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  1. Mandela effect is the merging of time lines into in this one reality the IQD is going to revalue along with all other currencies because that's what I and everyone else says will happen! So know it to be so give it to God and know that it has happened already!
  2. ?????? I forgive you ,we are all Americans! If you believe the lies spewed out of the MSM and the DemocRATS I feel sorry for you, you would be considered to be what I call one of the sheeple, you will wake up one day!
  3. It's been a while. .....thanks Adam for your information and time to get it to us!
  4. The headline for this bank story is "wf is foreign currency training?" Duh not every bank employee has been working all there life at the hires and such need to be trained....I think these people recycle this crap every 3 months and put someone elses name to it!
  5. Moose I resemble those remarks above.... Also something for the gov. To think about if Isis knew the army and marines we're all women they would give up immediately because they believe if you get killed by a woman in battle you go straight to h***!
  6. Moose.....thanks for the laugh brother!
  7. LGD I've had the same gut feeling about the end of August myself! The Lord has many blessings for us all! Thank you for sharing!
  8. America is a republic ran like a democracy! Mop mentality politics ie -democracy! Goerge Carlin was & still is right! We are all slaves to the masters of the world,not just Americans but every country who has a central bank in it!
  9. the cabinet meetings have stopped because theu are about to be arrested along with maliki! For ...wait for it ....corruption!
  10. Hello! Finally suspending the dollar! Let it be so!
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