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  1. I don't think the cops are going to arrest a million people, maybe this is the break Obama is looking for to declare Marshall Law. These appointed Judges are as crooked as the rest of the bunch, otherwise they would be filing papers to impeach that piece of crap and throw everybody in the White House in concentration camps hahaha. I served during the Viet conflict but if I had known why we were really there I'd have never gone. I will be one of those in DC rooting on the crowd.
  2. Hello. If anyone is doing Paypal just put that it is to a freind and the charges won't happen
  3. Yes it is such a tradgety. I have done a few transactions on here but I check their number of posts and go read a few to get an idea of what type person they are. I would never send my Dinar until I got my payment. Paypal is the best way to do transactions.. You keep the reciept of the package. I have a UPS shop that is independant and I sent mine from them and they insured it. It cost me 85 dollars to insure them but it was worth it. It really burns me to think there are people like this in the world and I would love to catch some scumbag doing such a thing. I hope you get some result from your dilemma.
  4. Hello vietnam 1969. I sold all of my Dinar for a better investment. if you want to know, let me know
  5. Hello. People that pay with Paypal should put family and friends when they make a payment. That way it saves on the cost of doing the transaction
  6. Hello Bruce. I will call you in the morning. I just got home and noticed you had left a message. Ron.
  7. Hello, has anyone offered to sell you yet? I have 41=25,000 notes. 14=10,000 notes 74=5,000 notes and 60=1,000 notes. All in all they equal 2,570,000. They are all circulated but in very good condition. They was purchased at BOA and TDBank. I do not have the papers because of moving and lost items when I moved. But be assured that they are all original. They are lower demons that people want. If you have a paypal account I think it is free to send money from member to member. I will ship and pay for shipping by Fed-ex or UPS. Being there are lots of small notes I ask 2400.00 If you are not happy with them you can ship back but you pay the shipping. I think that is the best offer I can make. Sincerely Yours Ron J.
  8. Hmmmmm Maybe you should sell a stock report and I would be your first customer. I think that's pretty good stock that you picked. The trouble with me is I listen to others and I get killed because of that. Well I don't listen the the negative ninnies any longer. Go RV
  9. Hahahaha I've been hearing that statement. "It's time for him to go" for the past 4 years. Now I'll be hearing it for another 4 years. Go RV
  10. Wake up for crying out loud. This crap is what the Politicians want. Have you ever listened to alex jones. This is a war on our Nation. On every red blooded American that has a brain and can realize that this nation is slipping into the S--ter and will disappear if we don't start waking up and realizing that these Tyrants will sell our Country out. It has already started with the United Nations telling us that our property is theirs. Get your nose out of main street media and realize these people in the Gov, aren't for you or me. But their own personal agenda. Go RV
  11. I think this will open some eyes as to why everything that is happening has to take place. It is god's will, not ours.
  12. Hello Nadita. I'm sorry about not answering you sooner. My modem went out on me and I won't have a new one until next week. I have already sold the Dinar. Again Sorry.
  13. I have 2 million in 25,000 new notes for 1900. Shipping is included. I bought from Gid associates. Paypal please. If you want to buy in person I live in New Hampshire. I will travel to you. Within 200 miles. You can contact me at -------------------
  14. Hey Easy. I always liked your post and respect your OPINION. Just like you should respect others opinion. It isn't easy to talk about what one thinks on here because if they do they get torn apart by the wolves that don't like opinions. Here's one for you. I entered this investment as a challenge. I envisioned it as a way to get ahead in this tough life and make multitudes of others happy in their cruel surrounding. There have been ups and downs and thrills that would give anyone a sick stomach. But we hang in there with hopes. And beside those hopes lie fears. I'm sure if you opened up you would find that you have fears also. And also you know that not everyone agrees with everyone 100% of the time. I sure know I don't. Just let people alone that state what they think and let it go. It makes for a lot better life. God wanted it that way. Go RV. It's just his opinion cooked. Opinions are like you know what, and everyone has one cooked. Even you, And I bet if you were truthful, it pisses you off when someone voices their opinion on what you believe. It sure does me at times. Especially when they hit a nerve or I'm in a cranky mood.Go RV
  15. Hahahaha Now your getting hit like I did. If you speak your mind and tell people how you feel and what you feel Your gonna be toast. I have a neg.49. Ouch. That will teach me for not sugar coating what people don't want to hear. If I don't learn to pacify them with BS then I might as well stay in the corner and keep my mouth shut. hahaha Not likely. And you know what? I agree with what you say. Every word. Thanks brother.
  16. Hey! I got 2 million in 25,000 notes I want to sell. Not hard up enough for Montana's price but I want to sell, I don't want to but I sort of have to. I bought big when I had the money because that's the only way I could save, haha. Now I am out of work and collecting Unemployment. But I am selling because my girlfriend in the Phils needs 2000 to start a eatery business. I need as generous offer as anyone can supply. I paid over 1000 per million for those notes. Some are from Gid some are from Ali and some are from my TDBank. But all are uncirculated But please be fair on the price.
  17. I really hate it when some freakin idiot has to post the whole message and can't figure out how to do a self post. But I really hate it when that same idiot post it not once but twice. Just saying. Go RV
  18. We as Americans need to do more than that. We need to get these money grubbing corporate senators and congressmen and legislatures and other government officials out of office and put someone in there that doesn't just think of himself. Like Ron Paul. Now there's a man with values. And only for the American people not the corporate idiots. And your right, we need to get pissed off and say enough is enough. Why should they get to draw their pension when they only serve a short while and we have to wait until we're almost dead. Why should we be forced to give them protection after their out of office. Why should we have to pay for their health care?I can go on and on. you get the picture. Go RV
  19. Sir! I think you should ask yourself, did they ask us to go there and kill thousands of them in the name of liberation? "I THINK NOT" Where the H#(( do you people get your info from. We went there because of the U.S. and the greed we feed upon. Tell me why we're in Afghanistan. Do you realize that the Russians were there before and left looking like fools because they could not deter their beliefs? I think the American people should wake up and realize who the wolves are in this world. It all points to US. No, I'm not proud of what we did and i wish the H#(( God almighty himself would strike us a blow that would wake us up. Just saying Go RV
  20. Sir! If there was more of us that want god in our lives we wouldn't have to be asking, would we now? Because united we stand, divided we fall. And it looks like we're falling. Go RV.
  21. That a go Easy. Tell these idiots where the Bear S*^t in the buckwheat. It seems that everyone has hard luck at one time or another.
  22. They're telling people what they are going to do so you can decide what"YOU" want to do. Have you ever really given it any thought as to why a Country would make millionaires out of people that went to war with them? They wouldn't. If their going to do anything it's going to be a redom. and we will make a little out of it. I am glad to get this over with. I don't care what it is as long as I can get it over with and get on with investing what I have in Dinars.
  23. Hey! Do you really mean your going to pay 500,000 for 500,000 dinar. I have a few Million I want to sell. Please contact me. PLEASE!!!!!
  24. They have to get out of the school business period. If you listen to Ron Paul you will know that anything the Government sticks their nose into it ends up, screwed up. I am on Ron Paul's side. get the Government out of business and back to running the Country, not our lives.
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