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  1. Hey there Cm2, Feel free to call if your still selling. J 6105857474 I'm local to de
  2. Hello, Feel free to contact me if you would like to sell any Iqd in the Philadelphia area. I have purchased many times before with easy transactions. Feel free to text me if you are interested. 610.585.7474
  3. I'm interested penningtonimports and live in valley forge. Happy to meet somewhere. I'm a local health professional and have a couple mornings off. Feel free to send me your email or cell number. Interested in 4 mil 25k and 1 mil 10 k notes please
  4. Hello LGD ... I just stumbled across this forum and thought I would give my insight. I have a 100,000 visits of functional wellness under my belt and have helped hundreds of patients with their asthma directly and indirectly. I find most asthmatic patients resolve very significantly when we improve their digestion and digestive motility. Stomach gurgling due to food sensitivities and an unhealthy gut lead to food sitting in the stomach longer than ideal creating digestive gases to escape upwards irritating the lungs. We use biofeedback, laser acupuncture to help create a new normal for patients and to help them adapt better to their environment and foods. This treatment along with digestive enzymes, probiotics and other infectious agent reducers has consistently helped across the board. My hardest patients regarding lung issues are my mold/fungus patients. You may want to look into Digest gold enzymes with meals and probiotic capsule supplementation daily. Keep buying different strains and brands to allow for more diversity of strains of good bacteria. One product I like that another person above mentioned was OSHA supreme. We find in times you may need the inhaler try this first. Patients will buy a few bottles and then after our other treatments they don't need it anymore. Hope this helps.
  5. Yes, I received a tracking number but was informed by the post office the package wasn't scanned nor tracked. It was treated as regular mail and most likely delivered without signature. Post Office claims it's their fault. Sonny 1 is Dinarladys nephew and the cofounder of Dinarvets.
  6. The situation is still unresolved unfortunately. The good news is Sonny 1 has been in daily contact and had stated he had mailed out the dinar. Possibly foolish but I believe him. The bad news is the post office lost the delivery. Sonny 1 has indicated he will make good. The saga goes on... I appreciate the support.
  7. This situation has been troublesome but is showing some light. I finally received contact from Sonny 1 after we had a gent in uniform stop by his aunts house. He has reassured me that this will get taken care of once he contacts his aunt who is out of cell and email range. I appreciate all of your concern and am hopefull to move on.
  8. I too hope this is a misunderstanding vietnam1969. I'd certainly ask to pull this thread if she follows through in a timely fashion!
  9. I have recently sent out a cashiers check to Dinarlady with the agreement of her mailing out 2 million IQD. The check was tracked and received on November 21, 2013 and was processed within days. I have contacted her many times via email in which she promised that she would mail out the 2 million IQD 2nd day priority. Her last email indicated that her son had mailed it out December 11, 2013. Dinarlady's email has suspiciously been out of service since saturday December 14, 2013. Quite frankly, I had a pleasent impression of this person and still think that she may not realize that her son never mailed it out? She has indicated that she plans to sell more and I felt that my experience so far should be shared. Hopefully she is a respecable person and follows up on her end of the transaction.
  10. Grazie Well the pic was too big to upload... Hopefully my VIP platinum membership is enough to demonstrate my invested intent into the dinar. Thank you.
  11. Hello Treyn, How about 4600$ for the 6 mil? PayPal or cashiers check? Thank you for your consideration.
  12. Hopefully the time stamp of 9:30 am is noted. Feel free to reach me by email at to add ease to the transfer.
  13. Good morning Dinar lady, I am interested in the 3 million iqd. I was unable to send you a personal message on this site. It may be easier if we had an email address. Thank you, J
  14. Hello All Newby here. Is it still a good idea to set up a Warka account or is it too risky at this point? Specifically with losing funds transfered and being able to wire funds back after a possible RV. Thank you!
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