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  1. Looks like the CBI has big plans for something besides the Dinar!
  2. There is a "Home exchange rate" in the "what are you looking for" section of the CBI.IQ website. Is this new???
  3. If you make it to the end...You can hear the birth of a GURU!!
  4. I don't know about psychics but Last March I was on Bourbon street in New Orleans when I saw a black cat cough up some chicken bones right in from of me! The bones formed three letters.... I Q D! So I bought in. Now, if I can get that cat to cough up an R V we would all be happy. Here kitty kitty!
  5. Global warming.....I mean Climate change....Is real! Just ask GURU/pumper - Al Gore. But don't worry, if you buy his carbon credits - to reduce your carbon foot print - all will be well!!!
  6. I'm SOOoooo tired of hearing the Term "Bogus War". Thats like Luigi1 saying "RV". Please get your info from other than MSNBC! I'm pretty sure about 95% of all Americans were ready to Kick some ARSE after 911. The other 5% was the media. Oh thats right, we were lied to! WMD's? I can't explain why we don't put out the info of what and where they are(they have there reasons) but do you really believe that Saddam did not have ANY WMD's? He used them on the Iraninans and the Kurds(his own people). I know that at the start of the war there was a pipeline to Syr
  7. Back to watching Part 6 of "Band of Brothers" best show ever! Amen!
  8. I think he has holes in both pockets. And rumor(darn is this the rumor section?) has it, he doesn't wear undergarments!
  9. WTF? R U Possum?? Only Possum can get away with saying something like that. U better run and hide before Possum hears U talking like this
  10. Don't u dare say go Around! Come on in Okie! Anyone can land anywhere.....once
  11. I cannot believe it til I hear Possom say it........
  12. jg1, Great idea but has been suggested MANY times before w/o results. I tried once. Just have to resist looking in the Rumors section. The only problem with that is when the rumors sections slows down, the "enablers" regurgitate these rumors as opinions or news sections and say "don't shoot the messenger".
  13. Your right!! So, I wrote down the numbers .00086 I stood on my head to read my laptop. That way I would be reading left to right but actually reading the numbers right to left. In Arabic! Now I see 98000. lop the zeros? DANG $98 to 1 GO RVVVVVV Now I have a headache.....
  14. SOOOO....What rate did you cash in at? I heard the VND was $2! Hahahahahaaaaaa
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