 100,000% RV. That's the part 2. The misrepresentation of financial facts. We are standing at part 3 right now. Trying to undo the twisted tales of fiscal improbability, You stand at a cross roads. What's it gonna be......butter or margerine?
  11. The difference is I stand on the fact that the 100,000% rv of a currency is a myth. That fact is solidly backed by the entire weight of world fiscal history. Period. End of discussion. The gurus stand on a sequence of "talking ponts" which are built to prepetuate a myth. And they are obviously good at it, as posting on this forum so eloquently show .
  12. The hegelian principle can be used in marketing but is generally ascribed to the promotion of a completely false premise through the use of blatantly misrepresented information. Come on now. You know that what I am saying is the same thing you get so upset about with TNT, Tlar, MTGT, etc., etc., ad nauseum. They spew forth RV deadlines in a continous unending stream, and yet you have to admit that there is a little spark of "maybe this time" that enters your soul with each lie being told to you. Psychology is a marvelous tool. For good and for evil.
  13. So now we look at the Hegelian principle as it has applied to the dinar RV scam. 1. THE PROBLEM - there has never been an rv above 50% that was internationally recognized. 2. THE MISINFORMATION BLITZ - The dinar selling pumpers came up with an series of seemingly plausible scenarios that made "the problem" go away in the minds of the speculators 3. KEEP PUMPING THE SAME LINE REPEATEDLY UNTIL THE FOLLOWERS ARE IN LOCK STEP WITH THE DESIRED IDEOLOGY Bam. There you have it. The Hegelian principle in action. If you own dinar, it is because you have been made to disbelieve the truth( No RV above 50% in world history), and made to believe the impossible (GORVVVVVVVVVV), through a series of repeated misrepresentations and out right lies(TNT). Through in a little gambling spirit and a desire to have millions overnight and you have .............the dinar RV phenomenon.
  14. I can speak only from my own experience, but in discussing the dynamics of a 100,000% dinar rv with my dinar holding family members and friends, their "talking points" were almost identical. In other words, the guru spin tactics which made them believe the historical impossibility of this rv were universally swallowed "as truth" en masse. I would present the idea that these same "talking points" were also the identical reasons that many on this forum were persuaded by. Such as: 1. Kuwait, 2. $3.22 during Saddam's reign, 3. Tons of oil, 4. Bush's comment of "not having to pay for the war"., 5. world currency reset with iraq's dinar becoming a "reserve currency". I could go on and on, but you get my point. These were all skillfully presented "selling points" to dinar pumpers, and still are. Hegelian principle at work.
  15. You got it, boys. Now let's break it down. 1. Start with a problem. Something that is standing in the way of someone making money ( usully the truth) 2. Devise ways to circumvent the truth, by postulating misrepresentations that , on the surface, sound plausible. 3. Pound those misrepresentations until people actually begin to believe the lies over the truth. Voila! You have the Hegelian principle. It has been used very successfully throughout history by governments, corporations, and scam artists to sway people over. The iraq war was in many ways promulgated by repeating the "weapons of mss destruction" idea, even though we didn't actually find any nuclear bombs. Hitler used the Hegelian principle to turn the German people's opinions of the Jews, allowing the introduction of concentrtion camps. And of course, scam artists have been using the Hegelin principle to get people to overlook the obvious truth of things to buy into the truth of the impossible.
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