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Can DV please create a tank for Gurus who continually get their "info" wrong! They can be set free if they post ANYTHING true. I know this is the Rumor section butt it appears these gurus are outright lying. Why would they lie? I have my opinion but feel its kinda obvious. I thought the rumor section would be a place where you could put an ide out there and get help with research.

Note: Of course this would not apply to Possum. Call it "morbid curiosity". No body takes him serious anyway.

I vote for "Septic Tank"

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Not so much they the gurus get it wrong--


it's by design for sales


How about a create a topic for known "commercial" gurus--and leave the Rumors section for those who have rumors, but without an [suppoed] alterior motive?


Or at those that start rumors that don't have their own website or blog....

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I liken it to the 'news' you see in the National Enquirer and such rags that I glance at in the checkout line at the grocery store: Vampire Bat Boy meets Wolf Boy, O. J. Simpson has 3-months to live. It's absolutely not news but that's what people seem to want these days: non-news events (rumors and falsehoods)  manufactured into news.


I gotta admit, Vampire Bat Boy was a very good read......



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It will get kind of confusing to decide where to put things. For example, I really enjoyed reading TD's post today. made sense to me. Does that go into the septic tank or the rumor section?

We all know that Okie, Soonerfan, eagle1, Poppy, BGG, terry, tony, jester all go in the septic tank, but what about Frankie and Delta? Some would say yes and some would say no.

I vote it all goes in the Rumor section and we do our own filtering. I think it is important whoever brings it over puts the guru name in the title, so we can skip it. a generic title about a birthday doesn't tell me it was about Tony. Tony is on a rampage lately, now that he has been booted by Dan/zzzzzzzzz. my 2 cents

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If there was a new section, i would have it be "bank rumors" This would include bank screens, blinking lights and all those phony stories where people went to the bank, their brother worked at the bank, or standing at the bank, etc. I would never go to this bank section of DV. 


I was trying to remember that guru's name that started a site with squirrels that had some many blinking back screen stories. He was big on the OOM site a couple of years ago before it shut down. What was his name? He was the king of the bank rumors for sure. 


there was also another who had a brother who was in IT at some big bank who had back screen bank stories. Can't remember his name either. (2+years ago) These 2 were real professionals, but took some time to realize it. I have come to realize there is big money in the guru biz. 


Interesting, both of these believable guru's could not produce a cell phone photo, just like no one can produce a lower denomination picture either.

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